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  1. I am UK based so would love a Europe offer - but they won't send email offers to UK based people which is pretty rubbish. I've just booked to go on the new P&O Iona next year as fed up with Club Royale. Didn't get a comp - P&O not very generous with those, but got 50% off, £250 OBC and $500 slot play.
  2. Very good point. I get no offers being UK based and complaining has done no good at all. I was told that there is a legal reason for it. I really don't think that's true.
  3. I've certainly learned my lesson here. Next time I will stop playing if I hit 6000 points which is a Balcony cabin. The JS certificate is a waste of time at 8000 points as you just can't book one and the extra 12000 points above that I earned are totally meaningless as Club Royale refuse to send offers to non UK based guests (quoting some non existent regulation). Oh well.
  4. I won a progressive jackpot of $4300 on Explorer last week and the same night someone won the 'grand' jackpot of $13000 2 machines down (both on new slots where the progressives are linked and which had only been on board a couple of months apparently). Saw a lot of handpays (over $1200) on my cruise. This is the first cruise I have seen so many big wins (or had one myself).
  5. Having checked again today, none of my cruises has JS availability. I actually earned over 20k points in the cruise (only needed 8k for a JS) and for that I can't book one cruise. Disappointing. I also have never received any email offers, and didn't even realise I earned PRIME last year except by accident. When I enquired as to why I never received any communications from Club Royale, I was told it was because I was an 'international' (ie not US based) guest. Don't get it. If it wasn't for the fact their casinos are so rubbish, I'd go back to P&O.
  6. I have just earned a Certificate for a Junior Suite. I know that it's limited to certain cruises, but I was very surprised to see the first 10 cruises were for dates already past and the list only went up to March 2020 all ex US (I am UK based). Even worse, when I called up, virtually none of the cruises listed had JS availability so I would have to downgrade or pay for an upgrade. Is this usual - the casino manager onboard Explorer said he didn't understand why there were so many cruises listed in the past. When you add in that I can't just take another vacation straight away, and JS availability was very rare, there really is very limited choice at all, other than to use the trade in value. Doesn't seem right at all.
  7. I saw some reviews before I went that the ship was looking worn and tired. That was not my experience at all - everything was fine. Cabin was clean and comfortable and generally the ship seemed in decent condition - can't expect a new ship/new refurb all the time. Food was generally ok. Had one inedible main course in the MDR but that can happen. Service first night was very slow but after that fine. Very disappointed in the Formal nights. At least half didn't bother first formal night - and there were guests in the MDR in t shirt and tracksuit bottoms. We didn't bother dressing up for the 2nd formal night (although still proper dress) and a lot of others seemed to follow suit. If people don't want to participate, there are plenty of other parts of the ship they can go to. It's a shame there was no enforcement at all. My mother had some service issues. Her suitcase was put on arrival in a different corridor from where her cabin was causing some panic. Guest services just said (at 6pm) to wait until 8pm and then ask again. I found it by wandering around her deck. Also, her Cabin was not turned down the first night and twice her breakfast never arrived. These may not seem big things, but when you are 83 it does cause some upset. Casino was very good (and very busy every night) and the staff helpful. One passenger won a £13k Grand jackpot on one of the slots. I earned a Certificate for a free future cruise. Sadly the options for the cruises are quite limited - all US based, with 10 of them from dates already passed. I probably will only therefore be able to use the trade in value.
  8. fair enough. Why bother putting times in and why worry my 82 year old mother by starting at Deck 10 and pretending Deck 12 does not exist.
  9. My mother is on deck 12 for a cruise next week on Explorer of the Seas,. In the ticket booklet it gives the check in time from deck 10 downwards - deck 12 is not mentioned. I assume it has not been updated since the cabins on deck 12 were added even though this was a a few years ago. So I phone the call centre to ask about check in for deck 12. The first agent just couldn't get what I was asking and eventually came back saying Royal Caribbean. never board by deck number and therefore my question was wrong. The 2nd agent understood the question. but didn't have any answer (after putting me on hold for 10 minutes). I assume the check in time will be the same as deck 10? This is not the first time I have had problems with their offshore call centre. Oh to be able to speak to someone in Southampton as used to be.
  10. Hi. Can you please point me in the direction of the code (the one above does not work). Thx!
  11. mat5664

    On board QE

    It was $20 on our cruise.
  12. mat5664

    On board QE

    have arrived back. Self disembarkation as easy as the embarkation. Overall, Cruise was excellent. Ship is very nice - cabin was clean and comfortable. Staff were very good and fellow passengers (mostly British) were friendly, although average age was 70+ and I felt rather young at 54! Some points: - Food in the Britannia was very mixed and portion sizes were at times ridiculously small. Towards the end of the cruise (although we hadn't said anything) we were routinely offered double portions of the main course - so I guess they had received complaints. - Internet prices are absurd. As someone who had to check work emails on board, $49 for 2 hours was just crazy and not justifiable, especially as it didn't work very well some of the time. -Drink prices are similarly high and can easily add up. I would recommend if on a budget taking wine on board and paying the $20 corkage fee. On the other hand, we ate in the Veranda (now a Steak House) and it was pretty decent. I would definitely avoid both the soft drinks package and the coffee package. You can get unlimited coffee/tea and some fruit juices any time of day or night in the buffet. I think next year we will go back to P&O which I think is better value but I would go Cunard again.
  13. mat5664

    On board QE

    Start of 12 night Canary Islsnds cruise with my 82 yr old mother. Arrived 1pm even though our official time was 2.30pm (no traffic) and they were only too pleased to check us straight in and straight on board. Check in was pretty deserted. My first Cunard experience. So far so good. Our 2 cabins are decent, lunch in the buffet was nothing special but ok and we have been allocated our requested table for 2 in the Britannia. Off to the drill.....
  14. That was a fairly speedy 'refit' then - Am on the 12 night Canary Islands cruise leaving on Sunday. There's a 2 nighter before then.
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