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  1. I can’t walk very far without pain. Does the cruise ship shuttle handicapped passengers to the bus stops for Bus Tours booked through the cruise ship? I have my own ECV, but have no idea how it would be stored. What have any of you done?
  2. Is there a reason you use a debit card rather than a credit card? If you don’t have a credit card, in Canada, can you purchase a prepaid VISA card? If so, I suggest you use a prepaid VISA card when you cruise or stay at hotels. This avoids having your checking account screwed up while the duplicate charges are being investigated. I feel your frustration when these things happen. Was the RCCL Rep a supervisor? If not, I would call them again so as to get somebody different and ask for a supervisor, if you don’t get anywhere with the person. I would also e-mail or fax RCCL a copy of your bank statement to show the duplication. Hopefully this has already been resolved by now. Good luck.
  3. At what point can you change it to non-refundable?
  4. We have never cruised with Disney. Are the deposits refundable or non-refundable? What are the deposit amounts? When is final payment due? If the price goes down before final payment, can the booking be adjusted to the lower price? If purchasing DCL's insurance, is there a pre-existing clause? Thanks. iuki (aka Judy)
  5. My guess is that because it was in a box, the person thought it was jewelry.
  6. So what is your idea how to deal with the scooter issue? I thought the scooter haters would LOVE not having any scooters on “THEIR” elevators. Why would they want to join “scooter people” on a small elevator? This issue will continue to be a problem. After muster, we sit and wait until the crowd is gone. Before and after dinner, we use the elevators located at the front of the ship. After the shows, we go to the elevators toward the back of the ship. Yes, it’s inconvenient, but it’s better than listening to nasty remarks about scooter people being lazy instead of walking, not to mention having people jumping in front of you to get on the elevator. Fortunately, most people are friendly, helpful, and very nice.
  7. You’re right about handicapped bathroom stalls. The stall is made for accessibility and not for exclusive use. How else would a young mother with a baby stroller use the bathroom? She can’t leave babies or toddlers outside the stall unattended.
  8. The Seapass card could be programmed with a code to access a separate elevator. This would make all those people who are irritated with scooters taking up space on elevators very happy. On one occasion, a Security Officer escorted me to retake my photo. After not being able to board an elevator for five times, he used his bypass card to get us on an elevator. I told him this happens all the time.
  9. I also ask if anyone is coming out. What that person on the scooter did to that other lady is terrible. I just can’t understand why people have to be nasty to others.
  10. I use a scooter and always wait for people to get off first. While I wait, people just getting there will get in front of me and they all jump into the elevator. Believe it or not, we always wind up waiting about 4 or 5 times before we can actually get on the elevator. Although the person was very rude in this case, she may have had a bad experience earlier. Just giving that person the benefit of the doubt. You would not believe the way people treat people on scooters. On the other hand, most people are very courteous to us. I really wish I didn’t have to use a scooter.
  11. Thank you for sharing. You have excellent writing skills and a lovely family.
  12. When we were on the Oasis in December, the sandwiches at the Cafe Promenade had arrugala instead of lettuce. I hate arrugala! It was so bitter I had to take them off to eat the sandwiches. Needless to say, I had the beef sandwich at the Park Cafe and a hot dog at the hot dog stand. Also, at the Cafe Promenade, the shrimp salad sandwiches were sitting out and were not cold. My husband mentioned that mayonnaise spoils quickly and can cause food poisoning. She said that they throw it away after four hours. My husband spoke to the supervisor and said that he would talk to the person about proper food handling. We took one bite and knew the sandwiches were bad and we threw them away.
  13. In my opinion, sounds like your friends are jealous. Ignore them and enjoy your cruise. If you’re into shore excursions, then you get to enjoy any port you go to because you get to see the island beyond the port. Some cruises are better than others, but just being on a cruise is always fun. Bon Voyage
  14. Our clothes were folded, but not the underwear and socks. We have enough underwear and socks for 14 nights. I pack interchangeable tops and pants. If needed, we use their laundry services once.
  15. Couldn’t have said it better myself. 👍
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