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  1. Of course the itinerary comes first and I have never cruises with Princess but I am trying to cater for everyone not just myself. Mind you I am a bit of a night owl myself but I have found that my adult children like to have a snack once the night clubs close so it's nice to be able to get something. When you say older clientele we are not talking Fred Olsen are we?
  2. Ah thank you for your replies. Yes it was a typo; I meant 01:00! Well it seems to be Royal Caribbean, Norwegian or Princess for late night snacks and drinks. Sounds like we were pretty spoilt on Norwegian where we could get hot food like ribs at o'sheehans at unearthly hours of the morning! Nice to have the option don't you think?. Looks like Princess it is then for our next cruise. Thanks x🚢🤗
  3. Does anyone know which cruise lines offer 24 hour food and drink not just in room service? I mistakenly thought it was the norm as I have cruised with both Royal Caribbean and Norwegian and we could get food and alcohol well into the very early hours shall I say! I have heard that Princess cruises have a cafe where you can get 24 hour food and soft drinks but have not sailed with them to corroborate this. I. recently sailed with MSC and the food stopped at 13:00 and alcohol shortly after.
  4. No they don't appear to be interested and they haven't even acknowledged our letter of complaint!
  5. To answer the question about the type of cabin, we were in a balcony aqua class cabin and the announcements were non stop. So annoying and no way of turning then off as far as I could see.
  6. Well thank goodness it isn't the norm then. Thanks everyone for your responses. One to bear in mind then for future cruising, especially to Amsterdam haha!
  7. Yes I was. It was terrible wasn't it. Thank you so much for replying. How do you turn the general announcements off yourself usually?
  8. I wish I had complained now but being that this was only my third cruise and it has happened before I just assumed that it was the norm. Now that I know it is unusual I will certainly call up reception next time and complain. However if others had complained surely the announcements would have then stopped? We couldn't have been the only ones? It would be good to hear from fellow passengers on the same cruise too to see if they all received the same. We were in Aqua Class not that this should make any difference.
  9. Very strange. We can't be the only ones?
  10. Not even for disembarkation? Not out of the speaker in the ceiling?
  11. On our day of debarkation from the Celebrity Silhouette we were woken up by announcements coming through the speaker in our cabin. We were due to disembark at 07:35 under luggage number 25 but the announcements for luggage numbers starting at no.1 commenced at 06:00 and repeated continuously every few minutes until they reached our number and beyond. Our number (the only one we needed to hear) was called at 07:35 so for the whole 95 mins we could have been resting we were bombarded with announcements not meant for us and at an ever increasing volume. This was a very annoying and stressful end to our lovely holiday. It was so unnecessary as all the details are on the leaflet left in your room the night before so you know the arrangements already - you don't need to be reminded about 60 times or more in your cabin. At least with Cunard you can turn the announcements off by the TV and again you know all the arrangements the night before anyway so why can this not be the case with other cruise lines? NCL was even worse as we had announcements each day we docked at a new location at 05:30 and in several different languages too. Cannot remember if Royal Caribbean do it too. Announcements need only be necessary if there are stragglers and not as a matter of course. Cruising is so very civilised and then at the end we are treated like a herd of animals Anyone had similar experiences?
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