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  1. Roy, those menus made me smile SO much! Thank you for sharing. I needed a Crystal menu fix, albeit online only! 🙂 I haven't followed these forums much in the past year and a half and am getting caught up. Thank you all for keeping things positive during these wonky times! Our region - The Greater Toronto Area - has been one of the most locked down places in North America throughout the pandemic. Since this whole thing started, our dear restauranteurs have been madatated to close for indoor dining for well over 365 days. When they were allowed to open for a few very brief periods, c
  2. I'll play! Bending the rules just a little bit because what I love about cruising in general and cruising with Crystal are two slightly different things. What I miss most about cruising: 1. The magic of being at sea. 2. Waking up and exploring a different destination every day (except for relaxing sea days!). What I miss most about Crystal: 1. The genuine hospitality of the crew and how they make us feel like their home is our home while on board. 2. The relaxed, elegant vibe matched with appropriate live music options at almost all hours of the day
  3. Thank you boilermaker 330 for starting this thread and thanks to PelicanLvr for the insight! We are also trying to decide which Vatican Tour to do in July. The Pristine Sistine tour with Walks of Italy sounds perfect! 🙂 Safe and happy travels to all!
  4. Thank you Keith! PS: I realize I got a little "off topic" with the Umi Umi, Prego and Silk pictures. Sorry about that! 😉
  5. Hi Keith! I'd be happy to help get this thread back on track... 😉 Here are several of my fave foodie pics from our December cruise aboard the Serenity. (Most were shared in our cruise report but thought they'd fit in well here!) We also thought the food on board was among the best of our three Crystal cruises to date! The presentation of many of the dishes was just gorgeous. Almost too pretty to eat! Fortunately, everything tasted as great as it looked. Waygu Beef and Lobster at Umi Uma on embarkation night: Beet Salad
  6. Thank you all so much for your input about these categories. We went ahead today and upgraded from a C3 GTY to the new Flex Fare Verandah GTY (Category VG). As speculated, the offer was not combinable with our Society Savings or the Onboard Booking Discount. Even without those applied, upgrading was only about $300 more per person so it was a no brainer! Another perk to note is that Crystal is still honouring the $100 per person downpayment with final payment 90 days prior to embarkation for this sailing. Since we were initially booked in Serenity's lowest oceanview guarantee cate
  7. Welcome home! Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us. Cheers to the captain, crew and passengers for staying positive during such an unusual journey! May your next voyage go much more according to plan!
  8. You make a good point! Room configurations within the PH category do vary. We haven't stayed in one but I've looked at the floor plans and have read many reviews. Thanks for sharing your experiences!
  9. I appreciate your reply, Keith. I've been looking at the newer iPhone 11s and am pleased to hear good feedback about their cameras. As mentioned, your pictures are excellent! It's amazing how much phone cameras have evolved and improved in the past decade. Wishing you continued happy days on the Serenity!
  10. Thank you! It's a holiday weekend here in Ontario, Canada so I'll likely hear back on Tuesday. And yes, our TA has offered us some generous OBCs! 🙂
  11. Another fantastic post! Love your photos! What camera have you been using on this cruise Keith?
  12. Thank you thebigcruiseguy! Your input is helpful and explains why I wasn't seeing the Society savings on the mock booking. I just searched Crystal Flex Fare online and came up with this link which also confirms your point about the offer not being combinable with other discounts: https://www.crystalcruises.com/special-offers/crystal-flex-fares I'll keep you posted when I hear back from my travel agent. Like your situation, it's looking like the jump to the VG category is about $300 per person if our Society savings and onboard discounts are not allowed to be applied. A
  13. Hello! We are booked on a Rome to Barcelona sailing on the Serenity this summer and I just noticed that three booking categories have been added: Deluxe Guarantee (OG), Veranda Guarantee (VG) and Suite Guarantee (PG). We are currently booked in a C3 Oceanview Guarantee and at first glance, it appears that we could book the VG Verandah Guarantee category for just $50 more per person for our sailing! Seems almost too good to be true! Does anyone have any specific details about these categories? They were not available when we booked in January. Are these what are conside
  14. I'm so happy for you, your fellow Symphony passengers, the captain and crew. What a journey! Thank you for keeping us all updated. Wishing you the best of the rest of your time on board and a safe trip home.
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