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  1. What ever it takes to cruise again.
  2. Sorry to jump in on your Conversation with others but we have no interest in A.I's.. Cruising is tje Best deal and offers the most IMHO. Best day ever for me was when I broken down many years ago and took my wife to a very nice all inclusive in St Lucia and on day two at breakfast she begrudgingly looked at me and said we should have done a cruise. The battle had been won. Haven't done once since and approach Diamond status quickly...
  3. It's Carnival Corp not just Carnival ships. That's really not that big of a hit...
  4. I'd be psyched to sail at reduced capacity throught 2022 if that actually happens, which I doubt it will. 4 booked cruises so those prices are locked..
  5. If you have a PVP call and request 30 days prior to sailing as it is possible. We did it twice once before our Canceled June 27th cruise and then on our rebooked August 2nd cruise which was obviously canceled... Good luck
  6. Nothing is ever 100 percent safe in life. There are risks to be had. Its time to start sailing at least by the fall.
  7. No big deal if they increase a little. We usually prepay but will just let our OBC take care of this for us and tip extra as always..
  8. I would and placed a third on hold for next year with my PVP yesterday for next year. Just waiting on Monday confirmation of August cancelation..
  9. Yes, things are pretty strict but it could be worse. This isn't enough for us not to sail if this is the plan carnival will adopt for now. Maybe once we sail my opinion will change but for now a week on a cruise is better than work or being home.
  10. OP, we have facetime a few times with one of the crew on on of those 8 ships your seeing. Just a few weeks ago that person said there was a little under 150 crew on the ship and they had supplies for 90 days before thet needed to restock. If they do sail in August this person will stay on the ship they are currently on.
  11. Now this is just pure speculation and probably because I live in a land of unicorns and the glass is usually half full, but if you check one of the many cruise ship trackers/mappers all 8 carnival ships set to sail in August are clustered together off of Miami and South of Freeport. Do you think if carnival had this master plan to steal everyone's money and continue to book, these ships would just be floating around together in such close proximity to where a majority will sail from? Also after wanting to jump off the bridge after reading this thread and another one I felt compeled to email my PVP, who responded within 20 minutes. As of today August 2nd is happening. Could that change tomorrow? YES, but as of today things are still a go. And before someone says that's a company line, please don't, I've used the same person for almost 20 years and trust this person more than many other people. This based on what our friends on one of those 8 ships floating around off of Miami leads me to believe that, the attempt to sail in August still exists and is going to happen. So some of those ships disappearing from booking in August may have reached the desired capacity. Now can this all change tomorrow, next week or next month, absolutely, in a heart beat, based on second wave, CDC, just not being able to crew all 8 ships appropriately. Enjoy your days folks..
  12. We are in contact with a crew member on one of the 8 ships set to sail in August. The ship this person is on as of last week had under 150 crew on board and they are working. What we know is that this person will be staying on once things start again and they have been very positive. AGAIN, nothing guaranteed, but positive about sailing. We all know with an uptick in Covid cases or what the CDC wants this could change tomorrow, but I'll take positive any day. Also, according to this person the ship had enough food/supply for 90 days, at sea, at the start of June, which means no matter what (sail or no sail) it has to port near the end of July. Now, if August sail dates are going to happen and at reduced capacity as has been mention here, there and everywhere, obviously they have to add a lot of additional crew which I'm sure they can. From what I understand, that when some ships returned crew home they were also picking up new crew. Now I know there are plenty of CC folks that are friends with crew as well and maybe can add to this if they are reading this thread.
  13. Back in mid March I was allowed to move my final payment to 30 days before my June 27th cruise on the Panorama. When that got canceled I rebooked the Horizon for August 2nd and asked my PVP for the same deal, to have final payment not due until 30 days before sailing, which she was able to do. Now I don't have to pay until July 2nd. Now this was in the thick of things so I don't know if they will still grant this but it might be worth a phone call. Good luck.
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