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  1. Update. RCI have paid me back all monies paid including the money for the flights. So fair play to them eventually. They do make it complicated to deal with them and their communication is poor to non-existant. Their final paperwork on the amounts paid for which bit of the cruise etc is only correct in one aspect which is the final amount they refunded and I paid. The rest of it is a complete work of fiction and misses out the flights completly even though they were 80+% of what I had actually paid them.
  2. While I understand where you are coming from the issue is not that simple. Ignoring general appointments for a second and only dealing with covid its very difficult. The letters are generated in different places for different groups. For the ones where the person has come forward to be registered the issue has been central generated mail not getting to the people in time. There has been times we have had long slots as no-one got the letter. For the age group one letters are going to the last known address which for the age group we are hitting now is something which
  3. My staff jabs now on the system. We have not had anything through the vac hub yet about it but I'm off to do second jabs today so will pass on to those who ask as its the most popular question for 2nd jab people.
  4. Update for staff. They are in the process of tranferring over the staff vacs onto the new system. Should be complete by tomorrow.
  5. It also does not work for all vacs. I can't get mine on their as I got mine as NHS Staff and therefore not through TURAS.
  6. Also been given this website for vaccination proof https://vacs.nhs.scot/csp The telephone number is 0808 196 8565
  7. Subject Access Request will get you your proof of vaccine. However thats only a short term solution. They really need to come up with an answer. Its the question we get most from people as they are getting their second jabs and its a tad embarrasing we dont have an answer to give. Its a central answer required not local as the information is held on different systems the main one being a national system.
  8. Neither are mine, different application. Only repeat prescriptions available. The answer won't be in GP applications as being GP's they will want paid by Government to do this.
  9. Dreadful idea. If they want to do it then people would need to opt in but opt out. Would make the list even more pointless.
  10. I wasn't making a Political point with a capital P. The decision around how in Scotland we are going to produce evidence of vaccination is a centrally driven one. The current information is held on more than one system and is dependent on where you were given your vaccination ie GP, hospital or community. There is currently not an app to do this. Therefore centrally they will have to decide what their response is and get a move on doing it.
  11. I hope they hurry up. Its the question I get most refrequently after giving vacs at the moment and its embarrasing not having an answer. Equally during the election period not allowed to mention the government and blame them!
  12. Today I have woken to a cancellation invoice. The only problem is I can't work out if they are paying me it all back or none! I am going to have to phone yet again. The invoice is just a tad unclear.
  13. They claimed no supervisors working for the whole of RCI today which is somewhat being economical with the truth. My insurance is with my bank. Cruise is October. What I am seeking is exactly how much Royal is going to refund. I can then claim the rest via insurance. I only want what has been paid either via Royal or insurance. Royal are being very difficult and making demands but then taking days and in one case over a week to respond. None of this should be difficult. I have paid to them my deposit, the full flight costs and cash for drinks packages. What I was expecting
  14. It is a bank holiday for us but our calls are routed to the states so not a bank holiday for you! I have had no issues with the other companies refunding to new card or direct to bank account. Attempting to send to a card I have made them aware no longer exists is pointless and a waste of both our times.
  15. I have made it clear it has to be refunded. Not willing to accept FCC and as being cancelled by me due to illness they have agreed. I cannot understand why they need to attempt to put the money back to an account which i have made it clear to them does not exist anymore. Equally cannot understand why there is no-one working today who is able to deal with it. They are doing themselves no favour with me by the way they are reacting/dealing with our situation.
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