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  1. We've done both. This year was the holiday inn. Got it "free" using hotels.com via Tesco Clubcard points. The hotel is basic but close enough to cinema etc for evening entertainment.
  2. We didn't take any NOK last month and didn't need any. Everywhere takes cards if you do want to spend but we found nothing to buy which we couldn't buy far cheaper here at home. Snacks etc can be bought on card.
  3. RCI do them. They have some of the top west end musical stars around September for 4 day cruises.
  4. Very much doubt it. Firstly its not all you can drink. Its limited. Secondly the price is stupid high and difficult to make it pay. Thirdly by all accounts elsewher the report is rubbish and doesn't reflect reality. If drink packages caused such problems then there would be fights every week on other cruiselines who have far cheaper packages.
  5. Found their prices to be very high compared to what you can get elsewhere. They only price match the likes of Amazon or Jessops. Was interested in a Canon SRL. Found it online at £70 less than they were offering but they wouldn't price match. Waited till I got home and bought it then.
  6. Just back from a PandO cruise with the two youngest. However as with our oldest the days of going on holiday with them are rapidly coming to an end. No cruise I thought next year and then in 2121 we will head off as a couple and enjoy a cruise together. However I spotted what I thought was a great little break on the Magellan next July. Its two nights going from Greenock to Belfast and then Liverpool. They are two places we have never visited and want to. Also gives us a weekend away for the first time in 20 odd years. The intention is to get a train to Greenock and train back from Liverpool having done a Beatles tour in the city. Only really looking to take on a hold all each. However if there is going to be a formal night between Belfast and Liverpool that may lead to a change of luggage plan. Cruise and Maritime couldn't tell me if there will be one saying its a local decision. The whole cruise is a 13 night one going round the UK and up the Seine which I rather wish we were doing! Does anyone know the normal routine for the formal nights? There are two sea days on the 17th and 22nd.
  7. Just off Ventura with freedom dining. We were a table of four and tend to eat a bit earlier to catch first show at 8.30 in the Arena. There was only one occasion when we turned up at 6.15 and had to wait an hour to get a table. They send you off with a pager. Our dining room opened at 6pm and often queues from 5.45. I enjoy freedom dining but prefer RCI version of it where you can book a table ahead for the full week.
  8. Just off the Ventura. I can and have made the drinks package work for me on RCI (easily). Wouldn't have come close on P and O. We had two cabins. One for us the other for two of the kids although one is 19 so technically not a child. We bought the coke package for the 15 year old. Staff very reluctant to sell it. They really wanted a purchase for the adult as well. I did point out that he wasn't allowed the coke package as he was an adult. However it was purchased. Staff in main dining room really struggled to know how to deal with his package. Every meal started with them having to ask a supervisor what to do. Anyway our total drinks bill excluding his package was well under £300 for the three of us. That included 4 bottles of wine during the week at roughly £20 a bottle.
  9. I know that I can take 1 litre of Spirits per adult in each cabin. What I am unclear about is other things such as the small bottles of tonic or cola. Are you allowed to take onboard say those premixed cans. Just how big is the fridge in the room. Do these things have to be taken in your hand luggage or in your suitcase? I'm not planning on stocking a bar in the room!
  10. It was for us. I had £1300 worth of vouchers hence having to do two bookings. Thanks for all the info re the cancelling of parking and thanks for freephone number. Will get to work.
  11. Was that after the parking had been booked?
  12. Before I go and have to pay P+O to speak to them, thought I would try here first. We booked last year for a cruise this year. Took the select price and had two separate bookings due to using maximum Tesco Clubcard vouchers. On one of the rooms I took the room credit on the other I took the free parking. I have since booked that parking. However the 12 week train prices have been released and my calulator is out. The train for the four of us would be £230. The car petrol price is roughly £100 If I was able to change the parking into room credit the difference would only be £80 and a far more relaxing journey than a 450 mile drive both ways. Would I be allowed to change at this stage given I have booked the parking? I suspect I know the answer.
  13. True but there is a very small chance that anyone with a UK passport will require 6 months to be left on their passport to enter any EU country. Its very unlikely but is being talked about. All up in the air at the moment.
  14. From my point of view you need to change the title of this thread as its misleading. Its a bit like saying you will be docking in Amsterdam but ending up elsewhere. You are stating that the tread will inform you how to win your case. It doesn't its a plea to others to let you know how you could win. Entirely different.
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