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  1. Does anyone know if Windstar will do the antigen test on day of disembarkation (as opposed to the day before)? Specifically in Tahiti on Wind Spirit. I will of course call Windstar but the day we leave the ship will meet the 3 day requirement for return to the USA for us. Otherwise we’ll have to go to the lab in Papeete before going to our post-cruise hotel which does not offer the test. Hoping to avoid the hassle.
  2. There is a link on the Air Tahiti Nui website that takes you to the information for covid testing at LAX. The testing company has several testing sites at different terminals, including the Tom Bradley International terminal.
  3. PCR testing requires specialized, sophisticated and expensive lab equipment and trained personnel, unlike the rapid antigen test. Viking is the only cruise line I’m aware of that has a PCR lab on board their ships.
  4. Yes, when we arrived at DBH a diving competition was taking place and it was very crowded. Lots of seaweed all over the beach and it rained. We decided to leave and catch the shuttle to Gordon’s Beach. Best decision we made on the whole trip. Loved Gordon’s.
  5. So sorry, I can’t seem to bring it up in my photos. Try googling Gordon’s Beach and like my dentist just did, you’ll want to go there immediately!
  6. The pigs in Exuma were a lot of fun. The highlight for us was Gordon’s Beach on Long Island. One of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to and practically deserted. Loved it.
  7. We found this to be true of all the beaches in the Bahamas-some rocks and coral pieces. My best recommendation-bring water shoes! I forgot mine and suffered for it.
  8. Hi Keith. I’m not understanding the VeriFLY process for AA. I do not have a screen anywhere that allows me to enter the antigen test results for return to the USA. The only choice is A Trip to the Bahamas, nothing for return. Will AA accept the email test result sent to us on our phones after our Crystal antigen test?
  9. And it doesn’t hurt to call and ask for an upgrade. That’s worked for me before. I called when my friends who had never sailed Windstar before were upgraded on the same cruise I was on as a repeat guest.
  10. Well, I’ve been on the pool deck for half an hour, starting at 6:45. We left port early. sailaway was scheduled for 7:00. No song. Did I miss it?
  11. I have a question about sail away. From what locations on the ship can the song be heard? The first night in Nassau we were in Umi Uma and last night we were in the Sunset Bar/Palm Court. Couldn’t hear it from either location. Where’s a good location to enjoy the song?
  12. In our situation there were quite a few group 2 people who hadn’t yet been processed when the bus was ready to leave. Why send the bus to the ship half full when people are ready and willing to go? I don’t know if this happened to anyone else or if we were just in the right place at the right time. It seemed that the busses were on a schedule and weren’t going to sit there waiting until they were full.
  13. We had a similar experience as cruisr. We arrived at convention center at 12:30 for a 3:00 boarding time. All done with process by 1:00. Went to sign up for transport, assigned to group 12. Group 2 was just getting on the bus and the gentleman at the desk said wait-get on the group 2 bus and swapped out our “boarding pass” for a group 2 pass. On the ship and having lunch by 1:40. It was great!
  14. Channeling Keith at our embarkation day lunch-Cobb salad and champagne. Everything went smoothly today, such a relief to be on board.
  15. When I opened my account at about the three week mark I was able to upload my passport picture page into the site. I also entered my vaccine info but when I returned to the account at the two week timeframe the vaccine stuff wasn’t there although the passport info was. Why don’t you try opening your account now and see if you can get your passport page into the account? It would give you more confidence for the “real thing” two weeks out from your trip.
  16. I did not see a Moscato on the list Keith posted. There are a couple of Riesling’s on the list although I don’t know if they are sweet or dry. Conundrum is on the list which is a fairly sweet white blend. You should be able to find it at Trader Joe’s or your local grocery store to give it a try before the cruise.
  17. Hello, Keith, and thank you for answering our questions. Did you hear if anyone tested positive for Covid at the convention center and was then denied boarding? Looking forward to meeting you next week, Jo Ann
  18. Thanks for the well wishes! It was so exciting hearing about the adventures of the first group today. Now it’s time for me to start packing!
  19. Serenity is headed back to Nassau...I’m starting to believe that my cruise will actually happen (July 10}
  20. Hi, Carol. What date in December do you sail in the Galapagos? We are on the December 11 embarkation. (Arriving into Quito a few days before that.)
  21. Hello, Keith. I would definitely be interested in the tour with the airport transfer, however it's not showing up as an option for me to purchase. We are departing July 17. For what date did this tour show in your account? I called Crystal and they do not see it being offered on the 17th. Maybe this is something I could arrange on board? As usual, thank you for all of your help.
  22. Ok, so now we have to take a taxi from our hotel to the Baha Mar. Will Crystal then provide transportation to the pier after the antigen test is completed?
  23. I did not receive any printable luggage tags with my cruise docs. Will they be available at the port?
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