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  1. Thank you for such a measured post. Makes me feel a while lot better about travel in the future
  2. Sorry I did not notice that people were assessing the risk based on a vaccine being available and only allowing boarding with a certificate and of course that would reduce the likelihood of the virus being on board It did appear to me that others are willing to cruise without the vaccine which is the only option available at this time
  3. Yes "stuff happens". What's your degree of acceptance if that causes you to be locked down in your suite because there is an outbreak on board. No cocktails, no fine dining just a limited room service menu. Could be like that for weeks until you find a port which will allow you to disembark Then when you do no government rescue just a cattle class charter flight home with others who may or may not be infected Just one scenario that could happen. For me it's nothing to do with being risk averse. It's just that my scenario has a high likelihood at the moment. Testing can only show you haven't got the virus today not tomorrow so someone will bring it on board.
  4. If you are an ex pastry chef you will appreciate the desserts on Regent. The are outstanding and beautifully presented. Breads are pretty yummy too. My guilty pleasure is the pool deck burgers. Explorer has the best
  5. Against my better judgement read some of these threads again. I am in the camp that will not cruise until I am reasonably sure that I won't be confined to my cabin should someone bring the virus on board (recognising that could be me as either asymptomatic or presymptomatic). I am also not comfortable with how the rules about wearing masks in spaces where social distancing was not possible could be enforced when I see comments like "I wear a mask when it is mandatory" This means that the wearing of masks on ship is mandatory in all public areas full stop not open to interpretation of what spaces are confined by a passenger. I can see the reviews now. I paid $$$ for this cruise and they asked me to wear a mask. They said it was only in the elevators (well that is what I chose to believe) I also despair when I see comments belittling the serious consequences of contracting this disease. Regardless of your level of fitness it can strike you down. Really pleased for all of you in communities that have not seen the serious impacts but please don't tell me that the death statistics are fake news manufactured by hospitals trying to make a quick buck and therefore you think that this is a big fuss over nothing and therefore cruising should start just for you. I also know there are others (like Sheila) who have addressed the risks in a measured way for them and have a far more realistic view in that they will cruise when relevant authorities allow them to. I totally respect that. Hoping that for all of us cruising will resume sooner rather than later Stay well all
  6. No one has any right to judge about what is optimism as opposed to unrealistic. There are lots of people posting who appear to take great delight in pouring cold water on others hopes. If you don't think cruising is feasible I respect your opinion and if you do I respect that also. This isn't a game of who is right or wrong. Just take a moment to think how your responses can affect others and their mental health. It may be cathartic for you to give the glass half full opinion and justify it but it is really depressing for the rest of us. I will not be reading this board for the time being. This is not because I am putting my head in the sand but because in day to day life I have enough reality.
  7. Foreign and Commwealth Office has just updated its guidance and now advises against cruising for UK citizens
  8. Tc2. Looks like this cave may be an option. If you find the cave I promise I will bring the Veuve Clicquot and may be a few other Champagnes to you may like too. Another of my favourites is Pol Roger
  9. I think that NCHL has done as much as they can in terms of warning stockholders that they would have limited sailings on limited ships this year and stated they have funding for no cruising for well in 2021 If the crisis goes on for longer I think we will all have much deeper concerns than the viability of a cruiseline. Let's see how all this pans out before predicting bankruptcy for NCHL. If I was a debtor I would not pull the plug on what was pre virus a sound company
  10. Hi TC2. You can still travel here I believe but you would need to quarantine for 14 days after arrival
  11. Regent business model is to offer included excursions. Therefore they can plan with suppliers the numbers and negotiate a price based on known bookings. If this model is disrupted by people opting out then it is no longer sustainable. If you don't like excursions included in the fare then don't sail Regent. End of story. There is no opt out until they change their business model. If they do I'm Ok with that but it would mean I would look at other offerings The reason I choose Regent is because it's the easiest option for a time poor person and believe me it is really appreciated.
  12. Tc2 Not only a draw for people new to Regent. I like knowing all my costs up front. If I choose to pay more for an excursion I can. But as I still work I prefer someone else to do the planning so all I have to do is click on an option as I don't have the freetime to compare costs. I am prepared to pay Regent for included excursions even though I may not use them just for the convenience of someone else do the planning. Probably an extra $100 a day but for us who still work and have limited leisure time worth it. Not sure why you have mentioned Seabourne on this board though
  13. Wipro I have no idea what your problem is with Regent and actually I don't care. I am really not sure why you feel the need to post unfounded accusations on this board. Or do you have evidence that Regent will put the safety of their crew, contractors and guests at risk
  14. Let's not go with conspiracy theories yet. It is probably that they are still determining which included excursions they can run in a safe way. A lot of their suppliers could still be furloughed so info is just not available
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