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  1. Apologize in advance if this has been asked/answered. We were booked on the Grandiosa Med cruise for March 2020, paid in full. Obviously canceled due to Covid. A while after that, MSC offered 100percent refund or rebook with 125% FCC. We opted for the 125 FCC. Last spring, we opted to book for Spring 2022 on the same ship. Had a ridiculous time reaching our TA to rebook. They for about 2-3 months we were given the runaround that FCC's weren't ready yet, computer issues, ect. (Originally booked in the YC and wanted to rebook in the YC). Finally got rebooked in June and the FCC amounted to over 1500. We got an invoice from the TA showing the FCC, but MSC won't confirm it when I contact them. They won't tell me anything since I booked with a TA and now post-covid, the TA is virtually non-existent. My fear is once on board, being told there is no record of the FCC and of course, at that point nothing that the TA can do. Am I overthinking this? Anyone else with a similar experience?
  2. They are saying you can book anytime, but you have to sail within 12 months of your original booking. Also, FWIW, the TA line to get through to MSC is hours long wait. The Customer 844 number is easier. We got through in less than 10 mins,
  3. We also rebooked for the Grandiosa (Oct 23) and was told by American Airlines that I could only rebook up to June 6 (Because that it the one year mark from when I purchased the tickets). She gave me a link to send an email to Customer Relations and she said they would extend that date given the circumstances Once they do, I will be able to rebook the flights to BCN with no change fee. I hope this helps. Suggest you email United's Customer Relations team.
  4. Decided to rebook for October. Similar itinerary with one day less deleting Palma. Hopefully our TA can secure that space today. Good luck to all.
  5. Thank you so much for posting this. Since the only deadline is the night before, I may wait until the week before to see how this pans out. Our flights are into BCN. I wonder if AA is waiving their change/cancel fees to Europe yet?
  6. We are booked on the Grandiosa on March 26 from Barcelona. Let me know what MSC tells you. Thanks!
  7. We are leaving on the Captivating Rhine this weekend on the AMASerena. Leaving for Amsterdam on Friday (Flying to Paris and taking the Thalys from CDG to Amsterdam Centraal Station and stying the night pre-cruise). Boarding the cruise on Sunday and disembarking in Basel for an immediate flight home. I know, no real pre-cruise or post cruise, but we just returned from a 10 day Baltics cruise last month and this was a last minute deal we couldn't pass up. Anyhow, after 46 Ocean Cruises, this is our first River Cruise and we are really excited to give it a try.
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