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  1. Agreed. My wife and I have been on many Disney cruises without any friends or family and have always been seated with other couples cruising by themselves. Those other couples are always within our age bracket and mostly savvy cruisers as well. We've met and made good friends with some. We are actually cruising on the Dream in a couple of months with a couple we met in 2015 on the Magic. I think we are all looking forward to warm weather as we live in Alaska and they live in Wisconsin. All in all Disney does a wonderful job in matching up table mates.
  2. To meet the Frozen characters on the Wonder you can reserve tickets. https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/faq/booking-reservations/frozen-meet-greet-tickets/ As for other characters there are many scheduled meet and greets throughout the cruise. For these you will stand in line for. The schedule of who appears where is listed each day's Navigator. Hope this information helps.
  3. Ah, doh! I should've caught that. I didn't I guess because the lines I cruise with the most do not call them that. Thanks for the clarification.
  4. I'm curious to know why you travel with your SS Card. No judgment, to each his/her own. Just curious as to what benefit it provides.
  5. My wife and I were on the WBTA in September 2017. We found there was a nice variety of activities as well as a good balance that allowed for enough downtime to make the cruise feel like a vacation. While the first portion was port intensive the consecutive sea days were a nice welcome. We didn't find ourselves bored or feeling like we couldn't find something to fill our time. This is one man's opinion but I think the extras that are included on the TA crossings make some great times you wouldn't get otherwise.
  6. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. From my Disney cruising experiences I can say this was not a typical dining experience. My rating of the dining staff on my Disney cruises range from highly acceptable to outstanding. Many times we have been asked by them throughout the cruise if there's anything they can do better. I wonder what happened with your serving team to cause them to ignore you so. Did you note this on the disembarkation questionnaire? Here's to hoping your experience is better on any future Disney cruises you may be on.
  7. As many have state there are many to choose from. Mine top choices are (in no particular order): Sailing in to Budapest at night and seeing the Parliament building lit up. Sailing in and out of New York Harbor (Statue of Liberty, Manhattan skyline, various bridges) Three Gorges Dam Lisbon
  8. We did. Was easy once we found where to go. The first NCL rep we saw outside the terminal wasn’t helpful. Sent from my iPhone
  9. Not very far. Tenth of a mile more or less. Took a couple of minutes once we were pointed in the right direction. Sent from my iPhone
  10. Our flight was at 2:25. We were off the ship a little after 8:30 and on the bus at 8:45. The bus left a little after 9:00 and we were at the ticket counter about an hour later. I didn’t notice where the taxis and Ubers were as we were being herded out of the terminal and focused on finding the bus. Hope this info is helpful. Sent from my iPhone
  11. My wife and I enjoyed our Panama Canal cruise. Who wouldn't, huh? Especially those from the colder climates. :cool: Like all cruises there is the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. Fortunately no ugly on this one. I would rate as a 3.5 out of 5. Ship was clean but is showing wear and tear here and there. I try not to compare too much from our previous trip on it in September 2016. Needs some attention in various places although not glaringly so other than a few places. Pool tiles missing on wall and some type of rust colored crud as well, threadbare carpet in places to name a couple. Most of the crew were friendly and helpful although I received conflicting information on several occasions. This happened with the photo gallery staff and the activities crew. Nothing that created any real problems just showed to be a lack of communication from their managers. The staff in the restaurants were friendly and attentive. For the most part the food was slightly above average although we did enjoy our two dinners in Cagney's and one in Moderno. Teppanyaki, O'Sheehans's, Aqua and Versailles were just average. The Market Cafe was above average considering it's a buffet. Our cabin (9116) more than met our needs. It was clean and in good shape. Our cabin steward was not the friendliest but took care of the cabin in good order. Itinerary was amazing. It helps when most of the ports are places you've never visited. Embarkation was a longer wait than I ever remember experiencing on any cruise. While long it wasn't a bad wait. I think most passengers were seasoned cruisers and knew how to roll with it. Disembarkation was smooth with very little wait. The two big downers were the pre-cruise hotel (Pullman Miami Airport) and the transfer to LAX after the cruise. We will probably never use the NCL pre-cruise hotel again. For the price we certainly didn't get much value. The hotel had a funky smell and the staff were not very friendly or helpful. The restaurant for breakfast only offered the buffet at $23.00 a person although they a menu posted. Makes no sense to post a menu if you aren't going to allow guests to order from it. It seemed like it wasn't necessary to have paid for the transfer from the port to LAX. There was no list of names of who could board the buses so it left us to wonder who had paid and pre-arranged for the transfer. I don't mind paying but since they were directing passengers going to LAX all to the same area and there was no check-in process it lead us to believe there were some getting the transfer for free. At the end of the day not a big deal but still pretty rotten if that's the case. Like I mentioned we enjoyed the cruise and will continue to cruise with NCL but room for improvement is there. Hopefully, they will receive candid survey responses, reviews, etc. then take notice and act accordingly. Anyone else on this same cruise want to share their thoughts? I would like to compare notes, so to speak. :D
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