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  1. Got our refund today, Pacific Dawn out of Brisbane embarkation date 28/03/2020. Happy Days
  2. Got our refund today from P&O Australia, it was for the Pacific Hopper out of Brisbane on the Dawn embarkation date 28/03/2020.🙂
  3. Yes I believe it can be done more than once and I will be watching pricing very closely as I suspect it may even get cheaper. And also got enough discount to pay the $65 a day bev package. Chearin!!!!
  4. Done this cruise 4 times around those dates, LOVE the north Queensland cruise's and never had problems. Great weather around that time of year, pretty hot/humid but excellent getting back to an air conditioned cruise ship and get a beer at the bar after a fantastic day on the great barrier reef or in around Cairns/Port Douglas. Mother Nature can rear her ugly head anytime but I would take that chance any day against risk and reward .
  5. Hi All, Royal Caribbean always gave Best Price Guarantee to non Australian cruiser's no matter when they booked cruise's up until (not sure on time frame) around the sail date . I received an email today from RCL with a new CRUISE WITH CONFIDENCE policy. Due to this (after a 20 minute phone call) I got a $550 reduction on our January cruise (that I predict my not happen anyhooo) off the $2700 original price due to the above. Anyone that has a cruise booked with RCL should check and make sure they take advantage of the CRUISE WITH CONFIDENCE policy. Some serious $$ to be saved which is coming anyway but, have a look...
  6. My joy is, forced to save money for next cruise (building quicker now) as there is now where to spend it and unable to go out anyhoo.
  7. I think near ALL cruise lines are self suspended/Paused? I will stand corrected if not,,..
  8. Correct, But there is a lot ships just sitting around and I only suspect not many ports to have ships sitting on them.
  9. Was at the in-laws today and seen the Pacific Dawn slowly heading out front just off Morton Island, where is it going? No passengers on board are they just going to float around out at sea or heading to a port somewhere ??? More to the fact where are all these ships going to wait out these pause's...
  10. We were booked on a cruise out of Brisbane leaving on 28/03 and is within the cancellation or pause period P&O has enforced. Full refund has been offered OR a 200% future cruise credit. My Dilemma is which is to choose??? Anyone in the same BOAT LOL???
  11. Correct, we Australian cruisers get totally (for the slightly lessor adverse word) SHAFTED in Australia for the cruise $ not to mention the the perks we miss out on.
  12. How typical of P&O Australia, without cruise line bashing!!
  13. Due to the recent events that have progressed over the last 4 weeks (without mentioning it!!) has anyone had an update from P&O over the last week or so. We are due in a couple of weeks to embark in Brisbane on a 7 dayer out to Vanuatu and back. Cheers
  14. Hmmm, 2 weeks out from our Pacific Dawn cruise out to Vanuatu and back embarking in Brisbane, wife is very worried about this subject and would love to cancel. Got our whole family going (3 cabins) and considering what has been going on I don't blame her for not wanting to go. Wondering if anyone Knows what P&O Australia's position is on all of this???
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