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  1. Very correct, at the moment they are offering an unlimited beverage package on our upcoming RCL cruise for $61.45 AUD per day including grats!!
  2. Ok, these packages cover a range of products not only alcoholic beverages. My wife and I will have 2-3 bottles of water and maybe 2 specialty coffee's a day. This is 4-5 beverages each already without alcohol (a value of no less than $20 each right there and I am swaying on the lowest cost here) Not to mention the cans of coke no sugar we may have by the pool in the afternoon and on sea days. 4 cocktails through out the evening each (@ a $12 average=$48 each) will put us over the $62 package that we have purchased on the up coming cruise (RCL), already at a $68 cost if we did not have a beverage package. My math over a 14 day cruise consuming the very modest number of drinks saves us $168 right there. This is in no way excessive and killing my liver. The above beverages would be a very modest cruise day for us.
  3. This limit thing is typical of the Carnival group and they have the most expensive package's. I think it is a penny pitching exercise once again by their bunch of cruise lines company's. RCL all the way for me.
  4. I totally concur, we absolutely let our hair down and a $63 drink package is not only value for us it is also piece of mind not getting bill shock (which has happened and it was sickening) . Yes, if it was around the $80 mark then you would have to think twice.
  5. What is the price of the bev package on your sailing?
  6. This is very true and correct, savey price hunter I am hence the disappointment in the limit P&O have placed on this Bev package. We have played both cards with buying drinks as we go and the bev packages and I can say with hand on heart that this is why P&O has put the limit on. We would brush through the initial upfront cost easily in 3 sea days and the port days are the gravy. There will be people that buy the package and do not get their money worth which should even it out you would think. Still stand by my first thoughts of freaking PENNY PITCHEN again by cruise lines.,
  7. The way i do it is, lose the weight BEFORE I cruise . Have lost about 8kg since booking last October and plan to lose another 5>6kg before boarding in November. Should have plenty of room then. I am in my 40's so still can handle a drink but, I also have to get up during the night for the bathroom. Most times the ship is going flat out at night and if its rough, well say no more
  8. Thanks for that, yes has been a while between drinks (Pun intended)
  9. Works out at $5.26 per alcoholic drink, for your 15 in total. ( not including all the unlimited water and soft drink you may have
  10. I am a Diamond member in Crown and Anchor, RCL have the Diamond club open every night from 3pm> 6pm from memory and that includes canapes and select beer wines on the house.
  11. When we purchased the package there was no mention of a gratuity charge. There was a mention of service charge and it came up as $0.00 ?
  12. All those points raised are completely true and valid, on a cruise you usually indulged in few unhealthy options not just on the alcoholic side. I generally am a bit naughty when cruising. (unsure on other's just speaking for myself) Couple of beers during the day, few cocktails in the the evening, some wine at dinner and few more of what ever at night OH not to mention a good NY bloody Mary a couple mornings with breaky. That surly will put me on par with the package price. ($62 a day that is) There is only a hand full of people who do bend the rules (guessing here) on these packages and lets be honest here , what a freaking hassle sneaking around from bar to bar BUT, lets be serious it will not break a cruise line's bank due to a few on evan several drinks.
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