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  1. Dido to that, I have cruise on 4 P&O ships and 2-3 times on each in my early days of cruising (Sun/Dawn/Jewel/Aria) and this simply was because of the pricing and ease of local ports. P&O seem to be the budget brand and come across that way whilst sailing with them. We have been on many of the RCL ships also (Allure, Voyager, Explorer, Radiance, Legend, Rhapsody) and also a couple of these multiple times. RCL seems to be up another level in my opinion and will mostly cruise with them in future. To add, Lets all just get the JAB!!!!
  2. Yes kind of wish we did, although with young family air fares killed that off. Hopefully we still can when COVID becomes the norm.
  3. B2B cruise are fantastic, our first one was the East then West Caribbean. We had another planned for Jan 2022, NZ then QLD coast. We have done the itinerary's many times, a cruise ship for us is a destination in itself we think. So miss it.
  4. I here Royal Caribbean is getting real close to pulling the pin on the Australian cruise season as they are getting no plan from our Governments here (Feds/States) to roll out local cruising? This will be sad, I do not understand why some Governments around the world I so against Cruise ships ships resuming operations in their country's.
  5. As Cruise passenger article has said, the major drama is that there is NO clear path for the cruise industry to re-start. This will put the 2021/2022 at great risk in my opinion. It sucks that the Government has not given the industry any other information bah just extending the ban. I believe! This is all sounding very familiar. If you have been following the antics of the governing bodies in the USA against the re-start of cruising, it seems very clear until the majority of Australians are vaccinated, I believe we will not cruise. Roll up ya sleeves I say. I get my 2nd shot on Thursday.
  6. Announced yesterday that international travel will slowly start MID 2022. What does this do for local cruising??? (Australia/New Zealand and East Coast to name a few)
  7. Much the same for us, directly book through cruise line. You are in control of it all no middle man stuffing around.
  8. We have been booked on the Quantum of the seas for the New Zealand itinerary for 14 months now. It sail from Brisbane in mid January 2022. In my opinion if we are not back to local and NZ cruising by then there is something drastically wrong. Crew of ships be vaccinated and ship quarantined for two weeks off the coast of Australia before season to weed out any infection if any, quite simple. If we can have stadiums full of people for the footy there is no reason why cruise ships can't sail.
  9. The NEW port in Brisbane was way over due. As previous posts in this thread have mentioned, it is not a pretty port but very accessible and purpose built for cruise passenger embarkation/disembarkation. It is also on the right side of the river for City access (30>40mins via bus/uber etc at most) and ALL the LARGE cruise ships will be able to use it which will open up OUR port for all ships. ABOUT FRICKEN TIME. lol
  10. Sydney is the one the beautiful ports in the world, nothing much compares.
  11. Our Quantum of the seas cruise from Sydney doing NZ 20th November 2021 was cancelled, we swapped it over for the Ovation in October 2021 same itinerary. Hope that goes ahead, bloody miss cruising and the looking forward to one.
  12. Hi, Few changes to the Royal Caribbean Itinerary's this week. Quantum of the seas NZ cruises from Sydney in LATE 2021 have been cancelled and she is sailing out of Brisbane doing only Australian ports. Radiance of the seas for late 2021 cruises seem to be changed or cancelled altogether.
  13. RCL Pricing Guarantee comes good again. Another $120 off final price today. This is the second price reduction in a month. Nearly $700 off original price as at today. Booked Directly through RCL.
  14. The good thing is that the cruise is a local QLD coast cruise, I think that Australian Government may impose a 14 day isolation period at see for crew until being able to dock. Could be very wrong though.
  15. Excellent pics, Got a cruise booked out of this terminal in Jan 2020. Whats the chances you all reckon ???
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