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  1. I just came off the last cruise and the ship is on a way better condition that people say it is. All ships have rust from the salt water.
  2. Two 8D balconies opened to form one large balcony. Magic 8383 and 8379
  3. That’s just one bite of the yummy Guy’s Burger
  4. Sunset in the middle of the Atlantic 12/6/2019
  5. Currently in Grand Turk. The lines are not very crowded except for peak hours. Things are not as bad as some people make it out to be. I will post pics later
  6. Lately there has been a lot of post with questions and answers about the Carnival Magic. Many of these answers seem to contradict each other. Seeing that I am less than 2 weeks away from cruising on her I figure out I would make this post. Please add all your questions here about her and I will try to get the answers to those questions when I return. I will try to include as many pics as I can.
  7. A Carnival Rep is actually the one who told me that they would let us go in together because they are not trying to ruin anyone’s vacation.
  8. Was there only one time for Lip Sync battle for the entire duration of the cruise?
  9. I could not find my daughter's Birth Certificate the day I was about to leave to go get her first passport. I called the BC office and they say I could get it the same day. I was in and out of the office with a BC in about 8 minutes. All they do at some places is just print it. You sign a form, show ID and they print it. There is still plenty of time to get that done.
  10. I would love to try a solo cruise one day. It would likely be on a 4 days or less cruise though.
  11. I can tag along seeing that you likely had to pay double anyway. lol
  12. Yes, there is an adult in the other room (who relies on me. lol) and 2 children. You cannot book a room unless an adult is in it. I am thinking of canceling and use the money elsewjhere as you said but I am also thinking about keeping it and hope they will allow my other room to get the benefits seeing that they are my kids and the booking is also under my name. I guess I will not know my final decision until the last day to cancel. I will see what everyone thinks and then I will go with the consesnsus.
  13. I am getting it because of the other benefits. Sometimes the lines at GS are long so if I need to go there I can use it. I have used it before at certain ports where I got to come off the ship before the crowd.
  14. Here is the situation.... I have 2 side by side rooms booked since January for my cruise coming up in just 19 days. I have been trying to grab two FTTFs ever since but could not find any until one day in September I saw one opened up. I bought that one for my room but still cannot find another. I check daily/nightly and afternoonly (new word). My PVP also regularly checks for me but nothing. I thought maybe I would have found one on final payment day but even then nothing opened up. I call the carnival reps a few different times to see if anything opened up that they are seeing and I am not. still nothing. I always ask them if they think they will allow the people in the other cabins to board with me. I got mixed answers. Most reps say they will not. I have a couple reps who told me that Carnival would not want me to start off my vacation on a bad note so they would allow the people from the other room to board with me. The reason why I cannot leave the people in the other room is because I have my children in it and I definitely would not want to go on the ship unless they are coming on too. Question..... Do you think I should take a chance and keep the FTTF and hope they let them come in with me or do you think they absolutely won't so I should cancel it and get reimbursed? I have up to 2 days before the cruise to do this. If I know for sure they will not get to come in with me I will give up the FTTF. Has anyone else here ever had this experience or know about this dilemma?
  15. This is the exact reason why I chose deck 8. It’s sandwiched between 2 cabin decks
  16. That’s not a big upgrade but I would have taken it. I have never been in an interior because I like to look out and see what’s happening
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