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  1. Thanks for all the positive feedback!! :)
  2. Hi everyone! I got back from a Millennium cruise in Alaska a few weeks ago and just finished a short summary video - I thought you might all like to see it. Here's the link: Before anyone asks, I had special approval from the ship for all the drone flying :) Thanks and take care! :)
  3. Hey gang, For those of you who love the Hot Glass Show, the glass artist G Brian has just posted a new video featuring the ship stage and talking about the hot glass experience on Celebrity: Thought you'd like to have a look. Thanks! Jim
  4. On Solstice-class ships, smoking is allowed Deck 5 forward (port side), and Deck 12, port side. AFAIK those are the only two places where it's actually permitted. I've seen a smoking section on Silhouette Deck 5 midship. In my opinion, it's much more of an inconvenience for a smoker to find a smoking area than it is for the non-smokers to run into a smoking area. :cool:
  5. The Hot Glass Show is still on Solstice, Equinox and Eclipse, and will remain there for the foreseeable future. They weren't put on Reflection or Silhouette and I believe that's at least partly due to the demand of having 3 glass artists on board *at all times* (9 fleetwide) that meet the high standards that both Corning and Celebrity require. There's no Hot Glass Show planned on the Edge and I suspect that's both because it's something that would have had to be discussed/implemented from the ground up (a few years ago) and again would require more qualified artists than they may be able to provide.
  6. Thanks Aiden! We didn't get any footage in Dublin but then flying in/around big cities is a whole different beast, and you need a lot more approvals and planning. We decided to stick to the out-of-town scenic locations!
  7. Awesome! I totally agree... that weather was OUTSTANDING! Not sure if you stayed around for the next cruise but it was indeed back to gloomy grey :)
  8. Thanks Amanda! Unfortunately, I can't distribute copies of the video, but it'll be up here on Youtube for the foreseeable future! :) Thanks!
  9. Drones are indeed on Celebrity's prohibited list. I was doing some work for the company in photo and video and extensive approvals had to be obtained between the ship's officers and shoreside office. As well, we had to request permission from the port authorities for each separate port we visited. Also, the drone was stored with security the entire duration of the cruise when we weren't in port. If a guest shows up with a drone (and without prior obtained permission from.. everyone), it'll probably spend the cruise locked up with security. Probably just a waste of time for the guest. As an aside, I agree with the company on this one. As amazing as drones are and as much as they can truly augment a vacation experience, they can be dangerous in untrained hands and can pose a serious threat in ports. We saw plenty of inexperienced drone pilots buzzing the mountain in Bergen, flying over and far too close to crowded public areas. I saw a guy almost smash his drone into the railing, trying to land his drone from a place he shouldn't have been flying from. I'm sure the company has no interest in dealing with a drone that crashes in/on/around the ship. My $0.02 :)
  10. Hi everyone, I've posted a few of my drone videos here in the past. I've just sailed on the Eclipse for the Norway/President's cruises last month and was able to capture some great moments of the ship in Norway and Ireland. Have a look at my new highlight video, if you'd like: Thanks everyone, and take care! Jim
  11. Thank you! I'm not sure which ship I'll be on next. I try to keep my drone flights as low key as possible, so I'd probably stay away from the madness of Mardi Gras in NO if I were there :) Enjoy the Equinox cruise, Ross is the permanent Music Director on that ship and he keeps the band running at top speed - I had a great time there!
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