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  1. I go about my daily routine just like any other day. I've learned you can not expect too much if you do you might be disappointed. Gary
  2. I will be going on the Vista April 21,18 and Easter Sunday is April 7, 18 so hopefully all the breaks for the little darlings will be over and they will be back in school where they belong. Gary
  3. I've left out of FLL many times coming from POM after a cruise and used self-asst was in FLL airport by 8:30-9:00 am to make my morning flights never had a problem. Gary
  4. I somewhat agree on things that you wrote. But I think the reason these kids are brats is that society has taken rights away from the parents to discipline their kids are not afraid of their parents because they know that if the parents touch them they tell the school nurse and DCF is called. Besides I think kids that come from a one parent family, usually the mom, some have no respect for themselves or others and unfortunately it is only going to worse. Gary
  5. I live in Ct and never heard of fall break no such animal we have winter break in February, spring break in March-April for school age children and colleges. Gary
  6. There is a self beer pour on the Glory. Gay
  7. My cruise rate dropped 40 Dollars for the Vista next April going solo to 1410.00 on an eight day cruise(ES). It will probably drop even more. So there are deals out there but my VP told me that the deals stop within 6 months of the sailing date unless the ship is not full. Gary
  8. Are there many clubs to dance on the Vista.? Gary
  9. Does the Vista have a disco? Gary
  10. I had a porthole cabin on the Glory it had a twin bed and a couch with a table. I've stayed in port hole cabins many times IMO I think they are best deal on the ship especially If your are solo. Gary
  11. I have cruised many times during spring break and have found the week before Easter, Easter week and the week after Easter are the most crowded with the little darlings. Easter in 2018 falls on April 1 so if you want avoid children I would guess mid April forward would be less children. Gary
  12. I just came back from the Glory I did not find the food bad in the MDR my complaint was the selection was terrible so I had fish every night which was OK. I eat a sodium diet at home but the food on the cruise was loaded with salt especially the buffet so my ankles swelled. It is pretty hard to get away from this since you can't eat salad all week. All-in all the food was OK IMO. Gary
  13. Just looking at casino floor plans and it looks like the bar on the promenade deck is right in the middle of smokers delight. The Vista is suppose to be a beautiful ship and they screw it up by designing the casino bar like that. I was on the breeze last year and the main walk way from one end of the ship to the other end goes right through the casino the smoke was terrible. Gary
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