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  1. Also please reach out to other MJ players via the R/C for your cruise!! Lot's of fun on sea days!!!
  2. You are so lucky Robin...we waited too long to book a cruise to Cuba...and so missed out. Glad you loved it...
  3. Thanks for your input...yes..it is minor...but based on the concerns of many on this board about the "right and left hand" working together...I just thought it was an example of that. Trust me...I love AZ...and yes...it's a minor issue.
  4. We are just home from the Journey holiday cruise...which we loved and had a wonderful time. The decorations, events and crew and staff were outstanding ...and we just had a terrific time. I just started ..and then completed the AZ post cruise survey on line. And guess what...in the "Ports of Call" section...AZ wanted to know what I thought about "Cuba"??? Wait...we didn't go to Cuba!! That was the OLD schedule...and with the recent changes in the US policy our ports of call were changed!! YIKES...the "right and left hand" aren't together at all ...are they??? But the on board experience is still the best..and we loved it!! Can the corp. offices get it together to match the on board experience???
  5. Not sure about what is on Quest right this minute but this concept was not in place when we were on the T/P this past August.
  6. Well CCers...they only sure thing in life is CHANGE right!! 🙂 🙂 So today in the MDR for breakfast there was the 1) cold buffet items table and 2) the rolls/muffins etc table. But NO hot buffet item table! I went around the corner to check out what was there and viola’...it was gone!! I asked and was told that the “boss” decided that the food was getting cold and discontinued the ‘hot” table. So...for now...you can get your cold items via the buffet and your pastries...but all hot items are again only available from your server. And you can also order your cold items from your server if you so choose. So that’s the “latest” on the Journey!!! 🙂
  7. Thank you for all you do for all the AZ CC members! I can imagine it’s a lot of time and work!!! Happy Xmas!!!
  8. Well thanks for that heads up...but each of the staff I dealt with in 3 phones calls were super helpful. What kind of problems have you had in the past re changes?
  9. This is new for us. We were on Quest in mid August and it was not offered. The menu is still available and any “regular” breakfast items not on the menu (eg waffles/pancakes etc) are still available. But there is a ‘cold” station with cereals, fruits, meats and cheeses, a bread station with rolls etc and then a hot station with bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs etc. And you can “combine” both...order off the menu and then go to the buffet for other items. Works well as far as we can tell...at least for us. Anyone else had this on board?
  10. Discoverer Plus....17 nights...yes for the stateroom
  11. Thanks to all who have replied here...I think we all learned a lot!! That’s one of the reasons I love CC!! 🙂
  12. TBH I had forgotten about this service...I used it once years ago when sailing on Azamara but not in a number of years. We need to get to Boston for a cruise next October and so I started to research flights R/T from San Diego. Then I saw a mention of Flights by Celebrity here...and decided to call. I saved $270.00 booking with X and an even better flight back home than I had found!! I have spoken to 3 different agents and each one has been so helpful and pleasant!! So I have my flights, my seat assignments and I don't have to pay for all of this until next July!!! WOW...I AM impressed!!! :)
  13. Bid Rejected. Journey holiday cruise on 12/19. Bid about 2.5 months ago...currently in a veranda..bid on Continental Suite. Minimum was $500.00 ...I bid $550.00. Just received the email this AM. We did start out in an OV when we first booked...and with some price drops we were able to move into a veranda...so I'm glad we at least ended up with a balcony!! :)
  14. What is a "Waborita" and a "rainbow shot"? Thanks!! :)
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