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  1. Please read your "small print"!! I also bought the policy that covers preexisting conditions...but there is a "bullet" point" that says ...nothing covers a pandemic!!! 😞
  2. I guess I don't understand...why do you think that RCCL (and or AZ) has created this "horrific PR nightmare they have created"??? Please explain???
  3. I was told that it could take up to 6 weeks to receive the FCC document/certificate..what ever it is that HAL will issue!! Maybe once we receive that we will have an answer?? At this point I think booking something in '20 might not be a great idea?? I have an early October cruise on X booked and I'm beginning to wonder what might happen to that one?
  4. Thanks Paul!! A disappointment but better safe than sorry at this point!!
  5. Well we love cruising!! And my DH's cardio doc told him on Friday that he didn't want him to take a T/A in April. He will be 84 this year...and has coronary artery disease...so he IS in the high risk demographic!! We are very disappointed...but we also take our doctor's advice!! If your chances are increased that you could die if you contract the virus then maybe you would think differently? It could be a VERY bad thing...even if we love cruising!!
  6. Our DD works for Azamara as a Business Development Manager...for the So Cal, AZ and NV markets. This means that she is the interface between AZ and the TAs in that region. We heard from her today ...and at least on the AZ front there is a hiring freeze and all non essential travel for AZ employees is banned. She is very concerned for the TAs and their income and business...and feels this may have long term consequences for the cruise industry. The dry dock for the "Journey" has been modified and they are quite concerned for what will be the status of the ships once the normal move to Europe should occur in April Just an FYI from her perspective.
  7. Paul...we have just cancelled a T/A for April on HAL...we both really wanted to go as we were meeting our German cruising friends in Amsterdam...but Kenneth's cardio doctor said he didn't think he should go...he will be 84 in July and has cardio vascular disease. You know me...I LOVE to cruise...but Kenneth's health is of course the #1 concern. Our situation may be very different than others..because of Kenneth's age. Let's hope for everyone's sake that we can all stay healthy...no matter what decision we make regarding cruising right now! 🙂 Best to you and Marsha!!
  8. I have been told by my TA that you can't apply the FCC to a current booking...can you do that because HAL cancelled and not you? There might be different "rules" based on who cancelled? We chose to cancel not HAL.
  9. We cancelled today and will receive 50% back on our credit card and 50% back in a FCC (we were in that time frame with a 4/19 T/A sailing) My DH will be 84 in July and has coronary artery disease. His cardio doc said he didn't want him going...as he would be more likely to have a very poor reaction if he should contract the virus. We are disappointed but obviously not worth it to take a chance on his health!! We have another cruise booked on Celebrity for October R/T Boston and hope that things will have improved by then!!!
  10. Thank you so much fatbob66 for your offer! I was able to cancel today and get 50% back to my credit card and a 50% FCC. Appreciate your offer!! Enjoy your re-booked cruise and thanks for being a super CCer!!! 🙂
  11. fatbob66...It seems that you are the lucky one...and the only one ..at least on this thread..that has been able to book something else within the 2020 time frame!! My TA just called 2X and received the same answer she got before...the only option was to book something else in the 50 % penalty phase...which just doesn't make any sense!! Are you willing to share info with us so that we might be able to show HAL that you have been able to do this? Do you feel that you were given some type of exception due to health reasons or ? I'm not trying to pry..I just have to cancel our April T/A by tomorrow...before I move into the 75% penalty range...on the cardio doc's orders ( age and cardio vascular disease on the part of my 83 yo DH) and would like to be able to move that $$ to somewhere else...other than a cruise in this same time frame!!! Trip insurance have said that they won't cover the cancellation ...even though I have a policy that covers pre-existing conditions because it is about the virus and they don't cover epidemics!! (even though they have now said if we were to go they would cover any medical expenses due to contracting the virus!! Go figure on THAT one!!!) What a mess!!! Any and all help is so appreciated!!! 🙂
  12. My TA received a very different option for us today!!! We are sailing 4/19 and are in the 50% penalty phase until 3/8. She was told we could book another cruise in the 50% penalty phase at this time...and the cruise had to be during the same time frame as the cruise on 4/19!!! This makes so sense at all to me? If I don't want to do the cruise I have booked on 4/19 WHY would I want to book another cruise in the same time frame??? Are we getting different answers/options from HAL?????
  13. So you are thinking the the "before you effective date" is referring to the date of your departure and not the effective date of your coverage?
  14. Because of his age trip insurance is expensive and also I have to book the type that covers pre-existing conditions so that is added cost as well. We are not cruising like we use to..sometimes up to 5 cruises a year. We are now down to 2. But thank you for the suggestion and I will look into that!!
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