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  1. You do as well!!! We are booked on the Riviera for the mid March '21 T/A...not sure what will happen with that?? 😞
  2. Good for you for taking the "plunge"!!! Enjoy!!!
  3. We did a cruise this past August from Seward to Tokyo and it was cool but not cold. We also did it back in '10 from Alaska to Beijing in September...similar weather. BTW Dutch Harbor was fun for us Deadliest Catch fans and Petropavlovsk was very interesting...we took a tour there and rode the school bus around Dutch Harbor!!! 🙂
  4. Loved the skeet shooting...in the 70s on NCL ships...Seaward, Sunward, Sundward I think if I remember the names right? It' HAS been awhile!!! 🙂
  5. I live in San Diego ...many restaurants are closed on Xmas Day...the exception being Chinese restaurants. But i would think you could find some open but you would probably need a reservation. You could check for places on Trip Advisor. Re the Zoo...I would guess it would be closed on Xmas Day...and maybe 1/2 day on Xmas Eve...their website might give you that info? Balboa Park's museums would be closed on Xmas Day...not sure about the Eve. The park is beautiful that time of year with decorations so be sure to try and drive through at night. Mister A's (restaurant) overlooks the park and they would probably be open ..at least on Xmas Eve. Good Luck!!! 🙂
  6. So hoping this will end up going!!!
  7. Denise...I'm not sure I understand what dates you are on the Koningsdam to HI...is that January of '21? We are booked R/T SD for a 1/16 departure...and I believe it goes on to MX after that...is that the one you are booked on?
  8. Thanks Grandma for always keeping your cool and being so helpful. I'll miss you and your help!!
  9. Make that + one please!!! So agree with all your points!!
  10. Yes we would...in fact the last several cruises we have not disembarked at all. That is mainly because we are never sure how DH will be feeling regarding walking etc. But the sea days are my favorites and I have always said I would be happy to sail around in a circle!! :)...maybe I'll get my wish? 🙂 But we are lucky in that we have sailed quite a bit in the last 15 years and been to many ports. I'm sure I would feel differently if I was younger and new to cruising!!
  11. Please be tempted Paul...we could see you while you are in SD! 🙂 We have been on the Volendam and it is a nice sized ship..We've sailed HAL quite a bit because many sailings are to or from SD..not our favorite either but have always enjoyed the cruises.
  12. Please read your "small print"!! I also bought the policy that covers preexisting conditions...but there is a "bullet" point" that says ...nothing covers a pandemic!!! 😞
  13. I guess I don't understand...why do you think that RCCL (and or AZ) has created this "horrific PR nightmare they have created"??? Please explain???
  14. I was told that it could take up to 6 weeks to receive the FCC document/certificate..what ever it is that HAL will issue!! Maybe once we receive that we will have an answer?? At this point I think booking something in '20 might not be a great idea?? I have an early October cruise on X booked and I'm beginning to wonder what might happen to that one?
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