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  1. We are currently on the Oasis in our second week of b2b. No major issues at all. If the ship has not been to an Asian port or going to one, IMO is no problem. I agree there is just as much chance at the grocery store, restaurants, any public place. They are completely vigilant on board and you just have to be responsible to wash your hands, don't touch your face, etc. Hope you enjoy your cruise, because we sure are.
  2. We are on Oasis currently on deck 8. Not slow elevator service IMO. Elevators busiest right after muster drill and shows in the theatre. My husband has mobility issues so uses the elevators most of the time. I prefer to use the stairs, especially if only going a deck or two.
  3. My husband my only table mate so problem solved. While we engage in conversation with others, never to the depth of viewing their grandchildren. I guess if they insist I will let them hold the phone while I look at their pictures. And yes phones are germ factories so clean mine routinely and don't hand it to strangers. Hope for an uneventful cruise in regard to viruses, but an enjoyable one otherwise.
  4. We board the Oasis Sunday. Have no intention of cancelling. We're vigilant about handwashing & just hope others are too. We will wipe down our airline seat area & the hotel remote - the dirtiest thing in the room, wash after touching door handles, menus, etc. We will sanitize our room & utilize good hand technique throughout cruise . I'm a retired nurse and am extremely vigilant with washing hands, the first line of defense. It is so simple, but people just disregard sometimes. I feel you can contact any germ anywhere, so it's up to me to ensure my safety and watch where others put their germy hands. I am disgusted with women who go to the bathroom and walk out without washing their hands. It makes me gag to think they are going to eat with those germy hands. Ugh. I could go on forever, but this is our plan.
  5. No there is not a door. Don't remember for sure but there may be a curtain to separate it from the rest of the suite.
  6. Master bathroom has a glass enclosed walk in shower & a jacuzzi tub. Master bathroom has double sinks, very spacious, lots of storage, drawers, etc. The whole suite has so many drawers, etc. 1 large closet in main room & 2 closets either side of bed. As you enter the stateroom there is another smaller bathroom. My husband basically claimed that, except to shower, & I had the master bathroom to my self. ๐Ÿ™‚ it was a truly lovely suite. Nice large deck which we couldn't use as much as we were in Canada/NE so a little chilly. Would really be nice in Caribbean. Enjoy your suite.
  7. We were in the Owners suite on Anthem in Oct/Nov. Beautiful, spacious room. Loved it.
  8. Received email today from RC to Royal Up on our 2/16 sailing. Will not be bidding. LIke the GS we're in on the 8th deck midship . Our b2b starting on the 9th is in 4 days. Can't wait to board. Maybe they'll give it to us really, really cheap once on board. LOL !! Hope everyone who wants to get their bids. Enjoy whenever you cruise. Can't wait to get out of this winter temps for a couple weeks.
  9. We received two Royal Up emails for feb 9 & now today a Royal Up bid for the 16th. Have no intention to bid on either one. In a GS on the 8th deck midship right where we want to be. Will let someone else have it. Can't wait to board in 4 days.
  10. I will do that. Heard from the concierges so all is well . Chomping at the bit to get on board. !!
  11. Thanks @ Merion-Mom. Appreciate the assistance. Email sent and will await response.
  12. For some reason have not had an email from the Oasis concierge. We sail Sunday 2/9. Anyone have the current email address please ? Thanks
  13. Sounds awesome to me. I would do this in a heartbeat..Coming up on 48 years of marriage & I would cruise solo and do as exactly as you plan to. Have a great time.
  14. We leave Sunday on the Oasis. Today received our second email to bid for a royal up. Do not plan to bid as already in a grand suite and are doing a b2b staying in the same suite. Do not want the hassle of moving, etc & a GS is good enough for us. So my opinion, theory is either more people want a GS than are available ? Or people are cancelling because RC sent an email denying boarding to those who had travelled to/from China 15 days before sailing ? Or am I not even close to the real reason and they need their expensive suites booked ? Anyone else getting these also ?
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