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  1. We're sailing on Anthem October 19th & 24th. Decided to check if anything would come up yet. My whole calendar for the 19th- 24th was visible. Other information popped up also. Didn't check the 24th yet, but good to know what information already available & what may be on the app in real time. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. I'm late reading this, but enjoying it immensely. We sail on Anthem B2B in October and am chomping at the bit to get cruising. We took it up a notch and booked an Owners' Suite for a change of pace. It's our 75th (husband) and 70th birthdays so thought we'd splurge more than usual.
  3. Received this same email for my Feb 16th cruise.
  4. Perhaps a copy of the insurance card/coverage for the child travelling ?
  5. We're 95 days out on Anthem & I could access entertainment yesterday. 😊
  6. For anyone interested, we are cruising b2b on Anthem starting 10/19. Final payment due July 21. Today I was able to book all entertainment for both cruises. I didn't look yesterday as too busy so maybe it was open then also. Can't wait for these cruises. Such a hectic, busy summer I need some cruise therapy.😊
  7. I agree with this. Have never had trouble booking b2b in same cabin. We do as the above poster & it works well. May have a problem if trying to book last minute though I would guess, but have never tried it
  8. I am enjoying your review also. Please continue. It's highly entertaining. Maybe after you're done ironing you should contemplate being an author or comedienne ? Great job, & hope you finish your review.
  9. How far is it to the ferry from the ship ? Where did you rent your scooter ? We're planning to rent one for my husband from scoot around. Thanks.
  10. Nashna, thank you for the heads up. Others' experiences are very helpful. I'm sorry this did not work as advertised. I hope RCCL will do the right thing and refund your OOP expenses . We have grandchildren also and take them on cruises and want them to have a good time, but within established limits. I'm glad to know this could (& unfortunately did happen) so can beware when we hopefully will be able to take them again. Hope all works out well for you.
  11. Hope they don't change our Oasis sailing in Feb. Scheduled for Labadee. Like getting off there. Would not get off at Coco Cay. Time will tell.
  12. I broke my arm on the Anthem 4 years ago. As a retired RN I was quite concerned/interested in the care. Was impressed with the facility/equipment itself and the care received. As knowing I was to receive conscious sedation in order for a closed reduction of my arm, I especially noted the crash cart and it's equipment, supplies. Obviously I could only receive initial care & treatment, but they were very careful to evaluate my arm several times ,especially swelling of my fingers. Was on the ship 2 more days after that, flew home on a Saturday, saw the ortho on Monday & surgery on Tuesday. My arm healed well, and am going back on the Anthem this fall.
  13. Perhaps some medical documentation from the physician himself would lend credence to the wrist pin. ??
  14. Thanks Princeton 123211 for that information. That's great news.
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