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  1. Only Lufthansa? Try KLM or better yet Singapore Air and Emirates. As for US on EU airlines, i’ll take SouthWest over RyanAir, Delta on Air France any day.
  2. They never really mentioned the FCC, just a confirmation code and their word that my deposit (less $100pp )shall be credited back to the original form of payment. Btw, i never received an email either that my cruise is officially cancelled.
  3. To answer the question, yes it was an NRD.. I was willing to take the hit of $100 pp as stated and confirmed to me by the agent. There are three pax and that’s the total amount of credit i received. $214 and $86.. I do hope it’s just a coincidence not a royal mistake and that there would be more to follow. I booked thru a certified vacay planner from Royal.
  4. Booked a cruise some time ago for a November 2019 cruise out of Singapore. Something came up and was forced to cancel, i saw the credit and it’s not what i was told. My refund is way off , in fact they refunded me the total amt of penalty as opposed to the other chunk of deposit that i was due.. I expect to get passed around as soon as i make the call tomorrow morning, do you have any advice on who to call or appropriate dept. that can handle this? Thanks in advance
  5. I can attest to this: From temples - " John Doe was here"... Nobody cares if you were here, stop desecrating historic structures. The Land Cruisers - Shared a ride with a couple equipped w/ Canon 1DX dressed in a neatly ironed matching safari outfits, yelling at the driver for not cutting the other vehicles for getting them the shot... Well what about the other minivan who was there before us? @ the Guesthouses - Lads who thinks Travel is some kind of Olympics, that a destination has to end in a "Stan" to make everyone knows that they are getting the most unique experience. I once overheard a group complaining that everything is expensive in that country and that in "The real world" it would be different... I get it, you guys are on a vacation.. that nice young lady serving you your "Vacation Gelato" is a real person tbh. I have my own share, walking in a bike zone only to be yelled at in a different language..I'm pretty sure it's not " Have a Nice Day".. … Entitlement/douchery comes in all forms of shapes and sizes, not everything comes with a pin. If anything, those cruisers we met who's been to 50-60 cruises, we absorbed the tips they shared and added it to our arsenal on how we want to visit one place.
  6. JC Looks familiar? If not, there’s one or more behind me where i took this shot. Close to the train stn, Coop and the cable car that’ll take you up to Murren. Apology for the Image quality, had a hard time downloading the photo from icloud straight to here.. btw... Not a snob, just a lurker and a hybrid cruiser.. No offense taken though
  7. Russia ( St.Petersburg) paired with Stockholm, Talinn, Helsinki is the cruise i meant and the only way we wanted to travel there, that said we might give it a try by land thru the Trans Siberian Rail in the future... Most of the highest rated accomodations in some destinations ( e.g. Lauterbrunnen, Cotopaxi, Bangkok-Sukhumvit area etc..) are hostels. They had definitely upped their game (private bathrooms, free breakfast and toiletries, swanky interior design). Hotels for us is now reserved if its close to the airport and we have an early flight the next day.... or Vegas.
  8. Or some of those people happens to lurk here 😉 .. that said, those two styles of travel are a beast of their own, there are places( Scandinavia, Russia, Greek Isles etc..etc) that we prefer done with a cruise, and the others ( Middle East, East Africa,SEA and SA) by land. It is best to combine them whenever possible. Our encounter with Upper tier cruisers are mostly positive(we enjoyed their stories as much as they did ours) ,though they were a bit perplexed on how we’re able to bounce from cheap hostels to a Royal Suite, eating street food in a plastic stool to wine and dining at the CK ( hard to explain either). That’s the good thing about travel, everbody has their own style and not everyone has the same experience.
  9. how far is the mall? maybe that's what we'll do
  10. You got it Biker … We'll be flying two weeks(sorry wasn't able to state) into Asia before the cruise, before heading to another country. Just to clarify again from my op, this will be backpacking trip with cruise tucked in. Thanks
  11. So the trip is done, it’s one of a kind isn’t? So yeah, i managed to figure out how to post pics here( finally). This is for the other poster who’s inquiring about the FZ300, shots were from the said camera with no edit, shutter priority and manual white balance.. The IQ is decent, nothing to write home about.. but i'm happy. I don't think I would be able to grab these if I were switching lenses...
  12. Hey, pardon it took me a while to respond.. (been busy researching for next trip)I’m not sure if its right to post a link to my IG account here, but i’ll try my best to post at least 2... ( How to anyway?) I also forgot to mention that i also brought a compact mirrorless( w/ 2 Primes) on our trip.., nevertheless its the Fz300 that saw all the action. My advice, just dedicate 1 day or 2 in photography, and the rest ... Just enjoy the moment.
  13. Cruising with Royal, is this enough time to visit Batu Caves? Anything else out there? Thanks
  14. Hello veteran cruisers, So yeah, we are incorporating a 1 week cruise with Royal on our backpacking trip in South East Asia later this year. For those who had cruised from SiN, what do you think of our chances flying in at 9:30am to catch the ship (Voyager)and catching our flight at 13:45 after the cruise (EST ship arrival 8am).? How’s the check-in, custom and other formalities process? Is it the same here in North America? thanks...
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