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  1. I agree with a previous post. Ideally, it would be nice to have one person on the ship in charge of assisting with these unexpected events which happen quite regularly on ships. More often than we think. Ideally, the people had or should have had travel insurance. Travel insurance companies typically have an emergency concierge service. Someone from the ship should have assisted the family in making contact with the emergency service from the Travel insurance company and also to make sure that the port agent was on top of the situation. In a case like this, they needed assistance in finding a hotel and travel back. It doesn't matter whether they were on a cruise ship sponsored excursion or not.
  2. I was on the Zaandam in June. No lanai rooms that open up onto the Promenade deck, so lots of deck chairs available for everyone.
  3. We really prefer the anytime or "as you wish" dining. We go to the dining room when we want, usually between 5-6 o'clock and tell them what size table we prefer. We usually ask to be seated with others, but prefer a table for 6 as we enjoy meeting new people. If we have a preference for where the table is located, we state that. I love the flexibility of the dining. You have the option to ask to be seated at the same table each night, but then usually you have a set time to be there. We like the flexibility of not having to be at the dining room at a specific time. We like to eat early, but sometimes it's 5 and sometimes its 6 o'clock. With set dining time you loose the flexibility. With as you wish dining/anytime dining, when you are seated, you are usually given a table in which they are currently seating others who have just arrived at the dining room, so no one has started eating yet unless its the bread at the table. Usually everyone at the table is in sync with each other in terms of delivery of courses for the meal.
  4. I've been to Glacier Bay twice and Edicott Arm once. We were supposed to go to Tracy Arm but couldn't get through due to ice as it was early in the season. They are really quite different. When cruising down Endicott Arm, I loved cruising down the arm seeing all the seals with the baby seals on the icebergs. I found the scenery as we were sailing down the arm in a narrow channel with land close by on each side to be stunning. We saw different wildlife including seals, sea otters and birds and even a bear on the shore. Glacier Bay was beautiful but vast. You are not as close to the land but the overall landscapes are beautiful. Several glaciers are in the area. I didn't see any wild life cruising around Glacier Bay as compared to Endicott Arm.
  5. great tip! Thanks. Is this forward viewing area open frequently or only during scenic sailing?
  6. So basically the chairs with a sea view are the reserved seats and the seats that are open to anyone are the ones in back of the white metal sides on the ship, usually a solid half walled railing. Disappointing.
  7. Thank you for your great feedback and suggestions. We are booked in a window/outside view cabin. This was booked last minute and all the veranda and Lanai cabins were taken. Our choices at the time were suites, outside view and inside cabins. If an up sell comes along I’ll grab it.
  8. Thank you. That's very disappointing. If I had know that most of the loungers on the promenade were reserved, I would not have booked this ship. I guess lesson learned. I thought it would be more similar to the Zaandam. Never heard of reserved loungers on Promenade deck before so I guess it wasn't even on my radar. Do you remember if there were many available loungers someplace else that are not close to the pool (too congested and noisy) and yet in the shade?
  9. We have booked the Panama Canal cruise on the Rotterdam. Looking at pictures of the ship. Looks to me like there are large sliding glass cabin doors on the Promenade deck with two chairs next to each door/window. Are these chairs reserved for the cabin occupants? Am I looking at the correct pictures of the promenade? Is there some other deck other than the Lido deck to sit on the lounge chairs, relax and look out at the water. If the promenade deck lounges are not reserved for the cabins if I sit on one am I going to get dirty looks and push back from the occupants of the cabins? Any other better alternative lounge chairs that are in the shade (important) and not around the pool with a good view of the water? I have cruised on the Zaandam, Noordam, Nieuw Amsterdam, and Eurodam and never before seen a promenade deck like the pictures I see of the Rotterdam. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  10. vmom


    Does the laundry service use hot water and hot dryer setting? I was wondering about shrinkage.
  11. Direct from the Holland website in the description of prepaid internet packages: ”The plan can be activated on any device but only one device can be actively connected at a time, the rate calculation is based on prorating the voyage package by length.”
  12. I’ve never seen balloons sold on board. I’ve seen the cabin steward put up 2-3 balloons for birthdays or celebrations. Have you thought of using a small but notable magnet on the door?
  13. I understand your point. I’m wondering what HAL expects us to do in this situation? Go ask the passengers to stop running before 8:00 am? On one morning when the passenger service desk refused to help, I went to the promenade deck and kindly informed the runner that his running was waking up passengers on the cabins below and could he run after 8:00 am. He said sorry and kept on running. So now what? Wondering if might lead to an uncomfortable confrontation between passengers if HAL refuses to get involved.
  14. Thank you for your feedback. I did mention this problem in detail on my questionnaire after the cruise. Don’t know if that had any impact since I never heard back from anyone. After reading everyone’s post I sent an email to HAL about this issue. In case anyone is wondering, what I want from HAL is clear signage about no jogging and retraining of the guest services to follow up and enforce this in the morning before 8:00 am. I loved this size ship and the cabin location worked well with the exception of this problem.
  15. We had a wonderful cruise this June on the Zaandam. No complaints except for the joggers on the promenade deck. To all the joggers out there: There are cabins directly under the promenade and when a jogger/runner runs on the deck it makes a boom boom boom pounding noise in the cabin below. We were woken up 5 out of the seven mornings by someone running on the deck. This was around 6:30 am each morning. Each morning we would hear boom boom boom, then a few minutes of quiet before again hearing the pounding of feet above us. After hearing this pattern of pounding for a good 30-40 minutes, it was difficult to fall back asleep. After the first morning, I went onto the promenade and looked for signs that said no running. I didn't see any signs but my friend said there was one at the end of the deck. By the third morning I called passenger services and asked them to have someone go up and ask people not to run before 8:00 am. I was told, sorry but there is nothing they can do about the joggers and runners on the promenade. I responded by asking them to at least ask the runners to wait until 8:00 am and was again told there was nothing that they could do. I wrote this comment multiple times in my follow up questionnaire. I hope HAL does something to fix this problem. Either prohibit running/jogging completely and ENFORCE it! Or at least ask for no running/jogging prior to 8:00 am and ENFORCE it!. Also put up multiple signs in multiple places to inform people of the rules. Although I was very happy with everything else about this cruise the lack of response by HAL to do something about this was frustrating. In the future I will avoid any cabins on the deck below the promenade and recommend that others do the same. I read cruise critic often, especially when picking out a cruise and cabin. I'm surprised I hadn't read anything about this problem in the past. And I already know about not getting a cabin below a common area....I just didn't think about the runners on the promenade.
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