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  1. Ok, Brisbane and Darwin are both very easy to do on your iwn. Google shore excursion Brisbane for example to see what is on offer. You may want a tour like the lone pine koala sanctuary. Or just get the river ferry up to the city. This is a nice trip up the river and back. Stop at southbank for a wander, art gallery, maritime museum and lunch etc all easy to walk around at southbank.
  2. For those FNQ ports it will still be very hot and humid in April. You will need cool light cotton clothing and good sun protection. Do not underestimate tge strength of the Aust sun. I have seen ppl on cruise burnt red raw and lip blisters from sunburn. Seeing the great barrier reef is a must. But you will have to book a shore excursion via the ship as the cruise will book up all the boats. A large boat, catamaran, will take you out for a day on a huge poontoon for snorkling, food, glass bottom boat and mini sub tour. These pontoons stay permanantly on the reef at a beautiful coral location. It's really worth the money. Hire a sun suit when you are on the boat out there for being in the water. Like a wet suit but lighter and easier to put on. Now I cant see your post with ports so shall give it more thought and get back to you.
  3. Hello, last night a new ad was on TV for Princess. I must say it looks very enticing and oh so romantic. A couple are living it up and look like they are the only passengers on board. It all looks very grand. Anyway, my question is what ship is that? The double curved staircase with marble and gold looks sublime. The ad has worked for me. I will be going back to Princess. Would like to try some of their newer midsize ships. Please offer your suggestions on this and comments on the ad. Magpie x
  4. Hi. I have just this morning had an email saying my review has been published. It took more than 2 weeks. I was thinking the same way as you, as my review of Ovation of the Seas ( RC) was full of complaints. I had never written a review before and was hoping it was not too scathing. I just wanted it to be an honest reflection of our cruise and tried to stick to the facts. It was very long, so someone needed to get to it later I guess. Anyway, after all the effort I put in I am glad it is now live. Kind regards, Magpie9
  5. I will be on RC ovation next week to NZ so will let you know what they were wearing.
  6. I didba top end cruise with RCI in the month of March. Left Freemantle, we t up WA coast to Geraldton, Port Hedland, Darwin, Cairns, Brisbane and Sydney. Great trip 18 nights. Really worth it and learning about all the places from the Barrier Reef environmental pilot we had onboard. You can book via vacations2go un USA and get far better deals than we can in Aust. Ask them to advisebyou when this route is next available. I would not go on a Pand O cruise if it was free.
  7. Oh ok now I know..they are just circling to use up time. Ships have to do this so as not to get to port to early. They are booked for a pilot at a certain time and cannot get there early. Tracking your wife...good grief. Go to bed and stop worrying.
  8. Gosh, a mystery ... how intriguing. Have you seen the youtube clip...things cruise companies will never tell you. Tells you all these things that can go wrong. Could be a small ship in trouble. You must be arriving sydney wednesday, when I am getting on. Hope you get back😂
  9. Log on to your cruise planner and they will tell you how many formal nights there will be. They are always on at sea days, as too tired after shore days. I live in the bush and wear old farm clothes at home so for cruising I relish the opportunity to dress up. I always wear a long dress for formal night and curl my hair. A chance to wear my good jewels. My friend wears his cufflinks a bow tie and a dinner jacket. Its funnto takebsome nice photos around the ship on formals. I dress up every night for dinner but normal nights some nice slacks and blouse or skirt are acceptable . I once got told to leave the buffet as I went from the pool with a towel around me. Oopps! Take a cover throw over for pool.
  10. When a ship turns back it is usually because of a dire medical emergency that they cannot cater to on board. Relax, they will makebup the time.
  11. I was reading some reviews for ovation of the seas and many membersbwere very cross they had to supply 2 x A4 passport copies and were notbadvised to havebthem ready. They would not let anyone check in. So passengers had to go upstairs to use one copier, with another long queue. Has anyone had to do this in Australia on embarkation day?
  12. You need to book a ticket for the PIXELS SHOW, It is free but is held at TWO70 and not enough room for 4000 ppl, and only 3 times during my 10 night cruise. Book your tix on your cruise planner and print off. This is in addition to the shows in theatre.
  13. Yes I am going on Ovation next week but flying in the day before. Weather looks ok so far.
  14. Another thing is to have a safety talk on board, such as never go into anyones cabin and never sit on railings. People do get raped on ships, there is crime, and alas people do go overboard, probably when drunk.
  15. Many cruisers di not know that you can use the old fashioned phone in your room. And you can call from any phone on the ship, at a bar or guest services have a guest phone. You just dial your room number and if no-one is home you can leave a message. Handy if you are delayed or to check. "Still swimming. Back at 5 to get ready for dinner". When someone gets to the room they can see the red light flashing. Another thing is to plan your day over breakfast and agree what times you will get together and where. I sometimes travel with my friend and I go to spa etc alone but we always meet back at room at 5pm to prepare for the night ahead. Take a small notebook each so you can take notes. Pick up a ship map when boarding so you can find places to meet.
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