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  1. Lee, did a great job on our cruise
  2. Hi, I would take them all They do sell out and are awesome, and the chefs we had matched the food to drinks from the country
  3. Hi Boston has some great museums- Gardner, Museum of Art We liked our Lexington/Concord tour and the history of the “shot heard ‘round the world “ + Please let us know what you end up picking
  4. This is a good question Larger O ships have more included specialty restaurants, an area for cooking classes and an art studio The smaller ships can dock closer in many ports Both are very nice I would take either class
  5. I was overcharged for a haircut on the Sky, and had to go the spa desk to get a refund
  6. Hi, IMO, you have to take names and times for this and follow up every 2 -3 hours and leave a short polite note (keep a copy) with the hotel manager Also, ask for what you think is fair compensation on this cruise Don’t wait Best,
  7. Check out your local library for ebooks, audio books, music and movies It is wonderful
  8. One of our best tours was in Busan It’s lovely
  9. Hi I think you will like Sirena You will miss some things Crystal offers like the really outstanding and experienced service in some areas, but the difference between the two lines IMO is not a show stopper Enjoy
  10. I too like to read the print version
  11. Got one brochure this week in a plastic envelope that is not recyclable !
  12. Access to the spa is great And, nibbles in the lounge work, if you missed lunch and came back late
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