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  1. We ended up in a cabin directly under the galley on the Paradise (the one and only time we booked without checking the decks above and below). It was awful. About 2am every night we would be woken up by what sounded like metal crates being dragged across the galley floor. Screeching, scraping sounds lasted for hours. Never, ever again.
  2. It's the opposite for us. In our early cruising days we were young and broke, so we barely scraped up enough to go on the cruise in an ocean view cabin with very little left over to spend onboard. Now we always get balconies and can afford the extras. We always buy FTTF, because we like dropping our bags off as soon as we get onboard and we like the shorter line at Guest Services. On our last cruise we did one of the private photo shoots and spent over $500 on portraits. We buy most of our excursions through Carnival, just for the convenience and the price match guarantee. We also buy jewelry on just about every cruise, not because the prices are better than at home, but because I like jewelry as souvenirs rather than a refrigerator magnet. So for everyone out there who says they spend very little, there's probably an equal number like us who balance things out.
  3. Looking at a 9-day from New York on the Sunrise and trying to decide between a spa balcony or an ocean suite. I know the Sunrise doesn't have the T-Pool, which is a minus for the spa balcony, but having the thermal suite would still be nice. On the other hand, we have never stayed in a suite and I was thinking it might be nice to have the extra space for a longer cruise (it's me, DH, and DS-21). I have a couple of questions if anyone could help answer: 1. Does anyone know how many chairs the ocean suite balcony has? One of our problems with the spa balcony is that one of us never has anywhere to sit. 2. Is the TV easy to watch from both the sofa bed and the king bed at the same time? 3. Is there anything I should know about the ocean suites on the Sunrise? I've done a search, but haven't found much that's specific to this ship. Thanks!
  4. Well, that's the thing about opinions - everyone has one. Personally, I didn't like the old burgers at all. So since none of us can agree on burgers, can we all come together and agree that the BLT sandwiches from room service are the bomb? 😁
  5. Can you get a better burger at numerous burger joints across the U.S.? Yep. Can you get any of those burgers on a cruise ship? Nope. Guy's doesn't have to be the best fast-food burger in the world. But they probably are the best fast-food burger at sea. So if you're in the middle of the ocean and you've got a massive craving for a burger, Guy's is a pretty good cure. And for anyone who lived through the grey mystery-meat burgers that used to be served in the buffet, Guy's is a solidly good burger in comparison.
  6. RCI should be ashamed of themselves for charging extra for Johnny Rockets. Charge extra for the shakes, fine, but the food does not warrant an upcharge. At least Guy's - while not the best burger I've ever had, by far - isn't costing anything extra.
  7. We drove once from Sarasota to Ft Lauderdale (3 hours) but probably wouldn't drive that far on the day of again. We had car trouble and were delayed leaving by over an hour, which is stress I don't need the day of a cruise. We now live about 50 minutes from Baltimore and would definitely drive the day of a cruise out of there (which we will probably do in the next year or so).
  8. We were in a balcony cabin on the Lido deck and didn't smell anything.
  9. Based on your likes and the ages of your kids, I would definitely recommend the Western on the Breeze. That itinerary offers some great excursions that let you get up close and personal with the nature and animals in the rainforest. I highly recommend a Mayan ruin excursion as an amazing opportunity to learn about the ancient culture. We took a VIP tour through Carnival (when docked in Cozumel) that went to Tulum, took us canoeing, had lunch at a Mayan village, then went cliff jumping and swimming in a crystal clear cenote. It was, by far, one of the best excursions we've ever done.
  10. I soooo want to do the 9-day Sunrise to Bermuda cruise out of New York and had that one picked out as a strong possibility for this summer (no airfare, 9 days...did I mention no airfare? Yay!). But...we let our DS make the final choice, since this summer's cruise is part of his college graduation gift. He nixed Bermuda instantly and voted for Alaska instead. Oh, sure, pick the port completely on the other side of the continent, with the most expensive shore excursions I've ever seen. 🙄
  11. Well that's just...depressing. I'm not sure I could get through an average Monday if I didn't have a cruise to look forward to. What part of Canada? There are cruises leaving out of New York, Boston, and Baltimore that might make it less expensive, especially if you catch the cruise bug and just can't imagine life without cruising.
  12. What age are your kids and what are your interests? The Cozumel, Mahogany Bay, Belize, Costa Maya is a really fabulous opportunity to see Mayan ruins, go river tubing through caves, trek through rainforests, and offers really good snorkeling. The Southern route is different and gives you an opportunity to visit a couple of ports a lot of people don't get a chance to see. You really can't go wrong with any of the choices. I would suggest looking at the shore excursions and see if there is anything that you would really like to do that is unique to any of the ports. That might help make your decision easier.
  13. We have an aft balcony on Carnival Spirit the last week of May 2020, 7 nights r/t from Seattle. Our cost for 3 adults is just under $3,600, with $150 onboard credit. That doesn't include a drink package, but we don't need one. I always thought our first Alaskan cruise would be on Princess, Celebrity, or HAL, but this trip is a college graduation gift for our son and he wanted Carnival, so Carnival it is (and his choice saves us a little $ to cover some of that tuition we've been paying!). DH and I figure we'll go back on one of the other lines when it's just the two of us.
  14. There is no way I would cut things that close, but if you absolutely can't fly in the day before then please, please get travel insurance (if you haven't already). That way, worst case scenario you will be covered if you have to arrange alternate transportation to catch up with your ship in the first port.
  15. Thanks for the tip! Wow, great advice! You've given me a lot to look into and think about. I talked to DH and he is leaning more toward exploring, rather than a whale watching tour, so this information is a great place for me to start. Thank you!
  16. I just read about the problems with the resident pods and the measures being taken to protect them. I sure hope the protections are successful. I'm wondering if there would be a good chance of seeing any of the transient orcas. If not, we might decide to do something else, since we are already planning a whale watching tour in Juneau, though our chance of seeing orcas there isn't great. We were planning Lyft or Uber for transportation. Lyft's website shows $35 - 40 for a trip to Edmonds. But if we decide to skip the whale watching, we might go ahead and rent a car so we can explore more.
  17. The trolley has not been running lately in Old San Juan, so if you want to go to the El Morro fort (which I highly recommend) you can either take a cab or walk. There are cabs lined up as soon as you exit the cruise terminal and they are pretty cheap. We took a cab to El Morro last July and then walked back through town, stopping at shops and taking photos along the way.
  18. We booked the Marriott Waterfront for our May 2020 cruise, but I am still looking for other options in case we decide to change. We are flying in on a Sunday (our cruise leaves on Tuesday) and we plan to do a whale watching tour (because I really want to see orcas) out of Edmonds on Monday. We won't have a car, so we thought it would be easier to walk to restaurants and what limited sightseeing we have time for if we stay on the waterfront.
  19. We have debarked twice at Port Canaveral (Breeze and Magic) and it was a very fast process both times.
  20. We were on Breeze last year and it was the most crowded ship we've ever experienced. We had also sailed Magic (which we loved) in 2018 and, even though they are sister ships, the Breeze felt so much more crowded. Trying to eat in the Lido café was a nightmare, elevators were next to impossible to get, and there just seemed to be less "elbow room" everywhere. Looking forward to being on the Spirit in May, since I have been reading lots of great things about that class.
  21. I had wondered if you could just go to the bar in the steakhouse without eating there, but had never seen that discussed. Now I know where I'll be enjoying a watermelon martini before going to the MDR!
  22. I got a $60 price drop and $50 obc a couple of weeks ago on our Spirit cruise, but our category is sold out now. Glad I called when I did!
  23. My DH had the same problems with the patches, plus double vision, so he had to stop using them. Now he takes the non-drowsy Dramamine preemptively before we even get on the ship and doesn't stop taking it until the end of the cruise. This has worked really well for him. He does the same thing when we are going to be on trains.
  24. They price match AND they give you OBC, so you come out with a net $ gain. The tours we have used the guarantee for were VIP experiences with very small groups and lots of personal service, so we didn't sacrifice anything by going with the ship excursion, plus we got the added benefit of knowing we wouldn't be stranded if we got back late. This came in handy for one of the excursions, as it was an all-day affair and we made it back to the dock only minutes before the ship was scheduled to leave.
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