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  1. Personally you miss our favorite Southern ports on these cruises - ABC’s. The Freedom cruise would be my choice.
  2. None other than what we consider baseline such as flu, Hep A and B, pneumonia(age related), and tetanus.
  3. That depends totally on the young lady - my sons would have enjoyed either at that age. Med on a large ship will be very busy but will have nightlife on board if she wants that. We loved the river cruise experience for the busy walking tour days and more relaxed evenings as family time.
  4. One of the difficulties in containing any virus is truly identifying carriers - I live in a part of the US that attracts many Asian visitors so I could have exposure while hiking at a National Park and using the restroom or visiting the visitor center.
  5. I always travel with a very small car size diffuser - has not been an issue.
  6. My DS (T1) carries shelf stable chocolate milk for his lows and we keep snack mix and protein bars with us. We usually plan to eat in port as we like to try the food.
  7. I understand that the Yacht club experience is quite nice but less than that may be disappointing from the reviews I have seen.
  8. I have used airport bathrooms on my trip to the port which are nowhere near the level of cleanliness on the ship so I do use the public area bathrooms when needed.
  9. High travel season in the Med July and August, lots of crowds at sites and it can be very warm.
  10. We have really enjoyed a busy land vacation, locations determined by where we board the ship. With the help of research on the internet you can make the hotel, tour and transportation reservations if you want to travel on your own. Alternately you could contact and TA and arrange a land tour with a company as well as your cruise.
  11. I would suggest you find out the actual tour operator and book directly with them. I assume Shipmates is a clearinghouse operator rather than the tour. We have had great experiences finding the company after researching on Trip Advisor/ Viatour.
  12. Our first TA was retirement present to ourselves. Love Barcelona as embarkation point - easy city to spend 3-4 days precruise on your own. Then easy embarkation port. The ship was RC Brilliance which went all out to make it fun. Excellent entertainment was brought on board, outstanding CD Clo kept us entertained. Plenty of activity and once we on the sea days stretch it turned into a “coming to America party” theme. Seas were amazingly calm the entire trip. We did clear US immigration in San Juan so it was a simple disembarkation in Tampa. Can’t wait for our next one - B2B transpacific from Sydney to Vancouver.
  13. Time change on the westbound from Barcelona to Tampa for us was and hour each night - lovely long days, smooth water and sunshine for us.
  14. Agree - maybe. We did last year but we travel with only carry on luggage and got in line to self disembark at 7:00am. The line was quite long but moved well. Also remember, because you are due to arrive at 7 that does not always work out, or there can be delays in clearing the ship for entry into Canada. Fortunately if you are early off there are plenty of cabs waiting to get you to the airport (about 35” with no traffic issues). Later on there can be a wait as the congestion for the entry to the port can be dicey.
  15. I would also suggest you have her read about cruising so issues like the size of cabin and en-suite bathroom do not come as a surprise to her. We make sure to book when there are likely to be the fewest children on board as we enjoy the peace of the ocean. The best shows we have seen are in the Royal Caribbean Oasis class ships but those shows may not appeal to you. I would first select the date range and destination, then review the ships that fit your needs. When with our kids we enjoy RCCL but on our own prefer Celebrity. Loved our Viking River Cruise but the entertainment is not a top priority (we loved ours but it is low key) but the physical demands of the tours may not be right for your Mom.
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