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  1. Any suggestions for virgin drinks while at Labadee? From what I’ve read it seems like the only frozen drink available is the Labadoozie so that rules out a lot of things. My friend has the Refreshment package so I was trying to think of what she can get besides soda.
  2. The Hampton Inn Brickell is a popular recommendation on the Florida boards. No airport shuttle, but they offer a shuttle to the port for $8 pp.
  3. Thanks everyone. Sounds like we’re going to go with the hotel option.
  4. I think our plan is to rent a car. At the moment, our plan is to arrive in Ft Lauderdale around noon so we’d like to be able to spend some time exploring and seems like it would be easiest/cheapest to rent an SUV for a day. Total cost for the Air BnB for one night would be around $335. Would you still recommend going with a hotel or would you try the Air BnB? If you still think we should do the hotel, what are your top recommendations? Our most important factors are comfy beds, clean, preferably newer or if not, maintained well. Also would like to keep the cost around $2
  5. Our top pick at the moment looks to be on NE 50th St in Miami. It says it’s across the street from Upper Buena Vista shops and restaurants.
  6. Am I allowed to post links or do you just want the area the listings are in? Also, thank you for being so helpful. 🙂
  7. Looks like as long as I can set up WiFi calling, I’ll be better of going with buying Voom. No data limit with ships’s internet.
  8. We have AT&T and plan to buy Voom. If we want to send texts to one another, what are the steps we need to take to make sure we don’t get charged roaming fees? Also, am I understanding there’s a way to call one another without roaming as well? We have IPhones if that makes any difference.
  9. So is the main reason why people say not to do an Air B&B in Miami is because you can’t be sure it’s in a good location? It seems like if you go with someone who has lots of recent reviews that are good you would know if it’s in a decent neighborhood. It just seems like it’s cheaper to find a home that will sleep 4 people compared to having to get 2 hotel rooms. Also you can choose to rent a home vs a condo so being left without someplace to stay shouldn’t be an issue. Perhaps I’m being naive, but if one does the proper research it seems like getting an Air B&B sh
  10. We’re cruising out of Miami in September. 3 of us will probably be flying into Ft Lauderdale, and one into Miami. We’ll be flying in on Friday and cruise leaves Saturday. We’ll also need transportation from airports to either hotel or Air B&B and to port the next morning. If we stay in a hotel, it needs to be clean, comfortable beds and fairly new. We would also need 2 rooms. I’m thinking we might come out better money wise if we get an Air B&B, but not sure once we figure in transportation. What are everyone’s thoughts?
  11. Thanks so much. You shared lots of helpful information.
  12. So my question is about the loungers I see pictures of on all the beaches in the Caribbean. They all appear to be plastic. Does anyone know how sturdy they are?
  13. We’re going on Symphony in September. We paid $51 pp for our passes during the Black Friday sale. The current price is $79. I’ve heard they are as high as $199 pp on some cruises. Your pass gets you into the beach club which has a private beach area with loungers and umbrellas. There is a private infinity pool that has in water loungers and day beds around it that are first come first serve. There is a coffee and tea area with breakfast pastries. There is also a private restaurant with upgraded food such as steak and lobster. They have a deck with comfy chairs, sofas and rocking chai
  14. Is $15.99 per device per day a good price? This will be on Symphony. I haven’t been watching the prices for this, so I don’t really know what the average price is.
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