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  1. It is not unusual for taxes/fees to go up, when you have a price reduction either. They are not a % of the cost. Your taxes and fees are locked in at time of booking, and RCCL will neither raise them or lower them. Where did you get the $20.00 figure?
  2. I think that is a question, when you check in tomorrow.
  3. The reason for the letter is really simple. Some countries, are concerned that you might be abducting the kid. The permission slip is not a USA required item if you are a citizen. Just like the 6 month passport rule, RCCL and other travel companies, will tell you the safest thing to say to protect themselves in case you decide to blame it on them. I know for awhile, Mexico required it. I don't know now, but at one time, they did. So like everything else, don't listen to strangers (like myself) giving you advice on what to bring. Use your own judgement, and if you picked wrong, RCCL warned you.
  4. That's like I didn't get sick in the last year, so I want a refund of my health insurance? Insurance is never an item that can be cancelled except during a very small window after purchase.
  5. Except the ship doesn't bill the insurance company, so it's not really a needed item to collect. Plus it's not a requirement to travel. Like many doctors/hospitals, they will treat you to stabilize you. The decision for transport depends on the safety of location, your issue, and how urgent it might be. You don't get medivac just because you have insurance, and it doesn't "just" happen instantly. You will need to pay up front or have the insurance company make any arrangements.
  6. If you go to the uber webpage, and select the trip estimator, you can actually do this yourself. No need to ask strangers to look it up for you.
  7. Well, my wife is disabled, and we use a scooter while traveling and are very thankful that we can. Every country has rules for the disabled, and many "public" places such as museums offer free admission. Many places give me free admission also just because I'm the caregiver. I'm never asked for an ID, but the obvious is by my side. I don't ask for it, but gladly take the free ticket (who wouldn't?). Getting around places are not easy, but if you see us getting the front of the line, remember, what you don't see is that we need to get help getting from floor to floor, often times waiting for that. We still wait, but not always in ways others see. So I'm on vacation, and will just always go with the flow, and say thank you when I get it for free. If we pay, than that is what is expected anyway and that it. For the poster that wanted to know "why" they will need to ask the government agencies that make the laws in each individual country. For example, my next vacation coming very soon, the country decided to remove the word disabled from their vocabulary. Everyone became a "person of determination" and if you are determined to get outside, and visit a museum, than the government will let you go for free. The government issues an ID card. So, when I arrive, will we be people of determination, even without the government ID? Who knows, but we are going, and if we get free stuff, yay!
  8. What's the confusion? They give you a phone number to call, so call, and find out what the situation is, and the solution. Faster answer than on these boards
  9. Just let her know, she lives in Florida, filled with International travelers and she can catch it walking outside......Won't help, but sometimes pointing out an extensive fear and showing how living a daily life is just as "dangerous" as leaving your neighborhood.
  10. Highly recommend that you stay as far away from the ships tour as possible unless you want to be on a bus, with 55 people, and constantly waiting for loading and unloading and late people. Take one of the small tour groups that offer tours. You are in a small mini bus up to 16 people, and have a more personal tour experience. Yes, the small tours go into the church. You can also ask them all the questions you want before selecting them.
  11. Just because you were lucky enough for this to work out, does not mean that everyone should do this. You should always be "afraid" and be ready to "accept" the higher chance of "failure". The recommended time is to book flights no earlier than 12:00.
  12. You are from Canada. Going to a Caribbean Islands. You are taking young kids. Giant water park, zip lines, water activities etc. I can't picture taking my grandkids to a fun filled island, and only have them look at it. Remember the credit card commercial buying stuff. The cost is not the issue, it is the fun and memories that are priceless. Enjoy, and don't worry about the stuff. They will have a blast, and you will enjoy a cold drink while knowing they are having fun.
  13. So did you know that when you fly, you pay anywhere from 40 - 50% in fess and taxes? Have you ever received a refund if those fees changed slightly? Have you ever paid more if they did? No. These are fees and taxes of foreign governments and are not a random, resort fee just to get money. Cruise ships and airlines do not profit from fees. If you always expect a refund, than you should also expect to pay more when it changes!!!!!
  14. It's mostly over the restrictions, but it was apples to apples. So you have a tour group of 15 Chinese citizens board a ship, at one of the many international ports. When the ship leaves the next country decides they will deny the ship entry. Do you give advance notice to the 15 to say your trip is canceled, or do you risk having your ships filled with passengers floating around? It's not companies faults that these things happened but between travel companies, airlines etc, they did need to respond and basically protect the majority, and not just a few such as the poster. Plus China locked the area down, and everyone is asking why? So until more info was gathered, I would say that it was the temporary right thing to do. It wasn't a punishment, but a precaution that was made with the advice of many sources. I'm glad the poster can now travel, but this was all related. It was certainly not an overkill, just a period where more data can be obtained.
  15. Although I feel your pain, but you are talking about yourself, in a special situation. But how do you feel about China, banning all travel, and having extremely tight quaranteen restrictions for their residents in an expanding area? Sounds like you are a Chinese citizen bashing a USA company, but on the flip side, it's much worse. So although I think it might be a restrictive policy, I don't see much difference than what is happening world wide with restrictions. Work with corporate to resolve your "unique" situation.
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