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  1. The six month "suggestion" is because you need a passport to "enter" a country. First, let me say that a closed loop cruise from the USA in almost 100% of the cases, you don't need a passport. Each country has laws for entering a country. An example, is that you can stay up to 6 months in the USA before you must leave if you are in one of the Visa free countries. Some other countries have 3 month rules, and some might be 30 days. Your passport in those countries can not expire before the date, you must leave by. So the expiration date is based on the date of return, and must be valid up to the very last day that you are expected to exit the country. However, on a closed loop cruise, the countries you are entering want your money and do not require you to present yourself at an entry point. Entering back to the USA and if you are a citizen, you don't need a passport to enter, but it is used as ID to prove you are a citizen. There are other ways to prove it also, but a passport is the easiest. Any travel agent, or vacation entity will always tell you 6 months, because that is the max and they want to be safe. At any time, a law can be changed in a country.....from time of booking to travel date.
  2. "Dirty Dancing" in the last scene, the old guys remember back on the years spent entertaining families at the resort and how things have changed and families not wanting the experience anymore. Cruise lines need to change with market demand or they will slowly fail. Ships are floating hotels that move you from port to port. While moving, families need to be entertained, and most important, must be memorable for the entire family. Many things about my old cruises I enjoyed, but I also enjoy today's high tech shows. In 5 years - 10 years it will be different again, giving me more reasons to go back. I get excited when a "new" class comes out.
  3. I plan on tipping the same as I have been since 1990. I prepay my tips now, instead of the cash envelope in the old days. The 18% is standard and customary on drinks, and other services. I tip the same as if I wasn't on vacation. Just the customary amount. Threads like this are basically bragging threads. But I do feel the majority of people tip, the customary amounts and just don't say anything.
  4. Neither because no ship is sailing yet until July 27. At that time, which is 2 months away, things will most likely change. That is a current requirement as of today. It's like CNN news......which is misleading. So wait and see.
  5. The poster did say 2022? I'm pretty sure, by than the cruises will be back to normal, and the pandamic will be history. (Unless CNN is reporting it still) I have an international cruise booked in a year, and I'm sure, I will be looking at 2022 later this year
  6. boarding passes - airline tickets - anything that is important gets printed - just in case - I don't want to have to be fumbling with phones, lost internet connection or anything else. Technology is great, but paper never gets the "I'm loading circle of mystery"
  7. ON the ship, drinks will have a 18% tip added, along with some other personal services (spa etc. ) So no need to tip extra, it is already taken care of automatically. I never carry cash on the ship.
  8. Too many assumptions being made. First, although many people book in advance, the local cruises such as in Florida, are booked by a lot of short term bookings. The closer trips now are being booked under speculation that you will get 125% to book a few months later. For the first month open, I am sure, they can manage being at 50% with just offering local people an incentive. Many restaurants have opened in Florida with limited capacity. Some opened just because they got a grant that pays for employees and are operating at break even points. The cruise industry will need to show that they are sailing and with some practice, make corrections to the new way of doing things. It's a process and nothing to be concerned about
  9. Last three international cruises, an "issue" was happening at the same time, or around the area of my trips. I monitored it, and just kept planning. No one can tell you about September, but my guess is that by July, you will start to see international travel happening again. My opinion, is that it is way too early to worry about it.
  10. Simple answer.....ask them if they want to go, and if they don't, leave them home. They are adults, and they can do all adult things on the cruise just like you. If they don't want to do it, than save money, and leave them home. No need to ask a question, if you have already been on a cruise, you know exactly what adults do. It does not change for the 18 year old
  11. You do understand that a cruise is an item, that you purchase. The consumer makes the decision, and many people today, fully understand, unless you are living under a rock without TV or internet, that the situation is very fluid. So they are willing to gamble, and if they go, they are happy, and if they get 125% credit, they are also happy. I can change my vacation easily and on a weekly notice. So I can gamble like this. The company expects nothing, it is the consumer that must be ready for the challenge and be ready to change plans. You usually have a 30 day notice.
  12. IF you find more joy doing other things than you should, but the bigger picture is this....it's happening all over the world, not in your small area. Do you realize how many vacation packages people purchase a year, that is in limbo? It's not even a cruise issue, it's a world wide vacation issue.
  13. I booked a cruise means I plan on going. I paid if off in advance like always when I had the money. It is a vacation, and I own that vacation. If it is canceled, than I will take my refund no worries. If it is not canceled, than I will enjoy weeks vacation. Before any says all the what-ifs, I understand some people are out of work, need the money etc etc. However the questions did not say anything about needing money. They asked if I should pay for something that might not happen. The answer I am giving, is if you want to go on the cruise, than treat it like you plan on going......and see what happens later
  14. Well, Kumamoto is BORING!. However, there is a historical site that was closed when I went that is a distance (1 hour maybe) that is the main attraction. An earthquake damaged the area. On that very same trip, Busan SK was changed to Nagasiki because of a disagreement between China and SK. Busan as I recall is a big fish market and had several other sites of interest, so it should be good. The other places, I have no idea. Another poster said to go to the ports of call boards, but you won't find much there. But you still should use the search functions to find the specific cities. This trip will take a lot of research on your part.
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