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  1. So on the flip side of this. My wife travels with a scooter, and yes, I would like to be able to have the guarantee pricing. But a HC is much bigger with a real shower and a bathroom you can move in. Bigger balcony also. So should I be mad that I don't get a guarantee pricing choice, or should I be mad that I have a room the size of a JS and only paying a balcony price? UMMM, it can be unfair both ways. So, my next cruise, I could have saved $400.00 with a standard balcony guarantee, or pay $1500.00 more for a JS. So maybe you win, or maybe you loose, depending on how you look at it.
  2. I'm seriously confused with your statement about Disney? Are you talking about the park? In a line? or what? In ports, out in the open, why would it be an issue to use? I have never been to a country that prevented a disabled person to use any type of mobility aid. I understand on a ship, they won't want you sitting in the middle of an aisle, but also on a ship, there are seats everywhere. The airline won't care.
  3. Many people will not go to Dubai, or the Asian ports because they are "more complicated" than Europe, and "more different" than what they are accustomed to, and consider these out of their comfort zones. They go to these places expecting it to be the same and as an example, disappointed that in Asia, the food is Chinese and no place to eat. I'm throwing in Asian cruises because they are also generally cheaper. Europe and USA are equal cultures. Asia/MiddleEast are opposites. I have been on Asian cruises and early next year I will be in Dubai. I won't complain that I had a large price reduction on my cruise and got a refund!
  4. Why can't I understand this? If you really want the water, and recently RCCL changed the rules to allow it, and they have certain restrictions to size, than why wouldn't you just follow it? If you don't follow it, than you risk not having any water on board. So why bother with the risk? I want the water, so I bring the size that is asked. So someone gets away with 750ml bottle, (over 17oz) and tells everyone no problem, and than next week, someone tries it, and they say goodbye to the bottles. Than they get mad at RCCL for enforcing a posted rule. Then they say some person under the "alias" name of "coolcruiser2000" said it was ok.
  5. So many people call the pools and hot tubs cesspools but yet they go to the beach and take a dip in the ocean filled with what I ask??????
  6. Funny thing about ships is that they sail in salt water, and get some rust on occasion. The salt water leaves a film on windows also. Kind of think that is part of the charm of sailing. I pick ships based on where they are going because I like to travel around the world. I like RCCL because they give me those options. I don't care about the size of rooms, but I do care about entertainment and activities. I love the bigger ships. But accept the smaller, older ships if they take me to places I want to see. When I go to the Caribbean, I pick the ships that offer the most entertainment because the ship becomes the destination. For Europe, and Asia, the ship is the transportation, and the ports are the destination.
  7. 1 liter = 33.8 oz. Since the rule is 17oz containers that would be a no. Rules are rules, and just follow them. Than you won't need to ask.
  8. Don't know about United, but Delta and American will serve 2 meals, and have mid flight sandwich/snack in the pantry for those that are awake.
  9. What would be great, if they would rent the fridge out to people who want to lug their own soda. This is a win, win. Carnival has a new revenue stream, and you get to keep your soda cold. Of course, they have to stop providing ice.
  10. Sorry but this is a good policy. I have never left my kids alone on their own in a foreign country while not under my watchful eye. So much can go wrong and no matter how well behaved, they are, they are still legally a minor. Think of this, the ship's crew, (not including the kid's club staff) are not your teen's babysitter, but once you leave the ship, and they are unsupervised they become the responsibility of the ship, and if you don't show up back on board, than what? What you hear on these boards are always, I have done it many times, so it is ok......just like so many other topics. I know I'm in the minority, but my son won't leave his daughter out of sight either.....so it brushed off of me.
  11. Thousands of people travel with it weekly. It is a passport, for cruises out of USA and land based boarders of Mexico and Canada. It is accepted in all but two Caribbean Islands as a form of ID. When traveling with a passport, you do not need a BC. Plus the added benefit is if you are ever International, and you book is stolen, and you have this in your wallet, it would be extremely easy to get a replacement book since you already have a form of a passport to show, that they can verify your identity fast with. Same thing in the even of an emergency on a cruise.
  12. I learned a few things while traveling with a scooter: 1. Always let the airline know, include weight, battery size and battery type and any other important info. 2. Always travel with a printout of the reply back stating that your info has been updated. 3. If on a code share flight, always do the same for the other airline. Never assume your info passes to the other airline. They must approve also, and send you an email 4. Always find out the procedure before hand for gate checking or baggage checking. 5. Always find out about the airport rules, and where you will get your scooter. Oversized baggage or at the gate. 6. Always know that every airline is different, and have different rules. Know them before you go. 7. When you think you know everything, something else will go wrong. Be ready to flow with this.
  13. It takes several days for a "charge" to post on a credit card. If you look at your account, you will see a "pending" charge, but it is not a charge yet until it posts. When a refund is done, you will not see a "pending" refund. The "pending" is when a company puts a "hold" on the amount until posting. A credit does not put a "hold" on the account so you will not see it "pending". The amount of time past so far is not unreasonable for a refund to post. As long as you got a confirmation email that canceled your purchase, you just need to wait. Not all credit cards are the same, and the final posting can take days. (compassion?). Call back? If they show it was refunded, they did their job. It is in the hands of the banks now. Maybe today will you your lucky day.
  14. I prepay my tips. I got the package. The tip was added. Therefore, I let the ship figure out how to take my money and distribute it. But no, I don't tip extra, because I already tipped. If service was "outstanding" than I would, but generally service in the specialty restaurant is similar than the MDR, but better food.
  15. Did a two day tour, and highly recommending it with one of the small tour companies previously mentioned. My wife is disabled and with a scooter. We managed the entire two days with no issues. Plus, we extended day one, with an evening dinner and a private walking tour with the tour company that included a vodka tasting in the evening. We were out from 8:00 to sometime after 10:00pm and did the second day tour. Tours like this is more about your attitude than about the aggressiveness of the tour. If you go with a good attitude, and willing to push yourself than all will be good. We had 2 people that only wanted to get back to the ship, they "saw" enough. I think most of the others wanted to just leave them behind. They complained about every thing, including the walking, and the amount of time spent at each place etc. They complained that the food stop was Russian. So if my wife can do it, so can you. It was a great tour, and unforgettable experience (including the Russian lunch)
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