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  1. Not very hard to understand......I have a China cruise booked in June.....Every global cruise will happen once certain items are met. First, the embarking country allows it to cruise. Than what restrictions will be in place (Singapore is only Singapore citizens). Next where is the ship going and will it be allowed. Outside of the cruise, will you be able to travel to the country? Another question outside of the cruise. So now, international passengers entering USA needs a test including it's citizens. That is a new rule, but the older rule is not lifted yet, of banning certain countries
  2. Just for the record, I work in a place (with over 50K adults in that age group) and am not allowed to say that females are any different than males and must always be treated and have same expectations of being equal in all matters.......although you nicely put this, I am inclined to point out that males are also shy, and often times go out to places not alone, but in little packs of friends. With removing references to male/female, my kids, one which was shy, and the other, very outgoing, have always managed to meet people of the same age range and my "shy one" actually met his
  3. Sorry, I will be more specific. I don't have daughters. Adults, which is 18 years old, both male and female, go to bars and clubs around the world, literally hundreds of thousands of them. These young adults go to meet people. It is one of the most common places for young people to hang out in to socialize and meet others and/or friends. The bars on the ship are not like bars in college towns. Much different. In my opinion, much more safe, since it is a controlled environment.
  4. Sorry, I work on a college campus.....and dance clubs do allow under 21. They are ID'd just like anyplace else and usually have wrist bands. I'm pretty sure, there are plenty of both sexes going out from what I hear. On a cruise ship, there are several places to meet others, such as on the Sports Deck, swimming pool area or in the common bars/clubs. The primary place for socializing on a ship, is in the bars. On the ship, they are adults, and not kids. Only difference is they can't drink but they have access to everything adults have access to. Just like when they are sent off to colleg
  5. I'm thinking they need to have a organized event to meet people almost retired.....like 55-65 age group. I go to all the bars, but it seems so hard to meet people. My adult kids had no problem meeting people in dance clubs, and bars on the ship, even though they could only drink soda
  6. Prices are the same as on the ship, and the products are the same. The private beaches are an extension of the ship. Pacifico is not a Caribbean Beer, and I'm pretty sure it is not offered on the ship.
  7. I think with a WC in Nassau if I remember you can go out the port, turn right, and on the left side near the straw market you will have an area to shop easier. I'm pretty sure my wife met me there once, and managed just fine by herself on a scooter. Also, some some small little places to eat and drink. Sorry been to so many ports, it's hard to remember which ones are the easiest.
  8. I agree with Helen. One of the things you did didn't mention was the type of scooter. Like Helen, we have a fold up scooter, and pretty much use any taxi, or uber or train, subway etc we want. But if you have a heavy scooter, than you will need to plan a little more. Most areas have a taxi's that are vans, and can handle things. Communications are always important. You said from the airport to a hotel. Try getting a hotel near the cruise port. Many are walkable in the Tampa area, thus no need for transportation. I can handle two suitcases and my wife can scoot! Good news
  9. We travel all around the world with a scooter, literally from Asia to the Carribean. A few suggestions or comments. 1. Can you stand? 2. Is it a scooter or WC? 3. Will you have another person with you? If you answer no to number 1 and 3 and you have a WC, than just about anyplace will be a challenge. However, if you answer 1 or more yes to them, than most likely you can manage. Nothing is perfect, but with help, its not really too much of an issue. Straw markets, streets, stores will always be challenges, but certainly achievable. The type of s
  10. Most discounts are not piggybacked, so therefore, if you say get a Diamond discount, you won't get a 55 discount also and so on
  11. Another thread set up to brag about tips......the answer is no......no extra tips.....I don't tip extra in restaurants outside of the 18%. I only tip for things that traditional tipped and only at the normal rates. I do not tip luggage handlers at the port.....they are not tipped employees. I prepay my tips, and everyone gets whatever share, they are supposed to get based on the cruise lines model. 18% is added to drinks already, and specialty restaurants. Overtipping is very common on cruise ships.
  12. Wristband is for younger kids. On the wrist band is the muster station. In the event of the ship sinking....staff, will deliver your kids to your lifeboat. They do not want you searching for them, because they will be escorted to the lifeboat. Older kids should have a sea pass card on them, with the muster station. It is expected by the time they reach 12, they should know how to read and follow instructions. They should also listen to the drill and as an adult parent, make sure they know what to do. By this age, they would already go through many drills in school.
  13. You just bragged you tipped more......that's what tipping threads do......no one says, I don't tip, but me.....just for fun
  14. Remember all tipping threads are an opportunity to brag on how much to tip.....So I'll throw out the opposite....if tips are included, I will not tip extra......
  15. For starters, spikes happen in winter months, in particular in cold climates. Masks only slow it down, but it does not prevent it. IF you are in direct extended contact with a person that has it, with or without the mask, you most likely will be infected. Social distance is important. But if you go on a cruise ship, with a group of people, and you all get tested several times, than taking a group picture will not infect you, or endanger you. So in Long Island, you lock yourselfs home, but in many other communities and states, we have been going about our daily business, stil
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