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  1. I was never meaning for this to turn into a compare and contrast of all the Away/AwayPlus class ships. I was just pointing out that the Joy was never meant to be a US ship and I think that is why she is an "odd duck" in terms of what is onboard. I do find your posts interesting, and as of now (I think my signature makes it obvious) Escape is by far my favorite. I go on the Bliss in a few months, so that should add to my views. I still have a few others to get to. LOL
  2. I sometimes wonder if the Joy, with her quirkiness of being built for a different market and then revamped will always be the odd duck of the Away class. She has more Haven rooms, no Spa, and probably other things I am missing. All things being equal I would guess most of us would chose any of the other Away ships ahead of the Joy, so she will have to compensate with lower prices is my guess. All that being said, I am sure how much of the ship is sold plays into their pricing and price changes heading into a cruise. That is why (supposedly) everything is so cheap right now, since a lot of folks are cancelling due to the spike again in the US.
  3. This is the exact reason I don't think I will be on Prima until Leo2 hits the water. It's just too big a difference from all the other ships in NCL on similar sailings (In terms of price point). I am going to probably do at least one MSC and one Celebrity to compare suite offerings and then come back after that. If it is still too high, I will always love the Away and Away-plus ships, so I guess I will be fine. 🙂
  4. Read a review on here about one of the Florida NCL cruises that mentioned a separate room for when you test positive and the person said they retested the folks in there. So you have 2 shots.
  5. Sanger, sorry for the confusion, I do everything but cancellation (for any reason) and it is always very reasonable. It seems the cancellation insurance is where you pay the large money. And I have a 16 day haven cruise I paid for, so I think when I say reasonable we are comparing apples to apples. May I ask why you would want cancellation for any reason? You do kind of get that right now with the policies the lines have (as long as you cancel 15 days out).
  6. I would NEVER EVER cruise without travel insurance. What if you break a bone onboard and need to be flown off to a hospital for surgery?
  7. I understand your thoughts on Florida based on the news over the past few months and what the political folks say, but based on this map, the entire country is a mess, not just Florida: https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#county-view I am not sure Disney World is any LESS safe then NYC at this point to be honest. I think the best bet is to be as safe as we (each of us) can be, and hope for the best.
  8. From the youtube people I watch, if you drive you are allowed to drive home as long as you vouch that you are going straight to your home to quarantine. You have to go to the hotel if you fly, because of course no one would want a positive person to get on an airplane to fly home. I am flying to Florida in December and if either of us test positive I would rent a car and drive the 12 or so hours home before I stay in a hotel for a week (if I can get them to allow it).
  9. I said later on that if they missed their timing of the email that I totally feel for you, and I do. I am sorry they missed it. I am thinking there is a reason, and I am sure as soon as they can send an email they will. I know others have said they got emails for other NCL cruises in the 14 days range. I think if you get below that number then you start to think about moving on from this cruise. Honestly I would as well, and you know I have no issues with NCL. Of all of the things you read online, the Visa is the only one that would take more then a day or so right? I guess at some point you have to decide if they are leaving you enough time to get things done.
  10. But they are not updating their customers via email any better then NCL, as I stated, just go look up the RCL stories in Alaska. I am going to say something that I hope you take as what it is, just my honest thoughts to you, someone I respect on this board. I think you should cancel and sell your FCC. I think you already have a mindset of how NCL is now (since you had all of your troubles and cancellations) and I am not sure how you will find this cruise to be anything but a disappointment. I am sorry but I know if you go in with a negative mindset to anything it normally doesn't work out. I am afraid I know this far to well from my own experiences.
  11. If they missed sending an email to guests by a mandated time frame that is an issue I feel for Jamie on (I think it is 30 days per their docs). They don't however say they will keep pages up for things that are changing. The main reason I pushed back is because other lines are updating websites, sure, but you know what they weren't doing? Informing guests that things changed, so basically exactly what she is complaining about. There are multiple articles from RCL passengers saying they were never told things changed (but the change was on the website) so they were denied boarding. Asking for a webpage to tell what is going on is no different then sitting on cruise critic looking for updates. Again, if we are talking about email updates, I think all the lines should be doing this and from what I am hearing and reading, they are ALL having issues doing this. Because of this I think this thread is attacking one line for what they are all guilty of.
  12. So you are saying your expectation is that the cruise line should keep a page up that you can check with information that both you and they know is going to be out of date basically every few days? Seems like a bad way to allocate resources from the business prospective of the cruise line to me.
  13. My thoughts on this are they haven't told you because it is not close enough yet. One thing all the lines have shown us is that things change day to day, hour to hour. Anything you are told to do a month out may or may not be correct, and then you would be upset you spent money on things you ended up not needing. Just my thoughts. If you plan on cruising this year (which many of us are) then you have to be on top of it yourself, and not just count on the line holding your hand (go check out stories of folks that RCL left at the pier because testing changed a week before a cruise in Alaska). Basically, we are in weird times due to the COVID, and we all need to be extra detailed right up to the day of our cruises for changes. I do not blame any line for not telling you to jump through hoops that probably will not be there, or might be there but with different rules, when you are set to sail.
  14. I am sorry if you see it that way. I was not trying to object to your post, I was trying to make sure people understood what you got with a club suite, without any confusion of adding in other rooms (Haven) that weren't asked about.
  15. Oh they are for sure going to call her "Poker Challenge" right? LOLOLOL I bet they save Ultima to be the last ship in this order group.
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