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  1. Okay. . .first time ocean cruiser here. I have never had a motion sickness problem. I have heard it is best to take dramamine before the ship leaves port. However, I am inclined (unless it is stormy) to wait and see if I need it. My husband thinks I am insane to tempt fate. Advice?
  2. Thank you so much. Having asked the question, I went back and had trouble finding this forum. Oh well. Anyway here I am. I decided not to obsess about St. George's. I arranged a bus tour for the morning of the second day--5 hr, 8 - 1. The private cab tour would be awfully pricey. The bus tour will spend 45 min. at St. G.--enough time for the church, I would think, and that was my primary goal there. I have a history of loading up "interesting and relaxing" goals and then getting stressed out about fitting them in. Best to avoid that! I was thinking of taking a bus or ferry (depending on the schedule) when we first arrive, going to Hamilton, poking around, maybe even having tea OR getting a bus to the botanic gardens. Then going to the Elbow Bay resort for drinks and dinner. Paget's Marsh looks really interesting. I know the bus stops by the botanic gardens, but do you know how close to Paget's Marsh it stops? My husband has some mobility issues, so no long hikes any more, but he should be able to manage the boardwalk once we get there. Believe it or not, we are not really beach people! Evening stroll and dip the toes in the water before we head to the bar should work though.
  3. Apologies if this has been answered. Can't find it. I tried "Manage followed content" and "Manage notification settings," and if anything I'm getting more "All things Avalon" than ever. I don't want them! Thanks.
  4. Hi, all-- My husband and I will be on our first ever ocean cruise and our first time in Bermuda in June. Ship docks at 2:30 on Tuesday afternoon and leaves 2:30 the following day. I am particularly attracted by the historic aspects of St. George, especially the church, and I'm thinking the bus tours won't allow time for leisurely exploration. I'm guessing getting from one end of the island to the other might take more time than might appear--right? Do you think the following plan is doable: If the schedule works, take the orange route ferry from Kings Wharf to St. Georges. Get a blue flag taxi to take us around St. George's and the eastern sites for a few hours and drop us at Hamilton for a 7 or 7:30 dinner. Taxi back to the ship. Then the 5-hr minibus tour the next day to fill in any gaps. Thoughts? Advice? Thanks.
  5. I'm actually not concerned about the corkage so much as the quality and price of wines purchased on board, both bottles and glasses.
  6. Okay, I see we are cruising in the last days of Grandeur this June, but glad to see some of you like it. Question: How is the wine on Grandeur, both by-the-glass and bottles? We are not Big Wine People (don't have the budget for that). But we don't like to drink plonk either. I know there is a $15 corkage fee if you bring a couple bottles aboard. Is it worth it to do so? We do not plan on the deluxe drink package. How do prices compare to bottles or by-the-glass on shore?
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