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  1. Im aware of that. My point is that RCI is going to fill the ship as most as they can per guidelines. My price is locked. I don't care if they sail at 30% or 50% or 70%.
  2. Our January Allure sailing is already over 50%...interesting to see how this plays out...
  3. They will never sail that low. Im guessing more 70%. They need to recoup as much money as they can. Ever time Ive been on Allure its sailed at capacity. 70% profit? Hmmm
  4. Absolutely agree. We are sailing end of January.
  5. Hello! I am in room 11158 on Allure and would like to know where we will be for Muster Drill. Anyone have an idea? TIA!
  6. 25%? They told me the most they could offer was 20%?/?
  7. Ive been on Allure 4 times. I ONLY booked the next sailing on Allure because it was scheduled to get the amplification. The 5th sailing was the most expensive of all the sailings. I am hoping the offer a discount or a deep on board credit. Time will tell..
  8. There is no way I would risk being sick or quarantine in Mexico or Cuba. Thats crazy talk. The issue isn't that you are going to die, its the risk you get sick and how you will be treated!
  9. Dont purchase the key but keep the chops lunch.
  10. Umm. You cant book a cruise on the app. You might want to check out her story. lol. Also, there are many steps before its finalized..putting in cc info etc. Maybe she4s just trying to tell you something...
  11. 2 points? per day? are you in a suite? Confused..
  12. Would you mind taking pics of the room and balcony and posting on here when you get back? Also, please let me know the wear and tear on the room. thanks!
  13. Its an error in the plans. There will be no pullman bed added. But its weird they wouldn't book a 5...its 2 in the bed, 2 in the 2nd room and at least one on the couch? weird
  14. Where will this pullman bed be? Im interested to know where they are going to cut out of the ceiling and add it. I was told that it will be a 4 person max. Couldn't book a 5.
  15. Suite level Sky or Star. Sky level is more on par $ with NCl.
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