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  1. You think they will make it mandatory? I really hope they do but I don't see it happening..
  2. We were originally booked to sail in August with my 2 kids as well. I am not risking it. I rebooked without them. We have to travel to the port and I am not risking being stuck in Miami with a false positive for a child.
  3. I believe you need to educate yourself on how vaccines work. It is not a cure-all. Cruise lines will not sail if there is a chance of an outbreak on board. I would be very surprised if they become mandatory. If Americans are refusing to wear a mask because it infringes on their "rights" you think they will let "big Pharma" inject them with a vaccine with such a limited history? Hell. No.
  4. May 1st won't sail. They don't even have test sailings scheduled yet. I am booked on a August 1st 4 night sailing. Bets are they will start with the shorter 3/4n sailings and work up to the 7 n.
  5. My bets are that they will start 4 day sailings as early as June. Might be sail to nowhere, but they will sail. I have booked a 4n on Navigator for Aug 2. I am about 80% confident it will sail. I feel its better to book now and not pay the higher prices IF sailing resumes sooner rather than later. If we don't sail, I already have a 7n booked on Oasis in January 2022. Im covering all my bases and it is costing me nothing to sail in Nov.
  6. I have booked August 2 on navigator with FCC. If it doesn't sail I will take the FCC and put them on the cruise already booked for Jan 2022 on Oasis. This time I'll wait until RCL cancelles so I get the 125% FCC. Win Win.
  7. I am looking to book on Navigator and was wondering if anyone experienced the noise or any other issues from above? The suites are not cheap and I don't want to waste my Money!
  8. You ARE Correct!!! Its going to be amazing sitting in the Jacuzzi sailing and watching the sun set with a glass of wine! Or champagne....or both!
  9. Im aware of that. My point is that RCI is going to fill the ship as most as they can per guidelines. My price is locked. I don't care if they sail at 30% or 50% or 70%.
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