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  1. Got it. I understand now. Thanks!
  2. From the MSC web site: For US Citizens Only: For roundtrip Caribbean cruises that depart & end at same United States port, US Guests can choose to use their passport or a government issued photo ID and certified birth certificate. If you choose to use your government issued photo ID and certified birth certificate, you must insert one of those document numbers below. If Birth Certificate doesn't have a number, enter all zeroes below. If using Birth Certificate, enter any expiration date. NOTE: IT IS MANDATORY TO BRING BOTH YOUR GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID AND CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE IN ORDER TO BOARD THE SHIP, OR YOU WILL BE DENIED BOARDING.
  3. Greetings. I see as I complete my online check-in for an upcoming sailing on the Seaside that MSC requires BOTH a government issued ID AND a certified copy of a Birth Certificate. That seems different from all other cruises I've been on. Would a US Passport not be enough? Thanks for your helpful replies about this. Kevin
  4. Greetings. MSC newbie here sailing on the Seaside in November. I need to "register" my credit card within the first day, and MSC states a PIN number will be required. Does that apply to a credit card? (I know it will apply for a debit card). Thanks for your assistance, and any other helpful hints. Kevin
  5. Greetings. I'm sailing on the Seaside later this fall (First time on MSC - VERY excited!) and I would appreciate clarification regarding gratuities and the drink package. I have purchased an upgrade from the Easy package to the Premium package. I assume (I know that's not a good thing) that I will NOT have a gratuity added to each drink (Unless I choose to add one). Am I correct? I have sailed on several other lines, purchased drink packages, and the (standard) gratuities were built into the price of the package. Thanks for your kind responses and any other advice you can provide this MSC novice. 🙂
  6. This just in: Both our bids are now marked, "Expired". I bid. I failed. I sail this Saturday anyway!
  7. Greetings, and THANK YOU for your background and pre-trip report. We will be boarding with you (although at different times as we're not near Platinum). This will be great fun. Now if only the NCL Upgrade fairies would render a positive decision. I mean, they only have a few hours to accept one of our awesome bids ............
  8. Still waiting on my two bids on Bliss - THIS COMING WEEKEND. Everyone in the Secret Department of NCL Upgrade Department: You are powerful and attractive people. I always wear my seatbelt and I call my Mom twice a week. I always promptly attend the muster drill and I never, ever try to sneak alcohol on board. Just sayin' 🙂
  9. Thank you for your thoughtful review. It will be helpful to us as we plan.
  10. Thanks so much for answering our questions! Excited to board on Saturday......
  11. We, too, are on the next sailing. may I please ask, if you're comfortable sharing, what is your stateroom number and if the bed is by the bathroom or the balcony?
  12. Has Room With A View restaurant in St. Thomas reopened? I know they were nearly wiped off the map during the hurricane.
  13. Greetings to all, and Happy Thanksgiving (in the US). I'm 8 days out, and still "pending" on both my bids. I'm beginning to think NCL is doing his to me on purpose, just to raise my stress level - so that once I board I can really, really relax. 🙂 Please continue to keep your fingers crossed for me.
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