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  1. Hope your DH is on the road to recovery and that you stay safe and well. In Australia we are doing really well compared to much of the world. Our death toll is less than 1,000 which is awful and very sad for those familes but small in comparison to many other countries. Yesterday we only had one community transmission of Covid in all of Australia and the rest were in returned overseas travellers in hotel quarantine. We still have restrictions such as caps on numbers in pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes as well as limits on numbers at weddings, funerals and sporti
  2. That is one of the saddest and most horrifying stories I have ever heard. My heart aches for the thought of those brave young men and their families. I have been to Pearl Harbour a number of times and while there can always can feel the horror of that awful day. It is a sombre experience. Since you were unable to land on the memorial I hope you don't mind that I am posting a few photos of one of my visits there. They are quite a few years old so the colour and quality is not great.
  3. On our June 2019 cruise from Southampton to Norway on Sapphire Princess we had tea and coffee making facilities in our cabin. On our June 2017 cruise from Southampton to the Baltics on Crown Princess we did not.
  4. Ohh, such a pity about the weather! ☔ I've never had rain like this in Hawaii. Glad I wore waterproof shoes! By coincidence I visited the Cowra Japanese Gardens in country NSW only a couple of weeks ago. While much smaller - about 12 acres, the weather was lovely. Thought you might like to see an "Australian" Japanese Garden.
  5. Ohh, thank you! Since I have a couple of your mini Votex vacuums from your Majestic cruise and a vacuum from this cruise (and extremely useful they are! Can't imagine life without them 😀) one of your beautiful orchid leis would be most welcome!
  6. I think the southernmost capital city in the world is Wellington, New Zealand. I am really enjoying your cruise and will join you in sunny Hawaii tomorrow. 🌴☀
  7. That is such a sad sight to see! 😢 London and indeed the UK is one of my favourite places in the world (well, I am half English) so to see so graphically how this awful pandemic is affecting you there is heartbreaking. I spent Christmas there a few years ago and know just how busy Oxford Street should be at this time of year. While we in Australia are doing so well with all restrictions to be lifted on December 1 (fingers crossed) my thoughts and heart felt best wishes are sent to you in the UK and in fact everywhere in the world that is suffering so badly. May 2021 be a much better year
  8. The vacuum was very welcome though if I should be fortunate to win again an orchid flower lei would be lovely! 🌺
  9. That would have been so wonderful! The "Love Boat" horn on Royal class Princess ships just wouldn't be the same. 😀 Thanks for the vacuum! Love the purple writing and see you soon. The weather here is glorious! 🚢
  10. Rod Stewart's "Sailing". I won his record at a school dance way back when, a looong time ago! 😀 So pleased that you are on your way to join me in Hawaii! I'll board Ruby Princess in a few days.
  11. I most certainly did - very pretty! I'll just lay back, admire the view, enjoy my drink and maybe indulge in a shaved ice while I wait for our adventure to start. 🍸
  12. I'm here on Waikiki beach under a palm tree🌴 waiting to board! Thanks for taking us on another adventure. 🚢
  13. Purple is my favourite colour and travelling is my favourite past-time. I seem to pack a lot of purple clothes when I travel! Just look out for a lady in purple on the cruise! 😀
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