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  1. Thanks for the information, much appreciated. 😊
  2. Thank you for your great positive review. I am also on the June 15, Land of the Midnight Sun cruise and are very excited for my first visit to Norway. How was the weather during your cruise? Do you think it is worth going up the funicular in Bergen if the weather is not good and how long did it take to walk down? Thanks.
  3. Forgot to put in that there was not a footpath on the main road where we were let off the bus above Perast so had to be very careful of cars on the road. If we went to Perast from Kotor again we would get the local bus that goes to the waterfront in Perast which would be safer and a shorter distance to the boats to the island.
  4. When we were last in Kotor in July 2016, we walked to the bus station and caught a bus to Perast that was going on further. I can't remember where the final destination was but we were let off on the main road above Perast where we had a great view of the islands. It only cost a few euros each. We had a short walk down to to Perast where we got a boat over to Our Lady of the Rocks island for five euros each. After our visit we got a boat back to Perast and after having a wander and a snack we got the local bus from the waterfront near the church back to Kotor for one euro each. We got off the bus at the Shopping Centre that is just to the north of the old town. We could have got the local bus from the Shopping Centre to Perast which would have cost slightly less and had a shorter walk to the boats to the island but it didn't matter to us and our day cost us less than ten euros each. Our ship was in Kotor for a full day (maybe 9.00am to 5.00pm) and was tendered but we had plenty of time to go to Perast and then walk around Kotor old town before going back to the ship.
  5. In March 2018 I went to Volunteer Point with Estancia Excursions. Nyree was great with her communications and I had a wonderful driver. There were hundreds of King penguins and also Gentoo and Magellanic penguins. I had a wonderful day and it is the best excursion I have ever been on.
  6. On my Emerald Princess cruise in March 2018 from Buenos Aires to San Antonio we cruised Glacier Alley after leaving Ushuaia and also went to the Amalia Glacier. The sailing was very scenic and thoroughly enjoyable.
  7. On our last visit to Civitavecchia we got the port shuttle from the ship to the port gate, walked to the train station (an easy flat walk of about 15 minutes) and bought a BIRG ticket for 14 Euros (I think) and caught the 8.01am train to Rome. We got off at Roma S. Pietro station and spent a number of hours walking around Rome (we have been to Rome a number of times so didn't have any plans), before catching the 13.42pm train back to Civitevecchia (as it was so hot) from Termini station. We then walked to the port gate via the markets on the waterfront and were back on board with plenty of time before the all on board time. A very easy and inexpensive day to Rome. There is a sticky on the Italy Ports of Call board about the new (April 2019) train service for cruisers from Civitevecvhia to Rome.
  8. Thank you for your great review. Your photos are beautiful. I will be going on Sapphire Princess in June for a 14 night "Land of the Midnight Sun" cruise so hope I get good weather. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you! What a great video! You had a beautiful day at Volunteer Point. I was there in March 2018 and followed a group of King penguins to the beach but when the water touched their feet they turned around and walked back up the beach. Too funny! The best shore excursion I have ever done. You have shown Volunteer Point wonderfully.
  10. You're welcome. 😊 No, we didn't do any flights over Nasca. The leading travel sites do recommend going to Machu Picchu in the dryer season however we were glad that we went when we did and got to experience Machu Picchu in relatively good weather - we were in T'Shirts on the first day. Good luck with your plans.
  11. We went on the last Princess cruise of the season from Buenos Aires to Santiago from February 28 to March 14, 2018 specifically so that we could go to Machu Picchu as late in the wet season as possible. After the cruise we spent ten days in Peru including visiting Machu Picchu on March 18 and 19. The only rain we had was a very brief 15 minute shower on the first day at Machu Picchu and in the later part of the morning of our second day at Machu Picchu after we had already spent three hours there. The first day at Machu Picchu was lovely - partly sunny and mild. The rest of the time in Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca the weather was fine though sometimes cloudy and mild. Possibly you could look at cruises late in the season to try and miss the worst of the wet season or alternatively at the beginning of the cruise season.
  12. Wow!!! What fantastic photos. You were fortunate to have such a beautiful day. I can only dream that I will get there after missing it twice. One day!
  13. I was on the last Princess ship to go to Kusadasi in 2016 and we had our following port of Istanbul cancelled due to safety concerns. I was not at all concerned about my safety in Kusadasi and have enjoyed my two visits. Ephesus is a great site to go to while you are there. I don't think Princess or any other cruise line would go there if there were any safety concerns.
  14. Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully the link now works. Hope you enjoy the reviews and that they may be of some help. I love the Dorset coast - such a lovely part of the world!
  15. Ooh! I will definitely look out for your blogs. Which ship are you going on to the Baltic? I went there on Crown Princess in 2017 and loved it. My review is in my signature in case you are interested. 😊
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