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  1. @ollienbertsmum that 2400$ was for one month, but was literally incurred for a cold snap of 3 days.
  2. It has been a few weeks, but getting all caught up. @DaniDanielle happy anniversary! @singsalot lucky you, moving to Florida. Hope to be there one day @lioness isn’t new furniture fun?? @A&L_Ont boo to cold showers! The only excitement in the past two weeks was the energy bill. I saw talk of water heaters and natural gas. Well .... remember the cold snap? Yes, I turned my heat to 78 thinking it would cost me a few hundred dollars. Money well spent to be cold while working and school was cancelled. Well, apparently our town didn’t hav
  3. @dani negreanu happy birthday! Old Jaffe looks beautiful. I once had a friend whose dad is Israeli and his mom is Lebanese. Very interesting cultural heritage as he was part Jewish and part Muslim. He loves Israel and returns annually to visit his father yearly. @ownedbypets beautiful!! Love that look! @A&L_Ont 60F yesterday and snow today. Come on Kansas.... get your act together. Hope you all had a Happy St Patrick’s!
  4. I have this issue now for 2 weeks as well! My team sits in Budapest and Uk, so my mornings are already taken abs now we play meeting Tetris. First world problems.
  5. @grapau27 Those are amazing pictures! What I would give to be back near the water. I lived in Germany for 4 years; used to bike up the mountainside of Neuschwanstein and “count tourists” with my then boyfriend. He had a little boat that we would take out to the Elbsee (you can see the castle across the water); I never underestimated how lucky I was to live where others make vacation. Then I moved to Switzerland for over 5 years. I lived in a town called Schaffhausen and had an office with a view of the Rhein. I would jog near the office. There was a bridge over the Rheinfall that I h
  6. Congrats to all the birthdays and anniversaries @grapau27 @dani negreanu @Tree_skier I am partial to mountains and waterfalls. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Kansas is so flat .... the power of a waterfall always amazes me. We took a cruise to Alaska in late summer 2019 and we saw a bunch of really small waterfalls. They weren’t powerful, but it was majestic. It was so quiet that you could hear that little trickle of water. That was our last cruise before the lockdown. Spring break starts Monday. My parents took my daughter and niece for a few days. I took advantage a
  7. My house was nearly done getting remodeled (total gut job) when we went on lockdown. I didn’t get my fridge till last Summer. Please tell me that means I have time because I am not good at cleaning and defrosting!
  8. Didn’t you say you have a successful single son? Maybe that is the right look.... lol! Kidding, kinda
  9. I am very lucky. I am 40, but work in agriculture (HR). Our company managed to work with a local pharmacy to get a shipment of vaccine dedicated to our company. We are the largest employer in the town and we also had a huge outbreak in 2020 at the factory. that said, I get my Pfizer vaccine (1st shot) tomorrow. My sister, who teaches human reproduction (sex Ed) gets hers from the same pharmacy on Tuesday. She is 43. Mom and dad are already over two weeks past their 2nd dose. We have to convince my BIL to keep nagging the local Pharmacies. He is an essential worker; he delivers
  10. Well..435 pages later I would like to raise my hand and join. I have stalked this page since the beginning, so thank you all for you regular days. I am Leanna. I live in the middle of nowhere Kansas and cannot wait for a cruise. I had 3 cruises cancelled, one of which was a bucket list. Oh well! We have now rebooked for March 2022 and august 2022. @A&L_Ont we have the puke room for most cruises. Lol. my days are generally very boring. I get up. I get my daughter ready for school. I sit at my home office desk and have call after call. I then pick up my daughter and try to
  11. We had 10320 on ovation to Alaska. We previously had star loft, crown loft and aquatheater suites prior. I only say that because we were expecting something more like a star loft and it felt smaller than a crown loft. The loft area was very spacious. That led to a large portion of the main area being beneath the “overhang” if you will .... which made it feel smaller. I too was surprised this was star class but it was a great price for Alaska and star class. Would we book that room again? No We did get to check out room 8320. We booked it for Hawaii (it was cancelled) bec
  12. Thank you to Ourusualbeach !! We decided to bite the bullet and move our cruises from March to May (yes, we gave up our beautiful Star Lofts, but it is worth it). We were able to talk my sister and her family into going with us since the dates are now outside of the school year. We booked B2B... let’s see if it’s a go or no go. Either way, we have two children under 12 and saved an additional 4K$ today. Thanks again for keeping us all up to date on new promos. P.S. when I called the lady said they don’t offer KSF in summer. I asked her to kindly look at the new promos as
  13. I fly to Europe often and lived there for nearly 10 years. I will only fly via Amsterdam. Why? They are helpful, it is one large building (always just keep heading to the transfer hall), and immigration is quick. They have three options: - the manual stamp/stand in line -the passport reader -the short connection line that last One is important! They will call anyone on transfers into Schengen with less than 25 minutes and you skip the line! Yes you have to somewhat push and hold up the passport and be listening for your departure time but it works! We have us
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