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  1. You don't pay the taxes. Royal pay the tax and only serve booze that has had Texas tax applied until they are a certain distance from shore on day 1. I can't remember how far that is but it wasn't too long.
  2. Yes, call and get the DBP for yourself. You will have to order the RP for your husband. I've done it many time without problem.
  3. Exactly, my DBP on Liberty in Dec was $50 most of the last year. Every once in a while it dropped to $47. I finally purchased it at $47. I kept waiting for a little better but finally gave up and purchased it. Then the following month another sale dropped it to $43. I cancelled and rebooked at $43. I call that a sale.
  4. I'll take that action. On a cost per person per day, the cost is high. Add to that the single supplement and I bet he is more than content to continue to do what he does on regular Royal Caribbean ships.
  5. The current sale that is going on in my cruise planner show the best prices I have seen for cruises I have booked over the next year. There are absolutely sales contrary to what has been posted on this thread. I'm not sure why people suggest otherwise. Often the percentages they advertise are fuzzy but there are certainly sales.
  6. If you're willing to start a go fund me to pay my cruise fare I'm willing to take one for the team and take a crack at that $50 a day. It would be a sacrifice but I'd be willing to give it a go.
  7. Yes no problem at all. I've done it before myself.
  8. Stop applying reason and logic to this discussion. Royal is a dirty, lying corporate monster who treats it's customers badly.
  9. LOL I bid on four categories. If get one, great, if not I have a cabin I like. I can't for the life of me find any stress in all this. I'm going on a cruise not making decision about cancer treatment.
  10. The announcement, no matter what it is, will not be Covid related.
  11. This is a forum devoted to travel, specifically cruising. Thanks for participating though. Here is a forum that might be more to your interests. https://www.frugalvillage.com/forums/
  12. Have we seen a calender for the schedule of release like we have in years past we should only be a few weeks from the first drop.
  13. Just add a bunch of the offers and then log out and come back in a few minutes. I found that there is always 100 offers. If I add 12 offers then come a few minutes later i have 12 new offers. Great deal 🙂
  14. Just as an update. I made my purchases on the 14th and found the credit listed on my card on the 18th. It actually shows posted on the 16th but it didn't appear on my online account until the 18th.
  15. Just thought I'd provide an update to refund timing. 4 days from cancellation to being posted to my American Express. 🙂.
  16. There's lots of statistics in this post. See my previous post on the subject.
  17. People project their biases. If they are anti-formal dress, they will say only 5-20% dress up. If they like and continue to dress up for formal night they will tell you that the majority still do so.
  18. It is available on 5 of 6 cruises I have booked from now until the end of 2022. I haven't checked for 2023. Liberty, Navigator, Ovation and Allure are all good. They only one missing is Odyssey.
  19. 87% of statistics posted on 74.7% on Internet forums are entirely fabricated in the minds of their author and have 22% expectation of actually being within 14% of the actual, real statistic.
  20. It carries quite wildly. I had one that took 3 or 4 months. My TA was able to put a hold on a cabin a long time until the FCC came in. If I remember right he had to keep doing it over and over every couple of weeks.
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