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  1. we stayed at the Hyatt Regency on points. It was just a few blocks from the bridge to the port and we got there very quickly.
  2. don't order crab cakes unless you are near the Chesapeake bay. You have no idea what kind of crab is being used. Wwe had some in New Orleans and it was Dungeness from the west coast. Big lumps but not much flavor.
  3. We haven't sailed Norwegian in over 10 years. Do they still have slots that pay out silver collector coins? If not, are they a collectors item? I think they were worth $20.
  4. do they sell Guy Harvey clothing on the ship?
  5. My partner likes to play on sea days as well as in ports we have been to.
  6. we were disappointed with all the Caribbean menus for this cruise. We ate at Sel de Mer twice and Canalleto 3 times. They now post a 2 pm MahJongg get together every day. Lots of people showed up every day. Great that they added it to the daily bulletin. I hope that this is fleet wide.
  7. I think HAL now has Dufry run all their shops. They are in a lot of ports especially where Carnival has made a fake port.
  8. I have used a regular TA and also an airline one where I can get up to 70K miles. Figuring at 2.5C a mile If purchased it's often better that the discount my TA gives me. I have also gotten OBCs and free tips incl. It pays to look around and get several quotes. The airline agent told me she books for most airlines and box stores and other travel sources. The miles can vary depending on the airline.
  9. there is no comparison between HAL and Seabourn. I would take S in a NY minute
  10. we usually can get the same time every night but not the same table for our entire cruise.We always tell Mairte D' if we are doing specialty the next night.
  11. Princess makes a big deal out of a superbowl party. Hal not so much. Best action will be at the main stage. Check you daily program to find out more about it.
  12. It always depends on who you ask. If you don't get the Mariner credit just go to the purser at the front desk. They will always help.
  13. I have noticed that fewer people join the roll call. This may be because there are so many Mariners and they really don't need to get port info from others .I used to have the cd, hotel mgr and even the captain drop in for a q&a. A few times the ship provided mimosas and bloodys free of charge.
  14. the Neptune is 2X the space of a veranda and we occasionally book one but it needs to be a good deal discount. The veranda or vista is fine for most cruises. We would rather have extra cruises than pay for a bigger cabin.
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