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  1. We are experienced cruisers, all RCCL in past 20 yrs, a few other lines going farther back. Once evening dinner has passed, we like to kick back in comfortable shorts and casual shirts, attend shows and live music that way, and some forum content we’ve seen suggested evening dress remains more formal on Equinox. Anybody been on Equinox in the last 60 days that can offer insight to how formal evening attire needs to be ?? Our RCCL experience says no issue, evening casual (shorts) is a very common practice. Wondering if we need to pack differently due to this .... thanks in advance to anyone who can offer actual recent experience (on Equinox)
  2. we were on a RCCL ship a few years ago when the Cubs were in the world series ... RCCL made a point of identifying a lounge or similar area when a game was on. One of the days the viewing was in the ice rink (I think the ship was the Liberty of the Seas), but this kind of thing probably gets determined by the CD while the sailing is in progress. If they have some private events booked, that constrains the available viewing locations ....
  3. Have a few questions I’ve not been able to resolve or locate related feedback yet, and hope to get guidance from the pool of knowledge on this board. We will be on Equionox in the fall, and it’s been 25+ years since we’ve sailed with celebrity (past 5-6 cruises have all been RCCL). 1) at the end of the cruise, does celebrity offer the same “walk off” with your luggage option that RCCL HAS ? 2) does the equinox have some sort of food option 24x7 (or nearly so) other than room service ? (Like RCCL cafe promenade ?) — or is the equivalent of the windjammer open late evening ? (typical RCCL windjammer closes at 9pm) 3) does the equinox lifeboat deck offer ability for guests to walk a complete circle around the ship ? 4) we are huge fans of live music on a cruise (individual and small groups), for those who share that passion, is the general consensus that celebrity is equal or better than RCCL in this specific area ? 5) does equinox have a piano bar with nightly live entertainment (similar to RCCL “schooner” bar) ? We fully realize there can be a WIDE range of opinions and preferences, please don’t view this as some sort of turf war. It’s just a simple attempt to fill in gaps of information for a friendly and easy going cruise couple. Thanks in advance, appreciate the help
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