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  1. Are you comparing suites to suites? I've sailed Carnival many times in an Ocean View Balcony and I've never had robes, wine glasses, or reclining chairs on the small 50 sq ft balcony as a standard. All I have ever gotten was the standard "free" 1 Liter bottle of water, lapel pin, and a welcome back cocktail party that I believe they did away with... The only time I've ever had a robe was on NCL when we were in a mini suite. But that's it.
  2. Ooh I see the Liberty is decorated for halloween! I sail on Sunday and have my fingers crossed the Allure will be decorated as well. I've sailed many times in October and they've never been decorated! LOL I'm enjoying your updates so far! Keep them coming!!!
  3. I have sailed the Western more than Eastern not because of preference but because it's more accessible for us to leave out of New Orleans. However, if I were choosing from the two itineraries for my family, I would choose the Eastern itinerary. You can never go wrong with the Virgin Islands. Plus I personally prefer a balance of sea days to port days. I am not a fan of 4 ports of call on a 7 day cruise. I don't feel like I get to really enjoy the ship. But that is just me and my opinion. You won't go wrong with either choice.
  4. Awe thanks guys! I knew it may have been too good to be true. Believe me, though, I definitely do not need to be looking for shortcuts with my thunder thighs. LOL
  5. I have heard there are "secret" stairways on Allure all the way aft that access the boardwalk. Is this true? We will be in room 8328 all the way aft on Allure and it would be fantastic if there were a stairwell straight to the Boardwalk. I'm not going to get my hopes up but it would be a fun bonus.
  6. Allure has the Soda and Surf package priced at $21/day. Purchased separately the soda package is $8.50 and Voom Surf is $9.99 = $18.49/day. I just booked the soda package and Surf and Stream 1 device separately and still paid less for the week than the "packaged" soda and surf deal they were offering.
  7. Were the HDMI ports easy to access on Allure? Did you have to take a universal remote or did the channel 3 option work on Allure? Just trying to get my ducks in a row before we sail in 2 weeks. Thanks!
  8. Thanks @Ashland! We sail the Allure in 17 days and we've decided to take the firestick and hope for the best! LOL It's all we can do at this point. Glad you got it worked out for your cruise.
  9. Did you ever figure it out? We are sailing in 18 days and I would LOVE to know prior to sailing if anyone was successful with the firestick...
  10. I am southern born and bred and the Pineapple is the symbol of hospitality down here but it's also the symbol of swingers so I steer clear of pineapples as decor because I don't "swing" that way. Pun intended...
  11. Who would have thought that towels would be an issue... What the heck??? I've sailed on CCL and NCL and never once have I been charged for a towel. We always had beach towels in our room and when we would toss them in the bathroom for our room steward he would replace them with clean towels. If we checked towels out by the pool then those had to be returned to the pool or risk a charge but on day 7 we had no clue what towel went where so they all got tossed in the floor and no charge appeared. So the question is do we take our own towels and take up a tremendous amount of space and weight in our luggage? I will need to take 4 towels. That's a lot. Or do we take the risk of being charged $100 in turn taking up a significant amount of our vacation time arguing the charge? Herein lies the dilemma. I know I know--First world problems. LOL
  12. I was exposed to strep 24 hours prior to boarding a ship once. I called my doctor and he called in an Rx for antibiotics just in case... Thankfully nothing ever came of my exposure but I sure was glad to have that bottle with me while on vacation. It never hurts to just go prepared.
  13. That sounds very similar to what we used on NCL's app last year. We were able to text our friends we were sailing with through their app for free. It was like an instant messaging service for cruisers on that ship only. It was great! I'm going to upgrade my RCCL App now because I'm sailing Allure in 22 days and that will be an excellent way of communication between our families.
  14. Ok. So this is going to be a VERY silly question and I know this so don't roast me too much... I've never sailed Royal before. I have the soda package for my kiddo's. I am sailing Allure and have heard the freestyle machines are few and far between and may or may not be in working order on our sailing. All of this being said, I'm assuming I can just go to any bar and get the kids a soda? Again, I know it's a silly question but I figured it never hurts to ask.
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