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  1. @beansatw Do you recall which pier you docked at in Cozumel? Thanks!
  2. Does Blue Hole have different activities and things to see other than falls/water? We aren't interested in any climbing/jumping/swimming. I will look into Liberty Tours Jamaica - thanks!
  3. This may have been asked and buried in a different post somewhere but does anyone know if it is possible to order breakfast items via room service in YC that are not on the official room service menu? Such as those on the menu posted above? I ask because on NCL (suite) they told us that we could order whatever we wanted for breakfast (within reason and if available, of course) even though not on the menu - just to manually write on the card what we wanted. Not sure if that's something MSC will do. Thanks!!
  4. Looking for personal recommendations for excursions in Ocho Rios that do NOT include the below listed activities. I've looked around and seems most excursions fall into these categories I am not interested in. Cruise line offered option I am considering is Green Grotto caves but would rather book with reputable local company directly rather than the line. I did find "Countryside Sightseeing with Lunch" provided by Shore Excursions Group but cannot locate any actual reviews of this tour. I know SEG is just the broker but no clue who they use. I don't think I'd be up for booking it without someone that has personally done it recommending it. If it's just 5 hrs of people begging us to buy stuff, not interested. Worst case, will just stay on ship or maybe just head over to Margaritaville for awhile... Fyi, we are mid to late 40s, appreciate good food and drink (read: alcohol), and having fun. One note is really large crowds filled with annoying people make me want to punch someone (don't think I'd actually do it though!). This is why I tend to shy away from excursions booked through cruise line as I prefer smaller groups rather than playing "let's see how many people we can shove in this single excursion." Not interested in: Falls dolphins kayaking horseback riding bobsledding snorkeling ziplining tubing all day beach day
  5. For some reason the mobile site shows the total price, not pp. It is $449 pp. That $1262 also includes Government Taxes & Fees.
  6. Agree with what has already been posted. We sailed from Vancouver in Sept and it was sunny and 70s for the first half and 50ish and raining for the second half. But there's no way of knowing for sure what your weather will be like. I took: One pair of waterproof Columbia sneakers (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01015TXGU) and one pair of comfy Skechers sneakers that I waterproofed myself and those worked for everything. Base top layers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, a fleece, and a good waterproof outer shell w/hood and just customized each day as necessary. Also several pairs of Columbia waterproof or fast dry pants that I could wear over a lower base layer as well. I knew wet jeans would suck and I think I took only a couple pair for our whole trip.
  7. Glad to read you can register different credit cards per guest as that is likely what we will do. Quick question: does anyone know how it works if have OBC from TA? Does that automatically get split between guests? Only to one person in room (which one)? Totally configurable at kiosk to assign differing $$$ to different guests? Thanks!
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