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  1. While my account now shows a balance of $0.00, I took a screen shot before, ya know just in case. Although, I'm not really worried about it. Safe travels, - WYB
  2. Hello, In September 2019 I booked the airline myself and separate from the cruise. I had taken travel insurance via my TA which covered the cruise but not the hotels or airfare. I had booked non-refundable airline tickets without insurance. For most of January and 1/2 of February 2020, I was on a cruise for 42 days and I didn't contact anyone. During this time, I think if I could have cancelled the May 2020 voyage I would have but I didn't have that opportunity, but it's a good thing that I didn't). When I got home, Princess contacted me to say my cruise in May was cancelled. The airline (Air China) contacted me saying: Dear Customer,Your refund request has been reviewed.Your refund will be calculated according to Air China's ticket rules and returned to the credit card you used to purchase the ticket.Please be advised that, due to the current public health situation, your refund will be returned to your account within 4-6 weeks after Air China confirms receipt of your payment. Not long after I returned home (like 2 weeks), my entire cruise fare (100%) showed as refunded on my credit card so I have this huge negative balance on 1 of my credit cards. Princess also gave me an additional 25% per person FCC. I contacted no one to arrange any of these refunds. Stay home for now, Stay well & Safe travels. - WYB
  3. I totally agree with this. There are still other things going on in hospitals that could be done on a cruise ship and I did not think about that before. I have a friend currently recovering from a car accident that may be able to recover on a ship just as well.
  4. Originally (in 2018) I purchased a 20" wheel folding bike from craig's list for $100. I have since purchased 3 more off of Craig's list for $100 each (Identical bikes just different colors). Normally they retail new for around $300, but since I got them off of Craig's list I'm less inclined to worry about them if they are damaged or stolen when I use them in port. I have 1 at my apartment in NYC, 2 at my parents home and 1 in Europe at my relatives house (I brought it over from NY on a cruise). I do agree rental bikes in general are not that great, and the bikes I purchased off of Craig's list were in used but very good/limited use condition. Just FYI, I know a place in Santa Marta, Colombia that replaced my tires, tube and brakes for $6 USD. When I ride in port I also always bring: a repair kit, an extra tube, helmet and ride with a GoPro. Previously, before I brought a bike, I use to rent a bikes locally when the ship reached port, (not from the ship but from a local bike vendor). That's when I decided it would be even cheaper/better to bring my own bike.
  5. Here's the thing, I don't believe cruise lines ban bicycles primarily becuase they may pose a hazard or for safety reasons. I think cruise lines ban bicycles because they don't generate additional revenue for the cruise line. My impression is that cruise lines think that people who bring bicycles take away revenue from the cruise line as they are less likely to book shore excursions (which in some cases they do). Some cruise lines that ban bicycles also offer bicycles for rent from the ship, so people who bringing their own bicycles are in direct conflict with a revenue stream. The situation is similar to why some cruise line ban bringing beverages on board. Yes it's for safety, but it's also for profit. The thing is, I don't know even know how to start having Princess reconsider this policy.
  6. I believe you would need to remove the carpeting from the ships and install tile in their place (so they can be wiped down/washed/mopped) in order for them to be used as hospitals or anything other then being a floating hotel.
  7. Hello, Just found this thread. Over the past 2 years, I normally bring my folding bike with me when I sail with NCL, but I have not sailed with Princess in 5 years. I recently came across Princess's Prohibited items list and found bicycles on it: https://www.princess.com/learn/faq_answer/pre_cruise/bring.jsp Unfortunate policy, as I never had any problems on my last 7 NCL voyages, (I only use the bike in port and never while on board). I hope princess changes this policy to allow bicycles.
  8. I didn't contact Princess, in February, Princess cancelled my May 2020 voyage, Princess returned 100% of the funds to my credit card and gave me 25% credit to another voyage in my princess account to be used within 1 year.
  9. When my May 2020 voyage got cancelled, I contacted my TA to let them know. The cruise line (not NCL) refunded me the cost of the cruise on to my credit card. I then booked a different cruise and my TA applied the insurance I had taken out for the cancelled cruise on to the new cruise then refunded me the difference in insurance cost, (They sent me a physical check).
  10. So I'm a NCL shareholder and I usually book and submit my documentation at least 2 months before the voyage is scheduled to sail. What I'm wondering is, has anyone ever received the shareholder benefit when booking a last minute cruise and if so what was the time frame? Specifically, has anyone booked a "last minute voyage" (within 7 to 1 day(s) of departure) and also gotten the shareholder benefit? Also, has anyone booked a B2B while on board the first voyage and gotten the share holder benefit processed with the Cruise next people?
  11. On the Gem, all blackjack tables used 8 decks. Hand shuffles were available at $25 tables and above. CSM at $15 tables and below. 3 to 2 payouts were at $15 and above. Blackjack at $10 and below were CSM and 6 to 5. On the Gem, there were 3 BJ tables @ $10 or below, and 3 @ $15 or above (1 at $15, 1 at $25 and 1 at $100). The $15 table was only open from 5:00PM to 9:00PM but you could ask a casino manager to open it if you wanted to play it if there was no dealer at that table.
  12. I typically request separate beds. If they are not separate when I get to the room then I separate the beds.
  13. I typically use my OBC to purchase 2 CNCs.
  14. I was on the Gem last week (Feb 2020) and the casino managers said I could withdraw up to $3k per day + 3%. I used this option to calculate how much I need to get to 30k in points which I'll use for a meta upgrade on a future cruise on my NCL BOA card. https://www.ncl.com/world-points
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