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  1. Change is coming Why Germ-Zapping Robots and AI Technology Could Be the Future For Cruise Ships June 07th, 2020: Adam Coulter UK Managing Editor Full article: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=5379&et_cid=3336614&et_rid=85250032&et_referrer=Boards_Million_Member_Newsub
  2. Beaming of food to the table is more of a version 20 of this update... Chances are more likely there would be food replicators in each cabin by version 18 of this update. Like 10-Forward, you could still allocate an area of the Restaurant/Bar for traditional ordering and service. But in order to get to version 20 we need to start with 1. What are some of your thoughts or ideas for a more safer or more efficient service on board, beyond the restaurant service? Safe travels, - WhosYourBuddy
  3. I guess how many waiters do you interact with and what type of interaction was it? My interaction has been pretty limited to: How are you? Where are you from? How long have you been on the ship? What other ships have you been on? Were you able to get off the ship today? When does your contract end? I'll have this... But that's just me... Also, you could still do that.
  4. You think this will keep you from interacting with other humans while onboard? As stated, Of course you could also allocate an area of the Restaurant/Bar for traditional ordering and service. But why bother taking electronics on a cruise if you are going to lock them in the safe?
  5. Hello, So once cruises start again what are your ideas for a better, safer, more efficient cruise? I for one would like to see being able to order food and drinks via the onboard App on my phone. What I imagine, after you have initially logged in to your onboard account with your phone, when you go to any restaurant you get scanned in with your ship card and then pick your own table. At the table you have a QR code which you will scan with your phone. Once you scan the code it brings up a daily available menu along with descritption and photo of the items available. You select the items you want to order for your table (1 order per table) and submit your order from your phone using the web app. When your order is ready your items are brought to the table. But you can also track the status of your order using the app, (ie order received, being processed, being delivered, completed) If any items need to be re-ordered or corrected, another order can always be submitted. An empty table is cleared, cleaned and made available for next service. Of course you could also allocate an area of the Restaurant/Bar for traditional ordering and service. In version 2.0, I see delivery of food or beverages would be performed by automated delivery carts or similar to the distribution stations in the restaurants. In version 3.0, I see direct delivery to the tables. Let me know what you think. Also what are some of your thoughts or ideas for a more safer or more efficient service? Safe travels, - WhosYourBuddy
  6. Initially Princess said that I had to use the FCC within 1 year for the original cancellation, however, I used the FCC to book another cruise for July 2020 which has since also been cancelled. Since 100% of the actual funds I paid for the 1st cruise were returned the only thing I'm out on the 2nd cruise is for 2 ($100 deposits) which princess required. I haven't been able to get in contact with my TA to follow up with princess about the 2nd deposit refund ($200) or FCC as I haven't found a cruise to use them on. Safe travels, - WYB
  7. To make the most of the meta Points upgrade, I like to save the upgrade, for either a long voyage (+15 day) or a back to back voyage (B2B, 2 voyages under the same reservation number). - WYB
  8. For me it's hard to know when to cruise again as I book based on itinerary and then price. Not know when cruising will start up again makes booking difficult. However of the 4 cruise I have booked this year (2020) I was able to sail on 2 before the lockout and the other 2 have been cancelled by the cruise line. Stay well & safe travels. - WYB
  9. I also tend to not go specality dining on the first night as the ship is still in US waters and you might pay an additional local state/federal tax. - WYB
  10. Hello, I just want to say thank you to mscdivina2016 Mscdivina2016 has been most helpful with information, has saved me thousands since I made contact and his advice has been spot on. - WYB
  11. While my account now shows a balance of $0.00, I took a screen shot before, ya know just in case. Although, I'm not really worried about it. Safe travels, - WYB
  12. Hello, In September 2019 I booked the airline myself and separate from the cruise. I had taken travel insurance via my TA which covered the cruise but not the hotels or airfare. I had booked non-refundable airline tickets without insurance. For most of January and 1/2 of February 2020, I was on a cruise for 42 days and I didn't contact anyone. During this time, I think if I could have cancelled the May 2020 voyage I would have but I didn't have that opportunity, but it's a good thing that I didn't). When I got home, Princess contacted me to say my cruise in May was cancelled. The airline (Air China) contacted me saying: Dear Customer,Your refund request has been reviewed.Your refund will be calculated according to Air China's ticket rules and returned to the credit card you used to purchase the ticket.Please be advised that, due to the current public health situation, your refund will be returned to your account within 4-6 weeks after Air China confirms receipt of your payment. Not long after I returned home (like 2 weeks), my entire cruise fare (100%) showed as refunded on my credit card so I have this huge negative balance on 1 of my credit cards. Princess also gave me an additional 25% per person FCC. I contacted no one to arrange any of these refunds. Stay home for now, Stay well & Safe travels. - WYB
  13. I totally agree with this. There are still other things going on in hospitals that could be done on a cruise ship and I did not think about that before. I have a friend currently recovering from a car accident that may be able to recover on a ship just as well.
  14. Originally (in 2018) I purchased a 20" wheel folding bike from craig's list for $100. I have since purchased 3 more off of Craig's list for $100 each (Identical bikes just different colors). Normally they retail new for around $300, but since I got them off of Craig's list I'm less inclined to worry about them if they are damaged or stolen when I use them in port. I have 1 at my apartment in NYC, 2 at my parents home and 1 in Europe at my relatives house (I brought it over from NY on a cruise). I do agree rental bikes in general are not that great, and the bikes I purchased off of Craig's list were in used but very good/limited use condition. Just FYI, I know a place in Santa Marta, Colombia that replaced my tires, tube and brakes for $6 USD. When I ride in port I also always bring: a repair kit, an extra tube, helmet and ride with a GoPro. Previously, before I brought a bike, I use to rent a bikes locally when the ship reached port, (not from the ship but from a local bike vendor). That's when I decided it would be even cheaper/better to bring my own bike.
  15. Here's the thing, I don't believe cruise lines ban bicycles primarily becuase they may pose a hazard or for safety reasons. I think cruise lines ban bicycles because they don't generate additional revenue for the cruise line. My impression is that cruise lines think that people who bring bicycles take away revenue from the cruise line as they are less likely to book shore excursions (which in some cases they do). Some cruise lines that ban bicycles also offer bicycles for rent from the ship, so people who bringing their own bicycles are in direct conflict with a revenue stream. The situation is similar to why some cruise line ban bringing beverages on board. Yes it's for safety, but it's also for profit. The thing is, I don't know even know how to start having Princess reconsider this policy.
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