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  1. No, you can only use the points upgrade one time on a single voyage. On a side note, Yeah Math! I believe I figured out my best way to get to 30k in world points (single meta upgrade) from NCL. World Points https://www.ncl.com/world-points - WYB
  2. I myself am not a professional gambler. The most I've gotten on land for my play is $9 cash back (and that was actually in CAD not USD). But when it comes to gamblers or Casino at Sea (CaS), I believe that CaS members have slightly higher expectations for service in general. For them to be comped a cruise I think the cruise line as well as the casino host on land have certain expectations too. On my last few voyages, I've talked to CaS people that have been comped a cruise. While with NCL, CaS people pay the administrative fee and substantially less then what a normal booking person would pay, CaS people are also required to: play a certain amount, for a certain period of time and at a certain $$ level, (all depending on their comp level). It's the difference between a recreational and professional player. On land, comping a player a room based on their play is not uncommon. The levels that CaS bet would have paid the cruise 2 or 3 times over so I can understand the OPs expectations.
  3. I'd say, get one (oceanview or balcony) and one inside cabin. Try to get at least the same cabin attendant for both cabins. Give the 7 year old the choice of where to sleep and let the 15 & 11 year olds do a thunderdome.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to post and for bringing us along on your adventure. Safe travels & Happy Holidays! - WhosYourBuddy
  5. I've brought my 20" Citizen Miami on several NCL cruises. When not in use I put it under the bed in my cabin. I usually take it out and ride in what ever port we are in (Central America & Europe). So far it's always been sunny when I ride. I do also ride with a GoPro on my helmet and now carry an extra spare tire and change kit. Although when I did pop a tire in Colombia it was 15,000 Columbian Pesos to have the tube, tire and labor ($5.16 USD) plus the shop had free PW protected WiFi available. I've purchased 4 folding bikes for around $110 each off of Craigslist. I left a bike at my relatives home in Europe as it would be more expensive to ship it back to the US then to leave it for when I return to Europe. The only line that has a complete ban on bicycles is Holland America (go figure)...
  6. Thank you for the updates. Can you inquire on the Gem when the new MDR and specialty Restaurants menus will go in to effect or if they have any idea which voyage? Safe travels, - WhosYourBuddy
  7. I use the app to: see what's going on, using the online daily program and to keep track of my onboard spending account. It's how I discovered that I was getting double shore excursion credit back when booking excursions.
  8. If you really miss snacks you can buy them at what ever port you visit in a place called walmart or a supermarket or even a regular market.
  9. Just a tip, remember when doing things onboard using the internet, like checking email; If you plan on writing or replying back, I suggest that after you have read the email, disconnect from the ship's WifFi and write your response in your phone or computer's notes field. After you have completed your response, reconnect to the ships wifi and copy and paste the response from your notes field in to the body of the email. Otherwise, if you try to draft your response while connected you'll just burn through your minutes.
  10. Yeah, I'm pretty positive my B2B is under 1 reservation. I wrote about my booking process here: I'm tying to calculate the percentage for those that have booked a B2B under 1 reservation, how many have received an upgrade offer? I've also booked a few other B2B voyages as well as single voyages in the past but in all my voyages with NCL I have only received a "random" upgrade offer once and it was not on a B2B voyage. So I'm wondering if anyone doing a B2B voyage under 1 reservation has ever received an upgrade offer? Safe travels, - WhosYourBuddy
  11. Hello, just wondering how often (if at all) do people doing a B2B cruise get the random upgrade offer? I'm taking about 2 cruises (one after another) under 1 reservation, receiving an offer to bid for an upgrade. I Imagine it's pretty low occurrence. Safe travels. - WhosYourBuddy
  12. With the BoA NCL Card (with no annual fee) you also get free access to several museums around the US on the first weekend of every month. Additional information is available here: https://about.bankofamerica.com/en-us/what-guides-us/arts-and-culture/partners.html
  13. Hello, I suggest if you are going to try to use points for a cabin meta upgrade you'll want to book at least 4 months ahead of the cruise date: to get a BA Mid-Ship Balcony, using 60,000 points (double meta upgrade), you'll need to book a I1 Family Inside to get a BA Mid-Ship Balcony, using 30,000 points (single meta upgrade), you'll need to book a O1 Family Oceanview Picture Window When redeeming points with NCL for a meta upgrade you'll get 1 cabin category down from what you book. (ie booking in a category: 1 can get you an A, A can get you a B, B can get you a C, etc.) The further out you book the greater the chance of you getting it. Use a Cruise Next Certificate to create a reservation number. You should then contact the world points people (1-866- 954-4077) the day you get a NCL confirmation number. They will tell you if you can redeem the points or not. If they are unable to accept the points to upgrade you can still cancel your cruise booking. You can't do a meta upgrade if you book in a Sail Away "X" category. Things you can also redeem points for: https://www.ncl.com/world-points Safe travels, - WhosYourBuddy!
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