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  1. Could well be. Maybe the Butler did it!
  2. On Aurora in July and there was a first night turndown service. Maybe it just applies to suites now.
  3. Thanks everyone, Paul Brown is at the helm
  4. I know the Moments Magazine shows Paul Brown as the current Captain of Britannia but does anyone know if this is the case. They chop and change so much. Thanks
  5. Headline in the Mail. Just a bit worrying about the escalating situation against the UK in the Gulf. Oceana has the Union Jack flying across her bow so not sure I'd want to take a cruise in that region until it is all settled. Left out
  6. Had lunch on Oriana today and yes they do have white and rose non alcoholic wine onboard. My sister will be sooo happy.
  7. Have come across this myself, not that we use the packing service. Best answer if you start to get this type of poor service is to go to the desk and ask to see the Accommodation Manager (not the Deck Supervisor), explain the problem and ask for a change of Butler. All ships except Oceana have two or more.
  8. Oh! wow, thanks for this John, was this a recent enquiry you made. Looks like water only for her, what a shame.
  9. My sister is joining us on a cruise and only drinks low or non alcoholic wine. I wonder if anyone knows if and what is currently available on board. Low alcohol to be no more than 5%. Really appreciate your feedback
  10. Recently returned from a 14 night cruise and my tips amounted to £250 between cabin steward, butler, waiters and the odd tip to bars staff. I feel comfortable about this, it makes me happy and the those on the receiving end, happy. It is fair to say that many folk were not tipping as they left the restaurant and there is no obligation to do so. If they are comfortable about walking away without tipping, then that's fine by me, each to their own is my stand on the matter.
  11. Just logged on to P&O Facebook page to see that the visitors blog is no longer. Been away for 8 weeks and prior to this time it was available for comment. Is it me!
  12. Seems that the Aurora is stuck in Cape Verde awaiting help. Understand she had a fishing net caught around one of her propellers which was removed in Tenerife resulting in a late sailing. Not sure what the current problem is that's causing her delayed departure for the Amazon.
  13. Memorabilia, loads. From POSH Club clocks, Posh club silver picture frames and key fobs, Portunus decanters and silver drink mats, Princess crystal champagne flutes embossed with 1989 and others with Princess 25th Anniversary A scupper board from the Victoria, Kungsholm embossed silver plated salt and pepper pots all given to me by the Captain at the end of her last P&O voyage. A box of menus from Victoria’s Union Castle Millennium Voyage, Launch brochures for Oriana, Aurora, Arcadia, the white sisters, Royal Princess, Queen Mary 2, and passenger lists from our early days of cruising. Oh! so much more memorabilia, much of it beautifully displayed in my study.
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