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  1. I'm with you, we were on the Royal last fall, had OM there, and just loved it!!
  2. Thanks! Exactly what I needed.
  3. Richard Branson, Virgin America and Virgin Australia, now has Virgin Cruises. They’re only doing the Caribbean. A brand new ship, adults only. Lots of cool restaurant options. Might consider looking at that. Availability might be limited if you’re looking at last minute cruises.
  4. What is breakfast in the MDR like? Does anyone have a menu? Do they have those little boxes of Raisin Bran? Corned beef hash? Bagels and lox?
  5. I would hate to tie up an ADA room just for a recliner - since we have no other need for it. I'm glad that Celebrity will do it. I need to check with Princess to see if they will remove a bed (or couch) and put it in a standard room.
  6. Oooh, let me know what you find out. I would prefer that, too.
  7. And I contacted the cruiseline - was told to make the reservation for the recliner, and to contact special needs 30 days before the cruise and they would make arrangements to have one of the beds removed from the room to make space for the recliner. Thanks to everyone who provided information, email addresses, and links. This is going to make a HUGE difference in my comfort on our upcoming cruise. (Hubby may not be as comfortable in a single bed, though.)
  8. I contacted Scootaround, and she said that she thinks that a recliner fits in standard Celebrity cabins, but to check. I'm going to call the cruiseline tomorrow, but was wondering where the chair would fit in a Concierge Class cabin. Can't imagine it. I don't really need an accessible cabin otherwise, and just hate tying one up.
  9. What kind of cabin do you have to have? Would a recliner fit in a Concierge Class, or would you have to have an accessible or larger suite?
  10. My goodness the blues in this second picture are gorgeous though. Have never seen the glaciers that blue in our trips to Alaska. Beautiful!!!
  11. Oooh this sounds really good. Only at Luminae?
  12. Hi, I understand exactly where you're coming from. We live near San Pedro and only sail out of there. (Long Beach is another possibility but not really attracted to Carnival). We have decided not to fly anymore, also. Part of it is our advancing age and declining mobility, the other is that a security problem at an airport is 10 times that issue when you are dependent on others to get around. What happens when the terminal is evacuated and you're dependent on someone else? Just sounds like too much of a risk. Keep an eye on the Celebrity web site, though. It does sail out of San Pedro every couple of years for a couple of voyages. We're doing the 9-day Pacific Coastal in November. We mostly do Princess out of San Pedro, and Crystal whenever it comes around as a treat. We like the new Royal Princess more than I expected.
  13. If you're interested in military history there are aircraft carrier museums in both San Francisco (Alameda, actually) and San Diego (right next to the cruise ship dock). I agree on Balboa Park for San Diego, lots of interesting museums.
  14. My husband and I do not require wheelchairs on-board, but do need a ride to get on and off the ship. Does anyone know if that's possible in San Francisco with Celebrity? Last time we were there on Princess, at the new pier, we were not able to get wheelchair assistance to get back on the ship, which was surprising because we could at the old pier. So, wanted for find that out before we made plans. Thanks,
  15. Yes, a new Medallion for every cruise. The Ocean apps are Princess.
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