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  1. I was supposed to be on that cruise too. Haven’t seen any credit.
  2. Even if the ship and crew are all negative there will be passengers arriving from everywhere, any of them could pick up the virus in their travels. I think the picture of this virus is going to change significantly over the next week as more testing is done. Princess is offering very relaxed cancellation allowances right now. I would take advantage of that and remove the stress of traveling during a pandemic. But that’s just me.
  3. Cruise was cancelled Saturday night and the Royal was moved offshore so that the NCL Joy could use the pier yesterday for turn around. She’s back at the dock this morning, though.
  4. Thanks for the summary. We were very close to being in that room with you. I don’t think we would have held up near as well as you did!! How did getting your luggage and leaving the terminal go? How were the pick ups outside the terminal? Were there enough buses and cabs? I was wondering how long it took to clear everyone out of the area. What a shame everyone had to have a day like that, and then have to go home.
  5. Good point. Lucky bring a relative term. Don’t think this was an application of the new protocol, though. Definitely s fail all the way around, though.
  6. Depends on what the terms of your insurance are. Check your policy and tour agreement with Princess.
  7. i was thinking that yesterday, that the incoming cruise passengers were lucky to get off and away the way things were changing. i was interested in hearing more from the passengers on the cancelled cruise. How long it took to get away from the terminal, get transportation.
  8. The cancel of the Royal Cruise didn’t happen until 6PM the day of the cruise. I would have hated to have been caught up in that mess in the terminal for a whole day just to have had to go home at the end. And we’re within driving distance of the pier and wouldn’t have had to deal with hotels and shuttles and flight arrangements. I can’t imagine how long it took for them to get everyone out of there last night.
  9. We cancelled our booking on the Royal Fortoday when we heard about the Grand off of SF. I am strongly considering canceling the rest of the year, too, until this is resolved. We are both in the high-rush category and it’s not worth the chance. Might keep the December booking for a while to see how things go.
  10. that’s the exact same thing they were saying about the Royal this morning. “medical issue”
  11. It’s still in port. Saw a vehicle with flashing lights coming towards her.
  12. We don’t intend to stop cruising at all. We’re just not willing to do it right now. And we have a cruise booked in May that we intend to take, depending on how things progress. But with the spread on the US just becoming known, and the rapid spread of the disease, it seemed like a cruise ship wasn’t the best place for us to be right now.
  13. We decided to cancel. The incidence in Washington state today were what convinced me. We’re older and rather high risk. So better safe than sorry.
  14. Those trips might be too far out. We have booking for 3/7/20 Mexico for Club Class of $1367, now available for $911.
  15. I'm with you, we were on the Royal last fall, had OM there, and just loved it!!
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