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  1. Absolutely yes. Don't need to bring a tie. Collared dress shirt and slacks are fine. Alaska is easy on formal night.
  2. Always think of that as the 14 night RT from Vancouver. 😉
  3. But, none is Alaskan seafood....
  4. Did Ruby 12 night, and we had repeats of menus. When in Alaska, there is one night that had multiple selections (like King Crab legs). Other nights, there were 2-3 Alaskan selections. And Carnival Corporation is purchasing the seafood, loaded wherever the turnaround port is, which none are in Alaska.
  5. They do have kids menus. However, it's an amazing opportunity for kids to try new foods, and not have to "pay" for it, as you would in a restaurant on land. If they like Chinese food, there is an amazing Asian shrimp dish in the MDR. If they like burgers, they have an "Ernesto" burger, with bbq sauce and an onion ring in it - delicious! If they like Mac and Cheese, they can try one of the dishes Princess is known for, their amazing Fettuccine Alfredo. If they like Grilled Cheese, have them try to Four Cheese Pizza on Glacier Bay day up by the pool. If they like Chocolate, have them try the Princess Love Boat Dream on the dessert menu in the MDR. There are also lots of different sandwiches in the International Cafe to try. We have kiddos who love the beef tenderloin and salmon dishes on the MDR embarkation day menu.
  6. Absolutely disagree. The reason the kids menus are the same as what you would find in a fast food restaurant is that they are made with cheap and sometimes addictive ingredients.
  7. Had the Ocean Medallion on the Royal. Loved it! Bartenders knew our names, doors opened without looking for room card, and easy to wear.
  8. Hot Chocolate is only complimentary with the Soda and More package, not the Coffee Package.
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