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  1. not to be negative - but you really think your cruise on November 1st will happen? So many cruise lines cancelled into 2021 - If Florida had their act together re:Covid - then slight chance but with 100 deaths a day i don’t see it. In Canada we can now get Covid-19 insurance to travel - EXCLUDING CRUISES !!!! Would never take chance without insurance. We had to cancel our MSC Cruisd to Dubai this fall because of this
  2. This was from the press release: These special per stateroom fares will result in a discount of up to or exceeding 50 percent off the regular rates
  3. marcoigna

    MSC Seashore

    Whole group of us in YC. most boarding Genoa, the rest in Barcelona.
  4. It is 50% off the original pricing which nobody ever pays. Lets really see the rates.
  5. I’m not in that desperate need for a cruise knowing that I can only disembark the ship with a shore excursion. Just me maybe.
  6. Looks like only available to Europeans as well as mandatory MSC excursions if you want to go ashore. https://mscfans.blog/2020/07/31/msc-to-restart-cruise-operations-in-august-with-2-ships/
  7. You need to remember that if scheduled for Ocean Cay, i would say 25-35% miss the port due to westher. We are on Seashore repo and surprised not doing Ocean Cay as well - and this is to Miami. I would not be bothered with these changes currently. a lot can change for next year for better or worse. We hope for the positive.
  8. cabin assigned to booking today so now i easily cancelled. 60-90 day refund period. Im okay with that.
  9. Somewhat similar. Our ship switched from Seaview to Fantasia - rome/dubai. I want to cancel cruise but agent said its locked, h til they can assign me my YC cabin. - call back early next week. Was told previously that i needed to wait until 01 Jukg which has definitely passed
  10. Our TransAtlantic in Seashore shows no packages yet either
  11. Exactly - For sure Seashore out of miami 20 Nov, 2021. We are also doing the T/A prior, so let me check that sailing
  12. I think the Premium + package is going to be eliminated as not available next year SEASHORE - just 2 packages, easy and premium extra (however the premium extra has increased to $15 per drink from $12)
  13. We are currently on that repo cruise - but likely we are going to cancel. No comparison from Seaview to Fantasia.
  14. marcoigna


    my current guess would be a no - the Seaside class ships seem to omit this -
  15. Curious - did you cancel the Fantasia Cruise or did MSC, as literally they just changed ships from Seaview to Fantasia for these sailings to the UAE
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