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  1. With FCC from our June cruise canceled, we booked March 2021 on Veendam and got a suite. Super excited to go. No airfare or a long drive for us.
  2. We were in 13 and 14. 12/13 had a curtain. 14/15 had a curtain. 13/14 had a hard wall.
  3. I do not have a photo, but they are smaller than the family ones on the NA. After we booked 2 smaller ones for a family of 4, I was happy we didn't get a family one.
  4. Thanks for reading. I'll do my best to answer any questions you might have. My husband and I left home on Friday to drive to Fort Lauderdale, which should have taken about 4 hours, but took 5 because of accidents. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. They are remodeling it, but it was nice and had parking. We ate at Duffy’s, which could have been better. We drove ourselves to the port Saturday morning. The port was busy. We parked and walked over to the terminal. We dropped our bag off with a porter, had a quick check in and went aboard right before noon. The staterooms were ready. We dropped our things off and got lunch at New York Pizza, which was great. We headed up to the Retreat. At the Retreat, there was a mix up on the cabanas. Not the first time this has happened and probably won’t be the last. Always print off your reservation. It was odd, that the cabana boys said service didn’t start until the next day. It was brought up that on other cruises we had service the first day. They did start service after others asked too. They brought us champagne, frozen grapes, and chocolate covered strawberries. Things that were supposed to be included with the cabana during the week, you had to ask for, like slippers. I do love the Retreat, but this year, the service was a bit lacking in my opinion. It does keep you away from the crowds at the Lido pool. We mostly ate in the Lido. I like their breakfast. We ate from the Dive In and the one thing that we did not like was the chicken sandwich. The chicken was very dry. We would get to the Lido when it opened. There were many more self-serve items, than my last cruise. Watching people take the bread and cookies, made me not want to take any. I did find some desserts I liked and would take a dessert before others; it was my first stop. We went to some of the entertainment. Tried to watch the dancers on the Main Stage. Stayed a bit for the mentalist. Stayed for the comedian, I think his name was Steve. Stopped in the BB Kings, but we had spots at the pianos. Joe and Joey were on board. I enjoyed more songs from one than the other. We also spent some time at the smokeless casino. Just a heads up, if you play the quarter machine. The one where you put quarters in and it pushes out quarters, it did not pay correctly on the bonus. We checked when we got the bonus and it did not give the correct amount and had to ask someone to fix it. They gave us the right amount, not sure if the machine was fixed.We tried most of the bars and found two favorite bartenders, Jenny and Alvin at the Billboard Bar, next to the pianos. We were in 7139, first time being in an aft. It was a great, didn’t feel any different, but we were on the side without a working azipod. Our stewards were wonderful and emptied our minibar, filled our fruit basket, and kept our ice bucket iced. It was cleaned and well kept. We choose to self-disembark. We walked out of the room at 8 and was off the ship and in the car by 8:30. All in all it was a great cruise, can't wait till June to sail again.
  5. There was one with the hair dryer.
  6. Glad you got a reason why. There was no reason given to us about different times. I know we didn't miss ports, but times were changed.
  7. I've asked and gotten paper, but I'll see what happens at the end of the week.
  8. FYI there are no more birthday balloons for doors from HAL. They said there is no more plastic on board. Also in the Retreat, the have glass bottles of water.
  9. Here is a picture about 30 minutes ago. We are late arriving at Half Moon. Other port times have changed too.
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