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  1. I'm another that says "sure". I don't actually think it's that wildly risky. Most planes take off and land reasonably on-time. Once you're in the air out of SFO, it would take an extraordinary situation to divert your flight. Buy insurance on the cruise and even in the worst-case-scenario you get your fare returned, or the cost of catching up at the next port covered. Enjoy your trip.
  2. Why would you be upset? They've told you what to expect and why - you're not entitled to board any earlier. You've no reason or right to be upset if you arrive far earlier than instructed and end up waiting.
  3. Thank you - that's very helpful. We're looking at the Joy's southbound Pacific Coastal in October. The prices, with Free-at-Sea and flights included, are almost too good to pass up. We shall see!
  4. I haven't sailed NCL for a number of years; before the specialty venues moved towards being a la carte. I'm confused about how it works with the Free-At-See specialty dining option. How much credit do you get at each of the venues? It was much easier to understand when the venues had a flat cover charge. I've just looked at the menus on the Joy and honestly, I'm shocked at the a la carte prices. Any further information you can provide is much appreciated.
  5. If Princess' conversion rate does drop, what are the chances they will adjust our balance owing? We've got a 2020 booking with a final payment date next February. It's presently priced in CAD at 1=1.35. It's an expensive itinerary and a 5% saving would be nothing to sneeze at.
  6. This is exactly how we feel about elderly travellers, and we were very surprised at how few older people were apparent on our Alaska cruise, which we had expected to be a mobility-scooter mob scene. We sailed in mid-August and while it didn't rival a cheaper Caribbean itinerary for numbers of kids, there certainly were tons of multi-generational family groups aboard. I think the OP will find this as well if they sail in August, although Princess may skew just slightly to an older crowd (we sailed RCCL).
  7. We waited what seemed like forever for 2020 British Isles itineraries to be released on all cruiselines. With the exception of CMV, which does them year-round, it wasn't until around Christmas last year that they started to emerge. Med cruises and Russia/Scandinavia were up much sooner.
  8. We did the same thing for Alaska in 2016. At this point of the season there seem to be endless amounts of very inexpensive inside cabins left unsold, especially on the one-way routes and we booked on sort of a lark for less than $400/pp. We also had no trouble getting excursions and overall it was an excellent, economical vacation. One thing I will say though is that if Alaska is a "bucket-list" trip for you (which it definitely wasn't for us) and a balcony-or-better cabin is a must, don't wait to book. Also nail down any indispensable shore activities well in advance. We observed so many families enjoying the "trip of a lifetime" and I'm sure they paid dearly for them but felt having everything just right was completely worth it.
  9. I doubt this is a secret and I'm sure someone here can can answer: What is Princess' current policy on price-drops? We're booked on a 2020 British Isles itinerary that is breathtakingly expensive. The same cruise sailing next month (2019) is almost 50% less. If the price of ours drops after final payment (in February) are we able to apply for OBC or at least upgrade cabin categories? We did book under a modest promotion (free gratuities) but I'd not fuss about giving that up. TIA
  10. For us it's always all about price - we book whatever type of cabin fits our budget at that particular time. We've sailed in practically every category (never the Haven on NCL though - that would never be worth it to us). Of course a balcony is better, even if you don't spend much time there. That said, for peaceful sleep you honestly can't beat an inside (you'll see what I mean) and we've always had really great service from our stewards when we're in "steerage".
  11. Tha's exactly the link I was looking for - thank you. This will be our 2nd Princess cruise and looking at this is very informative! By any chance would you have any personal experience on the Regal? I've got a couple of specific questions, such as what is the pool area right at the bow you can see from the aerial shots in the videos? I don't see it on the deck plans anywhere.
  12. Thanks - would you be kind enough to cut-and-paste the link? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but all I can find is the first episode and then random other episodes from other seasons.
  13. Thanks but it's not an individual review I'm looking for. It was a documentary series provided by ITV in Britain.
  14. It's apparently been too long since I've been active on CC because I just cannot get the hang of this new format. The other day I found a link to a youtube series called The Cruise, featuring the Regal Princess. I only got one episode in before closing my browser and now I cannot for the life of me find that link again. Anyone who could post it or point me to the post where I originally found it would have my gratitude! TIA
  15. I've never used EZ Air before and I'm curious - how did they give you a price for the flights if they're not actually booked? Did you pre-pay for them and if not, how will you know exactly what the cost is?
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