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  1. Cheers does not show in your booking details. It’s through the Funship Department. I confirmed mine was paid for but had to call the Funship Department to get confirmation. They said it will be on our account when we board on Saturday in NOLA on the Valor.
  2. And the hysteria begins...!!😂
  3. I have never had a no show in Carnival but have on NCL and I believe they all work the same.. She will get back and taxes and gratuities paid as well as service fees and port charges. It took over a month but we ended up getting back everything but the original cruise fare.. what i I don’t know is how they will reimburse. Whether it will be a gift card or put back to the method you paid originally. On NCL they put all of it back on my CC. No promises that Carnival is the same but my bet is that it is the same.. Good Luck!!
  4. Just off it today and am very jealous especially with the weather you had for Sail Away!!! Wife de said if we can get a cheap cabin for the 8/10 cruise we can go again so crossing fingers prices drop a little for that one.... Even would take an inside to be on it... Have a great week as we did....
  5. You will be fine as long as you go immediately after boarding and make your reservations for specialties. We are just off the Escape with 9 people and I was able too book 4 night specialties at prime times. Agree also that don’t worry about the MDR’s. Also walked up for a party of 9 and never waited.. Enjoy!,,
  6. Thanks Jess.. We hockey parents absolutely are a different breed. All 3 of my kids played since they were 4. My daughter plays in college currently.. In 3 years I will miss it. Some would say it’s like a cult.. LOL Maybe as hockey parents we just don’t blame others for bad things and we certainly don’t punish the whole due to the actions of the few.. Or we just believe in common sense which some people seem to lack.. I am not naming anyone in particular.. 😂🤔😜
  7. I have no idea what your saying he Frank??? if your not 21 you CANNOT purchase the alcohol package or get it as a perk. You’re given the soda package. I know this as a FACT as I have an 18 yr old and 19 yr old son and daughter traveling with us this coning weekend on the Escape. They are allowed to drink beer and wine but have to pay for it so ur theory is just wrong... And even if they could should we not let my responsible children drink because someone who you have no idea about jumps off the ship drunk?(Your thought) You don’t shut the world down for a few bad actors do we??? Well maybe in your twisted snowflake world... Enjoy it.. I’ll enjoy my beverage package next week that’s for sure.. and btw was t it a 63 yr old woman
  8. Actually incorrect on flip flops.. I have worn pants in the nice Specialty Restaurants(LeBistro, Cagneys, LaCucina) because I choose to and have worn shorts with a golf shirt in the MDR’s with flip flops both last year on th GA and year prior on the Escape.. Never once got looked upon sideways by anyone.. People were dressed better than me and worse than me and I never looked down on either.. It is NOT against the rules(outside a few of the specialties).. And not rude.. although i I think removing DSC while not against policy is just rude... Just sayin... 😂
  9. zq.... Great minds think alike... you were typing at the same time I was... People are amazing aren’t they!!!!???
  10. Really Frank.... Give me a break.... You don’t have a flipping clue whether this was alcohol related.... Lets say it was.. Should the world ban anything that the .0001% can’t handle?... That statement was idiotic and uncalled for!!!!!!! Inflammatory, judgemental, and short sided... I’m sorry to the rest of the people who have to read my rant but I can’t stand it when people like this individual want to make rash judgements drives me absolutely bonkers.... OK , I feel better now.. 😂
  11. If they paid $1698 for the first cruise they would get $849 and cruise #2 was the same price they would actually cruise for free. It depends on how much you paid for the 1st cruise Adguy.. Hmmm... Some people love making people feel stupid.. oh wait!! LOL
  12. It really depends on if your a rush to be in the ship as early as possible.. We have arrived as early as 8 am when we wanted to get Vibe passes and have always been successful and in boarding group 1. (We don’t qualify in any way for pre boarding) . They usually will open the check in around 10. After that you go to a lounge type area where you will wait and receive a boarding group #. After pre boarding guests they start with group 1 and work their way up. Usually around 11:30 they will start barring any issues with the prior cruise. I do feel thou if you arrive at lets say 11 you would not be much behind everyone and won’t wait as long and will basically walk in after check in. Really depends if you have a need to be in early for any reason like I said. We are in the Escape on 6/16 out of NYC so I’m not sure if it is different than Miami where we cruised prior.. Hope this helps..
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