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  1. Thanks for posting! That must have been something special to be in the same statesroom as your parents!
  2. I guess I should correct myself. I'm "assuming" all the classic liners that I have read about are in the 20,000 to 50,000 Ton Range. When I see ships like the S.S. France, I know they are not geared for todays cruse crowds, but there's something classic and elegant about them and I would like to experience that before they're all gone.
  3. The ship doesn't have to be with original company. Just wondering if there are any classic vessels running? Thank s
  4. Good Morning all!, I know many don't consider the Carnival Fantasy a classic or important ship, but it was and always will be for me for personal reasons. With that being said that also was my first cruise ever and I really enjoy cruising, although I don't go as often as I'd like. I have done three Fantasy class cruises aboard Carnival, a Princess Cruise and "Oasis of the Seas". My preference is really to go on smaller vessels as I am looking to try Windstar cruises or any other cruiseline that has smaller vessels. I didn't mean to get long winded, but with ships being scrapped recently, how many (if any) classic older vessels remain what cruiselines are they currently with that are still sailing? Thank you Joe
  5. I sent a tweet to Carnival cruises about this and recieved this message: "Hello Joey, as our office is still closed and the ships are not in operation now unfortunately we cannot assist you with this. Thank you"
  6. Hello all, I knew the day would come when the Carnival Fantasy would be put out of service and scrapped. (as usual I wait until the last minute! lol) This was my first cruise and have been on this ship several times, starting in April 1992 and that trip is special to me for personal resaons. Any thoughts on where I can find and purchase a nice photo of the ship (Ebay is full of postcards, no photos really) and when I google, all I get is information about ship photographers. ***EDIT: To clarify, I am Just looking for a full exterior photo of the ship*** I'm not too concerned about the cost,but I just don't know where else to search. If anyone can help it would be appreciated! Thank you Joe
  7. It's been a while since I been on a cruise and I know these ships have changed, getting more like cities and now amusement parks. With that being said some cousins decided to do a cruise on the Encore, in which I am going solo and would book a studio cabin . I really want to just get a lounge chair in the pool area and relax. My concern is from what I have tried to read about the ship, is that The Points Guy posted "sun worshippers" there are fewer sunning areas on Norwegian Encore that are open to everyone at no extra charge". So my question is how difficult is it to get a lounge chair in the vicinity (Meaning above areas or even several rows back from the pool) with a ship that has about 4,000 people? I am going to basically enjoy relaxing in the sun and water and now have concerns about this. If anyone can clue me in about the lounge chair pool situation on the encore (or similiar) I would appreciate it! Thanks
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