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  1. Couldn't agree more Frank, we've sailed on Divina both in YC and not. We had a fantastic time on each occasion. The same going for other MSC ships. I can't comment on Meraviglia until October.
  2. If I understand correctly, you'll arrive the day prior to your sailing, which is when you'll clear immigration etc and then you'll have the evening to relax in the hotel? You could feasibly check in at the ship and embark around lunch, collect your cruise cards and then disembark for a couple of hours. You do need to be back by all aboard time at 5pm and to complete muster. So you'd probably only have a couple of hours to see miami, which to be honest, with traffic in and out of the port and trying to go anywhere isn't really going to be worth it. You won't see much and the stress won't be worth it either. Embark, relax and begin the enjoyment of your cruise.
  3. We've visited several of the Scandinavian cities in the last couple of years, in the end I ceased to do any currency conversion. It was less depressing! It was very surprising that only the UK flights were impacted last year Bea.... it was the week we were flying 🙄
  4. Is it permissible to ask for butter 😂😂😂
  5. Absolutely do Bea. The normal dimensions are 55 x 40 x 20, with flybe its 55 x 35 x 20 but it does depend on the individual desk, sometimes that's too big!
  6. Don't even start me off on Flybe's cabin baggage measurements. Which i know are smaller and have a special Flybe cabin bag. We flew to England last year, bag measured absolutely fine on the way there, approved baggage label attached. On the way home the check in staff removed said label and declared the bag was too large 😡 Wheeling out a totally different measuring frame 😡 There were approximately 20 of us in the same position. Rather convenient on a mostly empty flight and a cynic might suggest they needed to increase revenue.... Are you off Friday and boarding Saturday? I'm going to be checking the schedules LOL
  7. All of our forthcoming cruises were booked before the DSC became included for UK bookings, our Armonia/Seaside switch was the day before. Sometimes fate works for you though, I booked next years repo the day before the drinks package changes 😀🥂
  8. I'll have to make sure I remember that they do then 😮 We flew with them to Stockholm a couple of years ago, IIRC they were fine. I looked at Business class too, it was more than our following week on Seaside, so unsurprisingly decided against. To be honest, with any flight I'm just grateful to arrive safely. And compared to the Flybe propeller planes which I use regularly from Belfast City, that I'm sure require an elastic band to take off, I genuinely consider any other airline and plane a bonus 😂
  9. We usually pre purchase internet, laundry and excursions. Our drinks are always included. I've noticed a few recommendations for pre purchasing gratuities, which I've never considered. Any particular advantage of doing so? I'm assuming exchange rate? Although it would mean sharing VC points with DH.
  10. Hopefully they won't Ken. Fingers crossed for you. SAS fly Dublin to Copenhagen Bea. After Aer Lingus stranded us in Orlando airport for 3 days, I'm happy with Ryanair! Although I'm hoping for better luck in October as I'm relying on then getting us to JFK 😟
  11. I always believed final payment was due 60 days out, I've just paid for our October sailing, which is 60 days but haven't received a reminder email regarding payment.
  12. We just gave them a window of time that we'd be dining, the whole point of my choice dining for us is not being committed to a specific meal time. Our last Aurea experience was the first time we'd been asked to do so.
  13. It's beyond them too! Although in YC you do get room service, the mini bar, which Premium doesn't or the premium/featured cocktails, which were included on our last YC sailing.
  14. Amended for you Bea 😀 I didn't respond but thought, good luck with that....
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