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  1. Historically, the menu for Aurea guests is certainly the same as the MDR menu. The YC restaurant has a separate menu. Impossible to say at this point if the Aurea restaurant, when separate will have a different menu.
  2. Cirque have filed for bankruptcy and all of the staff made redundant.
  3. Although RCCL and NCL prepared their own, I interpreted that others would be included in the CLIA submission, the following section confirms Carnival are, which lead me to conclude MSC would be too. I've no idea obviously 🤔 "trade group CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) announced they, too, had submitted plans. This is important because the organization represents approximately 95 percent of cruise lines operating around the world. Carnival Corporation, which was not a part of the joint-report put forth by Royal Caribbean Group and Norwegian Cruise Line Holding’s Healthy Sail Panel, is instead being represented by CLIA’s Mandatory Core Elements of Health Protocols. A spokesperson for Carnival Corporation told Cruise Radio, “We are submitting in a coordinated way through CLIA.”
  4. Would MSC submit separately or would they be covered under the CLIA submission?
  5. So many complaints about many cruiselines and many travel companies generally.
  6. We sailed on both last year, Meraviglia then Seaside 5 days later. We preferred Seaside YC. Primarily because of the TSL, loved the open plan design with the restaurant mezzanine above. We especially enjoyed the seating area outside the TSL in the evening, obviously this would be a moot point of you don't have the climate for it. We had a fantastic experience on both but as a direct comparison, Seaside YC was our favourite.
  7. We did the Dubai itinerary but booking our own flights, arriving 08:30am. Allowed on the ship but cabins not ready until lunchtime. Although passengers on fly cruises or group bookings all debark in the early hours of the morning, which is when they start preparing them and you can get lucky that your cabin is ready early. With the extra cleaning this may not still happen. If you're on a 07:30am flight you'll be out the cabin and meeting about 02:00am. or thereabouts. We were not flying straight home, disembarked around 10 or 11am to go to the hotel. If it's not a full disembark of all passengers, your chances of remaining on the ship until then are good - I'd allow 3 hours for transfer to the airport and navigating Dubai airport.
  8. Our embarkation port was changed to a different country but we weren't offered the option to cancel or change the booking. Our itinerary was amended too, 4 ports/countries replaced by different countries.
  9. Anyone that I'm in 😁 We were deck 16, a few steps from the TSL and elevator to the pool or restaurant. We were very happy with the location.
  10. Lots of people woud've cancelled because they didn't want to go and only Schengen residents were allowed, which would significantly reduce numbers.
  11. It's far from necessary to book YC to enjoy an MSC cruise, we have sailed both and enjoyed our cruise experiences equally. Unfortunately, some periods in the calendar do mean the ships are busier than others. We had the misfortune of not realising Summer holidays commenced in June in the USA and sailed from Miami late June. We were very grateful that we had chosen YC for that sailing as it was very crowded and passenger behaviour was unpleasant. We usually saIl off peak and haven't experienced the same problems.
  12. Thank you for sharing your cruise experience with us Petra, delighted that you had a fantastic time.
  13. Although Grandiosa sailings are going well, with Magnifica imminent and Costa have also just resumed, giving passengers and the industry confidence. With the significant increase in cases across many countries I'm not confident of any others resuming anytime soon.
  14. I feel fortunate that I've never experienced any fellow passengers naked in the thermal spa on any of our cruises. There's usually an announcement that it's permitted during an hour early morning but that the rest of the time bathing suits are to be worn.
  15. You're updates and information are much appreciated Petra. Hope you're having a lovely time.
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