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  1. It certainly is. Ours are complimentary ones received as Aurea guests but they are available in the shop. Sometimes these thing don't last very well but I've found these last for months. Absolutely enhances your excitement before a cruise but heightens the sadness post cruise 😂
  2. With so many countries at different stages of the virus cycle and the potential for a second wave, as is happening in some Asian countries due to people returning. I can't see anyone cruising for many months. In the UK we've just recieved an indefinite travel ban. Given the consequences of ships arriving in countries recently and the publicity of this I can't imagine that ships will be welcomed anytime soon.
  3. We've just returned from our last cruise and haven't another booked due to other commitments, although that's all on hold, so I'd be missing looking forward to another anyway. In the time preceding a cruise I love looking at the ship plans, watching videos of the ship, researching the destinations and envisageing us on the ship. In the meantime I'm just deeply inhaling my room diffuser in the kitchen and dreaming 😎
  4. Read on another source the Australian and NZ passengers disembarked in Sydney and Melbourne, the European passengers are returning to the Med. After a technical stop in Colombo.
  5. Which is very surprising considering Sri Lanka stated they had closed their ports and denied docking to us on Splendida on March 3rd.
  6. Still there, just off Garden Island with Seabourne Encore.
  7. I decided to make chocolare raisins today so had to make a tough chocolate ship choice. Did I sacrifice Meraviglia, Seaside, Preziosa, Splendida or Orchestra 😏 Although it was our last one of her, I've melted poor Orchestra 😪
  8. Magnifica is now sailing, according to MarineTraffic and heading for Dubai, ETA 5th April. UAE closed their ports on March 10th, although did allow specific ships to scheduled dock i.e. Splendida. Dubai has cancelled all visitor visas and flights, except cargo and emergency flights are to be suspended on 26th March. So docking is one thing, the passengers getting home are another - assuming they are going to disembark? The itinerary isn't due to finish until May 1st, surely they can't stay onboard until then - Magnifica isn't mentioned on the itinerary change/cancelled doc on the UK website.
  9. Unfortunately you have to register to access the article but I understand from another online source they're testing the non Portuguese passengers and if they're negative they'll be allowed to disembark and proceed home.
  10. Everyone needs a hobby 😊
  11. @MasterNotCommander The general consensus now appears to be that they will arrive on March 24th and everyone, including most of the crew will disembark. At this time it is indicated they have receive special dispensation to do so.
  12. I completely agree, we disembarked Splendida last week after the start of the Asia repositioning cruise. We were thoroughly impressed with screening and the cleanliness of the ship, although they usually are. We had a significant reduction in passengers numbers and the crew were fabulous. We had numerous changes and they were all doing their best to keep us cheerful and were even more attentive than usual.
  13. The UK Foreign Office has now advised against all International travel for 30 days. As a side note, while we were away on our Splendida part mystery cruise and it was difficult to access information, I'm grateful to those who took time to look information up on my behalf. Thanks particularly to @ziggyuk
  14. Apparently now heading straight to Marseilles, estimated arrival date of 22nd March. How that works for disembarking and to return home with France in lock down I've no idea but that the information they have at present.
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