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  1. 2 much tim in the son, Den.
  2. So, I will assume you have a 'pen'chant for half & half, eh? Get it? 😎
  3. Me too. I hope they're on the 28 May Summit cruise and next door to our stateroom. If they drink I will buy their choice of beverages to hear acoustic guitar. It's my choice when I am in heavy driving conditions and it helped me deal with the occasion Adam Henry in the crowd. 😎
  4. Or just show a mirror around the divider so they can see they are being watched. That should take care of things. But, you might get a visit from security asking to not use the mirror again... just saying...😂
  5. I can't imagine an un-monogrammed robe is as warm as one with correct initials.
  6. You may recall 'back in the day' when commercial passenger aircraft were divided by smoking and non-smoking. Somehow I always got the last seat in non-smoking and the guy ahead of me would light up and blow his smoke back over the seat for me. Ugh.... I will likely take a cigar or two and find myself near the Mast Bar, starboard side, sipping some good scotch. I will be mindful of anyone walking by and be sure to not blow my smoke that direction! Life is so much easier than it once was! Happy sailing.
  7. I really wonder about this on the M class ships, since Murano is not an offering for specialty dining. We sail Summit in a few months and are not wowed by the idea of Le Petit Chef so our only specialty dining option will be Tuscan Grill, which we've not always had good luck with. We've ALWAYS had good luck with Luminae and have never booked Aqua class and have never tried Blu. Our last cruise on Eclipse we were treated to a Captain's luncheon in Blu, following a bridge tour. I thought the space was very crowded, honestly, but comparison to Luminae. That said, we've never had any interest in dining in Blu and have only occasionally ordered off the Main Dining Room (MDR) menu a couple times in five or six cruises. I would be very happy if the option to dine in Blu was removed from the suite class guest list. I have walked by the Blu restaurant at 7 in the evening after Tuscan Grill and the line was disgusting, honestly. I can't blame the Aqua folks for being upset if preferential treatment is given to Suite passengers, regardless of cost differential. Although, 😎, I might be willing to trade a Blu dining day or two for a spa day or two.... there is always that!
  8. I always laugh when I see folks refer to food products as amazing. But, I'm not a foodie and truly eat to live and most times having to eat is a burden. I've never been amazed by the quality of any meal. I feel like I'm missing out on something!
  9. As a consistent suite guest I can say it's not true. The truth is we know where the rocks are, thus it appears we are walking on water. 😎
  10. Be careful about ANY of the special discounts. All of them carry significant restrictions that may actually result in paying more than some of the public discount offerings with perks. Best to do a nickles to nickles comparison before making a reservation. My step-son was looking at the Florida resident discount and it didn't work. So he looked at the Law Enforcement discount and it didn't work. He ended up saving more from a public discount offering. Many of these special discounts are just 'feel good' attempts to make folks feel good....
  11. Your abbreviations drive me nuts.
  12. You likely will experience the plank walk?
  13. I have thought a couple times about attending suite withdrawal therapy. That was stupid. Bring on the Penthouse. Go for broke!
  14. I wonder if there is a way to get on a 'do not call' list aboard ship? Many hotels have a system that will block all calls other than from the front desk. Maybe each suite has the ability to disable call messaging? I will have to check that out on our next cruise.
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