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  1. That is not correct Cunard also requires this and yet also insist and will insist upon forever mask wearing.
  2. Won't that requirement change as you get closer to the USA?
  3. ace2542

    Covid ??

    Just for the fun of it how much time do you have in NYC? If it is like 1 or 2 days and the U.S in June still requires test for entry you might be able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak.
  4. But she is the one choosing not to meet the requirement so surely she should lose her money?
  5. I thought they let anyone onboard whether they had been vaccinated or not? Or has that changed now? And wouldn't it be better to be tracking with the tracelets the vaccinated/unvaccinated by computer as opposed to something you could remove and not be challenged about too much?
  6. What would stop the unvaccinated from just removing it?
  7. Yes and you know what you have to do in order to cruise tomorrow? (test etc) I take it you are willing to do it? If you are not willing to meet the requirements then you will not be allowed onboard or to remain onboard. That is how it is now and how it will be. Enjoy
  8. What if a mutation started off on a cruise ship? How bad could that spread get? And without masks or testing it would impossible to control the spread of it.
  9. What if someone lifted the lanyard from the passengers neck? And lanyard can be uncomfortable as well.
  10. What is the point of this? The tracelet I understand as it can track your movements around the ship and also confirm vaccination status at the same time? And what if someone is able to create on at home who is not vaccinated? Or take a laynard from another passenger? The silcone one doesn't seem very tight to me.
  11. Then don't cruise then if that is how you feel.
  12. The Delta variant has spread through america despite the fact the borders have been closed to most of the world. How fast would a new one that did infect on a cruise ship spread around the world if it infected several nationalities who then returned home?
  13. But if two person infected with different variants ended up on the same cruise and those variants merged in a new infected person that person becomes patient zero. And if that new variant can evade vaccine and some previous immunity perhaps and even detection there could be a new global pandemic which the industry would not survive. So testing and mask wearing will be here forever and a day.
  14. ace2542

    Covid ??

    That would present a big problem on a T/A because the QM2 can be hundreds even thousands of miles from anywhere a patient could get ICU treatment.
  15. Not really. The other lines haven't followed NCL for no mask wearing have they?
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