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  1. Book an inside / OV / Balcony and NCL promises to leave the adjoining cabins vacant?
  2. In an odd financial way, I guess NCL wants to know how loyal its customers are... If you love us, you'll pay us...
  3. I believe another change is that they take the Latitude discount AFTER the excursion credit resulting in a smaller latitude discount.
  4. I agree. Maybe NCL can also incorporate an algorithm to take into account customers onboard spend.
  5. We'll cruise again when: NCL Cruisers come back / post live from cruises with photos and commentary writing what a great time they had; Prices are reasonable for us; NCL has gone months with no outbreaks onboard and no outbreaks in the embarkation city; NCL gets a handle on and enforces social distancing, and NCL / insurance co.'s offer some type of insurance that pays for onboard health care expenses and related / subsequent quarantining expenses.
  6. One of the ideas /requirements rolling around for the future is that cruise ships must be able to handle any covid illnesses onboard. I think NCL will have to come up with its own insurance policies, with a fee added for the cruisers convenience; just a guess
  7. Medical privacy... I believe the doctor and his family have a right to medical privacy if they wish.
  8. If I were the op and hadn't reached final payment date, I would cancel the cruise, get my FCC's back into my latitude account, and look toward booking for the summer of 21.
  9. I agree. NCL ( with strong recommendations / requirements from the CDC) is going to have to come up with some percentage of capacity that works and possibly reduce onboard activities: closing some dining, reserved dining including buffet, reservations for shows (with an upcharge added for your convenience), etc. Prices will be increased for the enhanced experience of cruising... We may look back and say we sailed during the last economically golden ages of cruising.
  10. I agree. I think the cruise lines would be wise to slowly increase guest volume... Let the first limited number of socially distanced cruisers come back from a great time ... healthy. It will take a time to ramp up staffing as well... (Will the staff have to pre quarantine before being allowed to work?) But I agree with the OP's premise: cruise fares will remain high while (1) there is limited capacity, (2) everyone seeks to use future cruise credits from cancelled cruises and (3) those with regularly expiring FCCs want to use them up.
  11. For a fee (plus gratuity): "faster to the fun..." move to the front of the temperature taking line upon embarkation and returning to the ship after excursions...
  12. Just a data point: IRS was able to take a new stimulus law, design systems, and starting get direct deposits out in two weeks... got my stimulus money today!
  13. NCL and all cruise lines are going to have to cut down on all shipboard dining venue's capacities going forward. I will take them much longer to turn a table when they have to sanitize everything including menus, salt and pepper, catchup, etc...
  14. Depending on the terms and conditions of your credit card, I would wait about 55 days and then file a protective claim with your card indicating services not provided as agreed.
  15. Small ships run a half to three quarters capacity. Milk runs: Miami - Great Sturrip Cay - Miami or Miami - Great Sturrip Cay - Nassau -Miami
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