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  1. We just put our deposit down for a cruise next year and are confused about insurance (and refundable deposits!) Who here always buys insurance? Of those who do, do you go with Celebrity's insurance or something else like Travelex or TravelGuard? What do you recommend and why? Thanks for your help!
  2. wrk2cruise Wow. Thats astounding. How can the protection cost more than the original $$$ outlay? Ive been committed to Celebrity, but I feel this is something we should contact them about. Can you tell me what sailing you saw this on so I can reference it?
  3. Hi guys, We were booked on a Celebrity June 13, 2022 --11 night Italy, Turkey & Greek Islands, but moved it over to the July 4 sailing. Same Itinerary.. The June 13 sailing is like $50.more, but the cost of the refundable deposit was only $28. For the July 4 sailing of the same cruise, they're charging $307 for a refundable deposit. Does anyone know how this is figured? Its a $279 difference and I'm not pleased about paying it.
  4. They might just ban (cancel) themselves right of the planet so we won't have to worry about them.🤷‍♀️
  5. Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful insights. I love this itinerary and would really like to give Azamara a go, but am going to have to do it with hubby alone at some point. Decided to put a deposit down on the Celebrity Reflection cruise in June with an overnight in Istanbul. 🙂
  6. Den, Thank you so much for the wonderful tips. Having dinner at a rooftop restaurant in Istanbul sounds amazing! I truly hope the ones you mention are still open. ...Now I just need *next* summer to get here already😉
  7. I pulled the trigger and put down a deposit on cruise 1 (Turkey) for June 13. Here's hoping that it'll go ahead. Its my understanding that as long as we booked before the end of the month, we can take advantage of Cruise with Confidence in case the world goes sideways again and plans go awry.
  8. I have no idea yet about how to spend the overnight in Istanbul, but would love to crowd source ideas. 🙂
  9. Our family of 3 (2 adults, 1 teen) are looking at 2 Celebrity cruises next June and are torn about which one to take. Both are on the Reflection, have 2 sea days and both begin and end in Rome. First cruise: 11 Night Italy, Turkey & Greek Islands June 13 - Ports - Rome, Sicily, Sea day, Santorini, Mykonos, Istanbul (overnight), Ephesus, Athens, Sea day, Naples, Rome Second cruise: 10 Night Italy, Greece, Croatia and Montenegro June 24 - Ports - Rome, Sea day, Corfu, Olympia (Katakalon), Dubrovnik, Kotor, Sea day, Sicily, Naples, Florence, Rome. Any thing that you guys
  10. Oooh. Good to know! Ok, gonna stay with Celebrity for the time being. wifi is the nail in the coffin. 😉
  11. Great input and you are confirming many things I was thinking as well as giving us more food for thought. As you say, Ill have to think about the arithmetic. 🙂
  12. Our teen isn't large, but she's tall...5'8"...Hmmm.Would this work, or do you think her feet would be hanging off?
  13. Hi cruisers. Our family of 3 has traditionally gone on Celebrity cruises (in balcony cabins), but Im enticed by the longer port stays of Azamara. Im looking at a Black Sea Voyage for 2022 and it sounds really great. Has anyone here shared a Azamara cabin with 3 people? How did it go? Any advice? Thanks!
  14. Not critical at all & not waxing on either. We’re pretty bored with being shut in here in California and I appreciate the Distraction as well as the clarification. Im only hoping that there will be enough $$ left in the ole X coffers for all of us to get refunds.
  15. Yes. You are correct, K12GUY, . I used the term border incorrectly. I really meant port. At this point, I’m wondering if it’s all for naught anyway. .can I even hope for a refund? *sigh*
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