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  1. I was out practicing social distancing while kayaking in the beautiful Tampa Bay today, and just wanted to show you guys that Rhapsody is doing just fine!
  2. water in the pipes will remove the smell, per the engineer on here
  3. great review, heading on magic in 11 days. I didn't know they had sushi on board or pizza delivery so that is exciting.
  4. a deal is a deal! Inside cabin for 2 on the magic for 6 days for $700 out the door is a steal
  5. There was only 1 beach club at Taino, the other was destroyed by the hurricane and not reopned. Cab fare is predetermined, the prices are on a marked board at the cab stand, but something like 15-20pp RT maybe less i dont rememeber
  6. what a great review! ill be on her in 37 days for the first time. The new lunch buffet items look amazing! Questions, What are the terms of the spa $50 certificate. Does everyone get one? What are your tips on slots? thanks!
  7. Definitley dont stay on the ship! go to the taxi stand and take a taxi bus to Taino Beach. The price to get there is predetermined at the cab stand. Its a beach club that only costs $5 to get in per person, and includes free non motorized watersports such as kayaks, paddleboards, and a water jungle gym for kids. Beautiful water and a free dolphin show every week. Chairs and umbrellas available, as well as snorkeling, jet skiing, ziplining, lockers, and plenty of food.
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